The Heroes do everything in the Might to save everyone... but even the most Powerful... fail... sometimes

by colleem
Storyline He-Man She-Ra epic cross over madness
Previous Chapter Hordak's mission and what about the Utopia nanites?

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 He-Man and Duncan looked at the sorceress who had just given her warning. She suddenly seemed strained and sweat had formed on her forehead. What had just looked simple and harmonious now looked like a fight.  He-Man was still standing in the center of the old throne room and felt the sword of power in his hands begin to vibrate. The energies that had conducted it into the fortress seemed to become unstable.


"Duncan! The Force is getting out of control," he shouted to his old friend who was just looking back and forth between the two for a second, confused. But his state of shock did not last long.


Hastily he ran back and forth between his machines to make some adjustments.


"Sorceress! We have a phase deviation in the interdimensional quantum structure. The measurements are at 912 Hakstrom. We are losing the connection to our goals! he shouted to both of them. "He-Man! We need more energy or the portal will collapse."


He-Man grabbed the handle of his sword with both hands and tried to keep it calm with all his strength. His huge upper arms were tense to tear as he tried to stabilize the blade. Duncan needed more energy or all the inhabitants of Etheria would die or be lost forever.


" BY THE POWER OF GREYSKULL. i have the power" he shouted to get another energy boost.


Deep under the castle the power awakened anew. In a huge chamber full of floating crystals, there was a place where the source of Greyskull's power was stored. The combined energy of the Sages of Eternia. Once upon a time they were the chosen advisors of King Greyskull. When he died fighting Hordak, he transferred all his power to his most trusted advisors. Over the centuries, more and more beings had proven worthy to join the council. Over the centuries this had become a sphere of pure power that had absorbed the souls of the deceased council members. This energy, combined with the mystical power of King Greyskull, had accumulated such tremendous power that it could not only transform Adam into He-Man, but also command the fate of the entire galaxy.


The sorceress was one of the descendants of the protectors of Greyskull. She alone knew of the ancient history, that King Greyskull and one of her own ancestors had once been a couple. Therefore, it was their duty to ensure that Eternia and the inheritance of Greyskull were safe. She had already taken a step in that direction. Her child with Duncan had the power to watch over Greyskull in the future.


When He-Man invoked the magic words, the source awakened to new life and let a small part of his power flow into the sword of power. Ancient powers filled the ancient castle as He-Man felt a huge amount of magic flowing through the sword into his body. Until now, he had rarely wielded such power. His normal form as He-Man was in most cases quite sufficient but deep in his mind he had always felt that he had only scratched the surface.


Duncan stared at the monitors of his machines.


"What on all the gods?" he shouted as one scale after another exploded. The energy the prince was just summoning was just overloading all his systems. A look at the sorceress, however, showed him that it was nothing bad. With her wings spread wide she held herself in the air and with her hands she channelled the forces that He-Man released. Lightning struck her graceful body and yet they did not seem to harm her.


"Keep it up! The connection is stabilizing again! The next wave will come right through" he shouted and had to rely on his instinct as a weaponsmith as all his instruments had burned out.


While the portal still flickered here and there but seemed otherwise stable more and more of the rebellion came through the portal. Immediately She-Ra was not with them. Surely she wanted to be the last to leave.


But Duncan slowly felt that there was not enough time. Never before had he seen He-Man out of breath, never before had he seen He-Man's arms tremble. And yet he saw just that. He couldn't even imagine the enormous effort He-Man had to put up with to keep the sword stable. But all that made He-Man sweat was nothing that would please the Master at Arms. He realized what the other two would never admit to each other. They would not be able to save them all. He could only prevent that the portal would collapse in itself and the refugees would be sent back. But if they couldn't come to Eternia and couldn't go back, maybe there was a way to take them to another place.


"Duncan? What are you doing" asked the sorceress in horror as she noticed Duncan's energies being redirected. She could feel with one blow how the tunnel between Eternia and Etheria split. What she had previously perceived only roughly she now felt more than clearly. The tunnel had not only been created between the two worlds, but it had got cracks that led to other worlds. Suddenly she understood what Duncan was up to. It was a hard, logical and strategic decision. A decision she probably never would have been able to make herself. And that was the reason why she could always rely on him. He was able to make decisions that could not come from the heart.


