Blackfire feels the jizz

by JimmyKasche
Storyline Holiday Love Slaves, Around the Calender
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Starfire pulled back from her sister leaving the incarcerated sister gasping for air.
"See was that not the most delicious of the cums... much better than the watery piss that seeps out of tiny tamaranean cocklets?" Starfire moans into her sister's ear.
"yeah...." Blackfire blinked unknown to Starfire the vial of cum also contained a heavy aphrodisiac cocktail provided by the Huntress. Blackfire's entire body felt like it was on fire from the wonderful tingling sensation and she wanted more....
"So sister are you ready to leave here and accept your place as the cheap cumrag?" Starfire said licking her sisters ear and rubbing her crotch
"Ymmmm." Blackfire moaned her mind completely unfocused on anything but the burning pleasure she was receiving.
Starfire smiled she had done a wonderful thing helping her sister... and she knew that after meeting her wonderful master she would realize her and all of Tamrans place in the universe... her master would guarantee it she thought with a giggle.
Lois had a glassy look in her eyes as she looked over Jimmy's bulging muscles and the outline of his large cock. "Oh... sorry Jimmy, I just .... came... uh... to get some... uh... pen...i... pens... some ... pens."  
The reporter licked her lips.
"umm... no problem Ms. Lane.... uh... here..." Jimmy grabs a box of pens off the shelf and handed them to Lois.
"Please Jimmy... how long have we known each other... calle me Lois." Lois says with a flirty smile.
"This bitch is totally begging for your dick... shove her to the ground and choke her with it." A loud voice boomed in Jimmy's brain.
"huh?" Jimmy said out loud looking around.
"Oh Jimmy... it's fine..." Lois smiled twirling her hair slightly.
"The broad can't hear me, James. I'm in your head that red-headed tart fixed your body to get you some respect... but what people respect are self-assurance... and that's me Mr. Olsen. Assert your dominance on the slut here... fuck her face... OR grab her by the hair drag her back to her desk and fuck her asshole in front of everyone so they know you are the alpha of this office." 
"That doesn't sound nice..." Jimmy thought.
"Who cares about nice? You want respect... you gotta demand it... and this cunt is dripping for you. Maybe later have her call her sister so the two of them can lick your nuts in unison... or tell that prick Clark to give you his cousin's number so you can give her the fucking she's craving." the voice boomed.
"That seems like a pretty mean thing to do..." Jimmy stammered mentally.
"Jeez... kid, you want respect or not..." the voice sneered 
"So... Jimmy..." Lois said coyly before Jimmy suddenly wrapped a hand around her and pulled her into a deep kiss causing the reporter to moan.
"That's James, to you." Jimmy said with a stern voice.
"Ok, James...." Lois smiled as she dreamily exited the closet carrying a box of pens still sizing up James' new size
"what was that?" Jimmy thought.
"that was me exerting some control so I can show you what you are missing by not listening to me kid." James responded "I won't do it often as the point is for you to be respected not me... but know that it's on the table." 
Powergirl smiled as she landed at the warehouse her wonderful boss moved his entire operation to. The Unconscious Jean Grey easily being carried on her shoulder. The click clacking of her high heels echoed off the tiles as she walked in.
"Hiya boss! I got you your new red-headed starlet!" the blonde bombshell said with a smile.
"Excellent, for now just stick her in the stocks on the dungeon set... we'll film her first scene when Emma returns." Sleez said rubbing his hands together.
"KAY!" chirped the mind whammied superheroine as she click-clacked her way between sets and in a blink of an eye had trussed Jean up in the bondage equipment in the cavernous looking film set.
"Perfect!" Karen gave a little cheer before walking back over to Sleez.
"So... um... boss... like I did a totally good job right..." Karen smiled.
"yeah, you did wonderful my little kryptonian kutie." Sleez said with his off putting grin.
"So... uh... when people do good things... sometimes they get a little bonus." Karen said cheekily.
"Yes, I suppose so. Why do you bring this up?" Sleez said playing along.
"Well... I was like wondering if you'd give me a big... fat... tip." Peeg said licking her lips.
Thea twirled on her heels and shook her ass back and forth for her perspective boss.
"That's a nice tight ass you got there." Penguin worked from the chair.
Thea turned her head slightly and smiled sexily at Penguin... before slowly slipping the straps of her slutty clubbing dress over her shoulders and wiggling it down and stepping out of it. Thea shook her thong covered ass left and right before unclasping her bra and dropping it at her feet she coyly smiled cupping her small breasts as she stared at her soon to be employer... before twirling and stopping on a sexy pose revealing her breasts to him.
"So... did I get the job boss?" Thea grinned.
"Hmm... you did a wonderful job there... but I'm still not quite sure you're a good fit..." Penguin said spreading his legs 
"Oh... well I guess that just means I have to show you why I'm called Swallow..." Thea said licking her lips in a big O as she dropped to her knees and began crawling towards the obese criminal.

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