Hordak's mission and what about the Utopia nanites?

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline He-Man She-Ra epic cross over madness
Previous Chapter Skeletor reacts first on the sudden changes. But not everything goes as Planned for him

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Hordak ignored the mayhem of the bickering and arguing officers of his army.  The words of Admiral Kutless echoed in his mind.  “Horde Prime was tired of your failures to deal with the rebellion… I managed to convince our leader that you should be given one last campaign before retirement.”  There was no retirement for the Generals in the Horde…

“Hordak,” Admiral Kutless said quietly.

“What?” Hordak answered.

“It has been arranged for you to have five of the Shadow Screen Corvettes and a Troop Command ship,” Admiral Kutless said, “We will make planet fall on the moon in an hour.  The Jump Gate has been constructed to transport your group to Eternia.  The Shadow Screens are able to form together to form the walls of a fortress.”


“Commander Fury is calling,” A lieutenant said, “Here.”

“Director… We are detecting the nano tech too.  We will see if those counter measures Stark Sold us work or not.  Can we get a report from the hero in the field?  Should go light up in five, four, three, two, one…. I see that too.  Waiting for the confirmation but that should take out whatever was above The castle that stole Stark’s parking spot.”


“Father look above the castle,” Robin said.

“Sir?” Alfred called over the comlink, “The sensors are detecting foreign material… And Professor Palm’s Counter Measures are deploying.  Sensors indicate that the foreign material is being eliminated.”

“We see it,” Batgirl said, “Have those things seen us yet?”

“They seem to be paying attention to the flashing over the castle,” Batman said.

“Any word from Palmer?” Batman asked.

“Indeed Sir,” Alfred informed them, “He has communicated with the Justice League from the outskirts of Ivy Town, it seems the college and the city center have been replaced with a forest.”


“Something has gone terribly wrong!” the Sorceress called.  

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