Starfire flies towards Master

by Anzaleth
Storyline Holiday Love Slaves, Around the Calender
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Starfire had been able to convince the guards to release Blackfire into her custody. Now Starfire was flying through the sky, carrying Blackfire with her. The villain was wearing manacles to nullify her power, and Starfire hadn't yet bothered to release her. She figured that her glorious master would want to do that.

The princess' heart was beating with love and respect for her sister. After all, Blackfire had betrayed Tamaran to the Citadel, sold Starfire into sexual slavery to the cruel conquerors. Obviously that was what Starfire deserved -- all of Tamaran was meant for that gloriously degraded servitude. Though Blackfire hadn't taken it far enough, she clearly had more of an idea of what Tamaran was made for than Starfire used to possess.
Starfire imagined herself, their parents, Blackfire, and her dear brother Ryand'r all crouched on their hands and knees in a row, all naked with their tits as huge bags of fun. Of course her father and brother made into silly slutty sissies, like all male Tamarans were meant to be. Their mouths all over, eager for the thick delicious cum that the Citadel soldiers coated their faces with. All a lovely family of walking holes, even calling them whores sounded egotistical. They were sextoys, fuckpets, for all the scum of the galaxy.
"NNHHHHH!" Blackfire moaned as Starfire pawed her sister's tits and cunt as Starfire carried the villain through the sky.
Starfire smiled. Blackfire couldn't cum right now, couldn't cum until her new god and master said so. But that didn't mean Starfire couldn't keep her sweet cunt sister on the edge.
"Ooooo, Sister-Princess Jizzbucket," Starfire cooed as she licked Blackfire's ear. "You have been so kind to me, selling me into whore slavery, so much more than I deserved. I was not properly grateful before. Do you forgive me?"
"UHHHHH, Star!" Blackfire moaned as her sister pinched her nipples.
"We will be such happy cunts together! Father and Mother will be so proud of us! OOOOOO!" 
* * *
"I just... I am always worried about Master Bruce," Alfred said. "I wish he wasn't always placing himself in so much danger."
"Ohhh, how sweet, you want to take care of him," the leprechaun giggled. "Well, I think I can arrange that. You'll find it a lot easier to keep poor Brucie nice and safe."
* * *
Jimmy Olsen tried to adjust his pants as he exited the stockroom. It was hard because his clothes felt tight and straining all over, especially his pants. The whole outline of his gigantic cock and balls could be seen, as they strained, threatening to burst loose from his jeans.
As he walked down the hall, he could feel everyone looking at him, inhaling the intense alpha male phremones he was constantly pumping now. Jimmy winced. They were all staring at him, and that was making him even harder, his huge balls churning their thick hungry jizz.
The women feeling their cunts start to drip, their bodies tremble, as they imagined what it would be like for him to bend them over their desk, dominating their trembling bodies, stretching their twats wide with his huge throbbing member. While the men felt so nervous and inadequate, unable to measure up to this ultra-masculine alpha. And it made many of them strangely hard.
Jimmy bit his lip, trying to avoid the commanding voice of James in his head, trying to avoid whipping out his huge cock to fuck the nearest mewling cunt.
* * *
Jean Gray whimpered as she regained consciousness. She was naked, her head and arms imprisoned in some old medieval stocks, inside a medieval dungeon. She tried to focus her telekinesis, but it wasn't working. She strained against the stocks, but they were too tough. Her telepathy?
She tried to reach out with her telepath, and she felt... she felt lust... so much intense, depraved filthy lust.
* * *
Batman was in the Batcave, bent over his chemistry set as he studied Joker's latest creation. He had to be very careful about this, isolate the right compounds, and figure out what exactly ---
He moaned and staggered back, his mind spinning in dizziness. The whole world around him seem to shift, growing and expanding in size, or was it that he was shrinking?
Batman knew that something terrible was happening, some villainous attack. How was that possible?
His body still changing, he hurried to the computer. 
"Computer, activate priority lockdown, authorization 23BAN27!"
"Authorization not acknowledged."
Batman realized his voice had gotten much higher, much more feminine. He looked at himself in the mirror, and his eyes went wide with shock. A petite feminine thing looked back at him, one dressed in a frilly French maid's outfit, complete with fishnets and stiletto heels, and a mountain of black curls on his head.
"I've become a woman?"
No, not quite a woman. Bruce could feel his now much smaller penis between his legs, but it was now inside a chastity cage.
* * *
Lois Lane tried to focus on her work at her desk. She really tried! But all she could think of was Jimmy. No, not Jimmy. He was James. James Olsen. Mr. Olsen.
She sighed, and squirmed, her panties so wet. Mr. Olsen was so masterful, so intense, so, so... masculine. So much more masculine than Clark.
Lois sighed. It was ironic. Despite all his powers, Superman just wasn't such a dominate manly macho man. He would never bend her over her desk and fuck her until she screamed... not like James would.
Her hand slid under her skirt.

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