"He-Man. On my mark you have to drop the power. Prepare yourself for a tremendous discharge," she said with her gentle, graceful voice and He-Man nodded to her. It had long become clear to him that closing the portal would be extremely painful.


Meanwhile in the entrance area of the big chamber.


Orco floated in the door frame and watched the spectacle. So far he had only been responsible for leading the refugees out of the fortress, but that wasn't enough for him. He absolutely wanted to help. But what could he do? Here Man at Arms, He-Man and the sorceress were at work. Who was he against such a team? A little spellcaster, a joker and a little lackey. Never before had he regretted it so much as in this moment that his magic was so chaotic.


"Chaotic? CHAOTIC! That's it! Of course" he shouted in a good mood. It was so simple! He just had to use a little magic and the problem would be solved! He would seek advice from a master of chaos! If he would understand the Chaotic Nature of his magic then he would be much more powerful. Theoretically, his magic was equal to that of the sorceress, after all, his ancestors had brought magic to Eternia in the first place. But the power of his people was hard to master and Orko was one of the last of his kind. In the great wars with Hordak many of his relatives had been killed. And so there were no true masters left to teach him. But maybe there were others of his kind on Etheria. He only had to shout.


"Hibli ho and hibli do!

Bring me a Master of Chaos to this Place, one with a friendly face.

Someone who can show me some new Tricks,

and maybe even how to talk to chicks!"


he squealed his magic together. The last one was just because he couldn't think of anything else that rhymed with tricks.


He focused his spell on the portal without considering what he would do with his chaos magic in this spell. But that's how Orco was.


And his spell found a master of chaos. Someone who had internalized the essence of chaos as completely as no other would ever do.


And then came the boom. Orcos eyes widened as the huge body of He-Man flew past him and smashed through 2 walls of Greyskull. He pricked up his ears and then heard at least 1 column, 2 tables, 11 plates, 21 knives and forks and probably 2 buckets of water fall over. But who counted that so exactly? The sorceress had given the signal to He-Man and the indicated discharge had probably been even more violent than they had all thought. Orco even forgot the spell he had just cast and flew hastily to He-Man. But there was only the young Prince Adam left. When he had returned the power, the transformation had been finished. Fainted but unharmed the prince lay there and He-Man's body had probably absorbed most of the damage before he had transformed back.


Duncan and the sorceress also came to them and while the sorceress took care of Adam, Duncan looked at Orco.


"Did anything strange happen while we were focusing on the portal?"


"Did it happen? No. No! Why would something happen" Orco squealed uncertainly.



"Well, then please make sure people get to safety before they realize He-Man and Adam are the same. The last thing we need is a Horde spy who knows who Adam is."


"You don't think there's a spy there, do you?" Orco asked, horrified, nodded and flew up to his head height where he saluted severely. "I' ll take them away immediately" then he flew away and giggled almost crazy.


Duncan looked after the little red whirlwind and wondered why the little magician had to laugh so crazy. That almost sounded creepy. But he knew that the little one was a little crazy.


"How is he?" he asked in the direction of Adam.


"He will be fine. The transformation only started after he fainted. If Adam had been knocked through these walls, he would be dead now. But we should bring him back to the castle. Can you do that? I need to rest. I .... I feel strange."


"Is everything all right?" he asked his former lover worriedly.


"Don't worry about me Duncan. Eternia now needs your help more than I do. We have to find out where people have gone. And what went wrong with that spell." The winged beauty smiled gently and then went deeper into the castle.


Something had changed. But she couldn't see what it was. Something in the way Eternia reacted to Greyskull, or the other way around, had changed. The vibrations had changed. The way the magic pulled through Eternia. It was almost like putting a new stone in a steady river. The way of flowing was changed by this stone, even if the river was still flowing in the same direction, everything was different.


She would meditate to fathom the problem. A dialogue with the source would certainly help her.


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