Skeletor reacts first on the sudden changes. But not everything goes as Planned for him

by colleem
Storyline He-Man She-Ra epic cross over madness
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When Skeletor left Snake Mountain with his mount, much of his army followed him. Evil Lyn and Beast Man followed him, while Beast Man stayed away from his master. Evil Lyn walked right next to Skeletor and looked at him. As always, his face was impossible to read, but even though he had no facial features, the Dark Mage had learned to read from him. Skeletor was curious about this city. She seemed completely strange in this world. On top of that Evil Lyn was sure that Skeletor had also noticed that just before the city appeared an incredible amount of magic had sloshed over Eternia. Her own research had revealed that the source of power came from Greyskull. It was impossible that her master hadn't found out that too.


"What do you think Skeletor? Is it a trick of the sorceress?" she asked so quietly that only he would hear it.


Skeletor´s Eyes glowed briefly as he looked at her. "I see you also felt it Evil Lyn. Something happened in Greyskull and I want to know what it is".


"So that's why you sent the others to check and just took this flea circus with you?" the sorceress asked curiously and looked over her shoulder to Beast Man.


"I took him with me because I don't know what to expect in this city. Not even Hordac would dare to manifest an army so close to my fortress. Besides, I have never seen such buildings before! What do your books say?"


It was rare for the skeleton to admit so directly that he had no idea what was going on. Evil Lyn would certainly have enjoyed this moment if she hadn't been as worried as Skeletor. "I've been looking through my father's records. There is no correspondence with Eterinan architecture. Such buildings have never been discovered before. However..."


When Skeletor noticed that she had broken off in her sentence, he looked at her and gave her the understanding to continue speaking.


"However, there are rumors of Queen Marlena."


"Rumors? Which one exactly?

She raised her magic wand so Skeletor could look into the crystal. Skeletor could remember the images he saw there. It was many years ago. Long after he had been banished from the capital and his brother had ascended the throne. No one had ever heard of the queen. However, shortly before her first appearance, there had been a strange swarm of meteors. But just as he was about to say something, he saw a new image flash. It was a picture of a city made of glass and iron. It looked quite similar to the place in front of them.


"What am I looking at Evil Lyn for there?" he asked curiously.


"It's a picture of Queen Marlena that she drew. She donated it to the Royal Museum for her wedding. It is said she called it home."


"So you really think the queen knows what this place is?" he asked thoughtfully. Some of his spies had often told him that the queen should never come from Eternia. That she told very imaginative stories. She often spoke of a warrior who was very similar to He-Man. A warrior named Superman. But he had always dismissed these stories as children's stories, or as a variation of He-Man. He had revealed many secrets of Eternia, but still there were gigantic black spots on the cards. In all the millennia that Eternia had been inhabited, no one had created a complete map. Maybe this place was from another epoch of Eternia. Maybe Queen Marlena had come from the past or the future. And this Superman would be an ancestor or heir of He-Man. If so, it would give him new opportunities.


"Evil Lyn. I wish you would not kill the inhabitants! I wish to ask them a question" he finally said and Evil Lyn nodded. She gave a sign to Beast Man who immediately pushed his monsters. The normal foot troops also split up into legions of 400 men each and began to surround the city. Skeletor climbed on his panther and jumped onto a rock ledge to look down on the city. The city was quite big for a place in Eternia. Only the big trade zones were bigger. He estimated that there were about 10000 or more people there. There were 4 streets leading directly to the centre of the city where there was a strange library. Nothing in this place seemed familiar to him. The buildings were strangely built and the streets looked like a long carpet of stone. Never before had he seen such smoothly tiled stone. The few people he could see wore strange robes and seemed weak. A few wore a kind of uniform. They ran around on the paths and hid behind big metal things that looked like simple versions of the Men-at-Arms chariots.


"Evil Lyn! Find out where the magicians of this place are. We must overcome them quickly," he said to her and she nodded to him.


As Evil Lyn began to channel her magic, she began to float above the ground and unnatural winds surrounded her. It wasn't long before she landed back on the ground and looked at him.


"It's strange but I can't feel any magical powers within the place. They must have camouflaged themselves very well. I must confess I am impressed," she said meekly.


"You must not be ashamed Evil Lyn. You can't feel magicians because this place doesn't have magicians!


"What is that supposed to mean skeletor?" she asked incredulously. "Who would be so stupid to show up so close to Snake Mountain without magic protection!"


