Alice picks out an outfit and when she returns to the Hatter and Cheshire Cat, her tea is done

by ESchorcho
Storyline A Mad, Mad, Mad Marvel Universe
Characters Invisible Woman Black Cat Mad Hatter
Category Marvel Mind Control M/F F/F Corruption
Previous Chapter Sue and Jervis arrive at Felicia's place

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The door to the former Felicia Hardy’s guest room opened and Alice stepped out.  The hypnotized heroine wore a powder blue latex teddy with a plunging neckline and thin spaghetti straps that showed off plenty of her smooth skin.  Her ass was on full display, thanks to the thong-cut back of the sleek and smooth garment. She ran her hands over her flat stomach to smooth out any creased that may have existed, but in truth, she just wanted feel the skintight material much to her absolute delight.

Looking back up with a pleased smile, the blonde trotted along on white ankle-boots with a five-inch heel.  The blonde sang softly to herself, “Alice loves her latex so.”

She walked down the penthouse hallway and saw what the Cheshire Puss had done with the place.  The feline woman had been busy! When she first had practically skipped down the hallway, Alice had been far too preoccupied with the idea of trying on her latex to concentrate on anything else.  Now she saw just how mad her new friend had become, and couldn’t help but pause to take it all in.

Large blueprints had been stuck to the walls and were held up by knives that the Cheshire Cat must have stuck into the wall.  They were all crooked and some had even been painted over in her own makeshift map that would ever so often go off the blueprint and onto the wall itself.  One path in this crazy map led up to the ceiling and disappeared. Every now and then Alice would see a painted top hat or cat emblem, and every time the paint had hardened to show that it had been dripping down in reflection of how fast her new friend must have worked in redecorating her apartment.

In addition to the strange maps and blueprints, there were two portrait paintings on the other side of the hallway wall by the Dutch master, Rembrandt.  One was of Rembrandt himself and the other was of his wife, Saskia. She dimly recalled that in her past life the Cheshire Cat had been a thief and these works must have been stolen.  Alice’s face scrunched up in thought. How did a little girl like her know of such things? Shrugging her shoulders, she looked back at the paintings and saw that the man had a large green top hat that appeared to be spray-painted on his head, while the woman now had been painted over so that she had an impossibly big toothy grin, whiskers decorating her lower face, green swirling eyes and cat ears that stuck out of the top of her head.  Alice too smiled a large grin and giggled at how much fun the pair now looked. Never mind the sheer act of vandalism, or that the Cheshire Cat had defaced historic works of art.

“Alice, my sweet,” the Mad Hatter called out, “I can hear you giggling.  Come join us in the living room, dear. Your tea is ready.”

“Tea!” Alice gasped out in rapturous delight and she pranced into the living room.  What she saw caused her big, manic eyes to go wide in delight.

There, sitting in the living room was the Mad Hatter seated on one plush easy chair that had been reupholstered in red rubber with white polka dots.  He had a cup of tea in one hand and a small plate in the other. Across from him was the Cheshire Puss, who sat in another chair that had been remade in blue rubber with yellow polka dots.  She took a large sip of her tea and her dazzling green eyes shone in approval for Alice’s new attire. At the center was a couch pink-covered couch with purple tiger striped pattern. All about them were mirrors, and TV screens mounted to the walls playing various Alice movies and there were other portraits remade just as the Rembrandts.  Alice looked at it all and her face lit up in cheery approval.

“How wonderfully whimsical, Cheshire Puss!” Alice cooed out.

“Please, call me Cheshi, Alice darling,” Cheshi purred, and rose up off her seat, causing the rubber she sat on and the latex she was encased in to pop and squeak lightly.  Slowly, the fabulous feline began to slink her way over to Alice with a roll of her shapely hips. She gracefully placed one delicate foot in front of the other, husking out, “All my dearest friends call me Cheshi.”  Her head turned to the side and she hissed softly, “You only have two friends and they’re in this room!” She turned back and nodded frantically, “Very true. Very true. But, my oh my, doesn’t Alice look absolutely purrrrr-fect?”

“Cheshi, when you are right you are right and you are definitely right!  Absolutely perfect indeed! Powder blue is definitely your color, Alice,” The Mad Hatter declared, watching as the Cheshire Puss linked arms with Alice and guided her over to the tiger-striped couch.  She gave her a quick kiss on the lips and then sat her down.

I’m so, so glad you’ve come to join us in Master Hatter’s Wonderland.  Life is so carefree and fun when you’re mad, mad, MAD!” Cheshi meowed wildly.

“Such a good little girl,” the Hatter said, lecherously drinking in Alice’s latex form.  She sat on the couch with her hands on her bare thighs and turned to Jervis.

“Thank you, Mr. Hatter, sir,” Alice cooed out, flashing a wide, giddy smile and she looked down at her shiny feet.

“And oh so polite as always.  Here, your reward for being such a good girl,” the Hatter grinned and handed Alice a small plate with a full drugged tea.  She accepted it gratefully and took a dainty sip, making sure to point her pinky upwards.

“Thank you again, sir,” Alice murmured, licking her lips, “My, it is delicious.”

“My very own recipe,” the Mad Hatter bragged, before looking up at the Cheshire Puss.  She grinned down at him before she sauntered over and began to hum a demented little tune.  Slowly, she started to gently sway back and forth before the man. Alice watched with keen interest as he gripped hold of her gleaming, gyrating hips for a few moments, before he rose up, dropping his cup of tea, and kissed Cheshi once more.  Breaking the kiss for the briefest of moments, the Hatter turned to Alice and commanded, “Alice, be a dear and watch every second of this. It’s very important.”

“Yes, sir, Mr. Hatter sir,” Alice cooed out with a wide grin on her face.

The Cheshire Puss sunk to the a fuzzy white rug that was on the floor and spread her legs.  Gazing hotly up at the Mad Hatter she purred out, “Take me, Master Hatter.” her head then turned the side and she hissed, “And don’t forget about me.”  She lolled her head around and lew out a long, drawn out meeeoooowwww and cooed out in a breathy voice, “Or me, my Master!”

“Don’t worry,” the Mad Hatter laughed, gaing down at the scrumptious feline.  He began to undo his belt, “I think I’ll have plenty of time for all of you.”

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