"Someone who doesn't intend to show up here! ATTACK!" he yelled then and his hordes stormed the city. The few soldiers of the city opened fire on his troops but only the weakest of his warriors fell victim to these weapons. With the more powerful warriors, the weapons didn't even seem to have an effect. He could see one of Beast Mans Hydras racing through the streets, throwing vehicles and people around like toys. It was almost satisfying to see his troops achieve such a superior victory and not be pulverized by the master. Without He-Man the victories were much more pleasant. Even Evil Lyn grinned broadly as she watched.


"They don't seem to have very strong troops."


"It seems so. But as cannon fodder they would be a great help to me. Make sure that as many people as possible survive. I follow Strong Arm. I want to know what kind of glass palace it is that appeared between us and Greyskull."


"You said you wanted to ask them for something Skeletor?"


"Oh yes Evil Lyn. How good that you always think for me!" Skeletor said sarcastically and nodded. "Ask them if they've ever heard of a Superman!"


"Superman? What kind of stupid name is that?" she said as she watched Skeletor ride away.


Skeletor's mount was probably one of the fastest animals on Eternia besides Battlecat. He had put considerable effort into making Baghira such a powerful creature. He just flew over the wild lands. The mighty castle was visible on the horizon. It had to be truly gigantic that one could see it at this distance. There were 5 symbols on the top, but he couldn't see them at that distance yet. It took him almost an hour to catch up. But what he saw there was scary. Strong Arm may not have been his best, but he had somehow managed to become a general. He used him only for simpler watch tasks or lighter crusades. Rarely did Strong Arm fight the Master. But what he could see from his elevated position was confusing.


Inside the tower.


"Friday. What about the shields," Pepper asked and looked at the monitors. Whatever she attacked there was very strange. It was monsters and human-like creatures that hit the shield with advanced energy weapons or simple brute force.


"Shield is stable at 92.2%. With the same attack power, the shield will last another 821 days, 18 hours and 29 minutes. Still no contact to the Stark satellite network. Based on the topographic reference points it is not possible for me to determine the exact position of the tower."


"Thank you Friday. Agent Ryder. How are the refugees?"


"This is Agent Ryder. They're scared but safe. Nothing has come through yet. My men have secured the entrance area. We are ready to give these things a hot reception," said the SHIELD agent confidently.


"Thank you Agent Ryder. I don't think that will be necessary. I'll take care of the situation."


"Excuse me? Did you just say you're taking care of the situation?" Ryder asked incredulously.


"Friday! Activate the Rescue Armor Mark 12 and the House Party Protocol."


"At your command, Pepper. Activate the House Party Protocol. My Calculation say that the Hulk Buster Mark 2 will be enough to handle the Situation. Rescue Mark 12 will be activated."


Skeletor watched the whole fight from a safer distance. Something kept him from directly intervening in the fight. From his position it was clear to see that this Mystical Castle had an extremely impressive protective magic. A magic that might even have been as powerful as Greyskull's. Even the heavy weapons of his Legion went astray on the shimmering blue fields. He could now also read what stood at the top of the castle.


S. T. A. R. K.


He had never heard of Stark Castle. But just as he was looking at the signs again, he could see a redheaded woman walking along one of the castle's wings. She was a breathtaking beauty and Skeletor immediately had to think of the Sorceress. But this woman's wings were missing. Was she supposed to be the queen of the castle? It was likely. As she marched over the battlements of her castle, robotic arms appeared around her, dressing her in a kind of full-body metal armor. Finally she stood at the battlements and looked down on the troops. Strong Arms' 122 legions consisted almost entirely of robots.


Skeletor was amazed when he saw what the queen was up to. She wanted to demonstrate her power by surpassing his legion with their own weapons. At the queen's wink, a 5 meter tall red Titan flew out of the building on flaming wings and smoking hands. The colossus landed directly in the Legion and began to destroy it. His hands produce light that was very similar to a laser but seemed to be much stronger. With his fists he destroyed everything in his path and from his shoulders it rained rockets. Strong Arm stood up to the Titan but while Strong Arm made a devastating speech praising the reputation of the Skeletor, he was grabbed by the leg and beaten back and forth like a rag.


Skeletor had never seen such a powerful robot before. The red-dressed mechanical creature beat up one of his generals like a little child in front of him before he tore him in two and destroyed the skull of Strong Arm with his foot. Stunned, he watched as the robot flew back to his queen and disappeared into the castle. Then he noticed it.


The queen looked directly at him. The silver visor opened and the woman smiled before she turned around and went back to her castle.


Hastily Skeletor rode back to Snake Mountain. Whatever appeared there could compete with the power of Greyskull. Once he had subdued this iron champion, he could even stop He-Man for him. Then he would conquer Greyskull with the miracles of Stark Castle!


Nothing would stop him! NOTHING!

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