Sue invites Reed to a hookah bar

by trashcollector24
Storyline A Mad, Mad, Mad Marvel Universe
Characters Sue Storm Reed Richards
Category M/F
Previous Chapter Sue heads back to the Baxter Building

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Slipping into Reed's lab, the place looked incredibly and boringly ordinary. Where were the Tesla coils? The machines that took physics and bent them over their knee and spanked them to orgasm? Instead today the lab was filled with a multitude of chalk boards and white boards and glass boards covered with equations. Alice sighed, this meant that Reed was working on some theoretical science, the end result might be something interesting but Alice knew Susan's husband could take months turning whatever scientific principal he discovered in to something fun and useful. If it didn't turn out to be a dead end, even that could happen to the great and power Reed Richards.
Reed was sitting at his desk in his office chair, one hand looking down at his notebook, and the other elongated and adding numbers and symbols and variables to yet another white board. As involved as he was in his work, he still heard the click of her heeled shoes against the hard marble floor of his lab. His head looked around the chair, his neck extending, and he let out a surprised gasp at Susan's current state of dress. For a second Alice, wondered if he would be suspicous of her or perhaps he would become overcome with lust and fuck her passionately. Instead it was the most typical reaction of all she could have expected from him, the man just looked confused as to why his wife was dressed so slutty and before him. Reed asked, "I didn't forget our anniversary did I?"
Alice smiled sweetly at the man, "No not this time, aren't you lucky?"
Reed was mystified, "Then why?"
"Does a wife need a reason to dress up sexily for her husband?" Alice asked.
Reed shook his head, "Of course not," looking around at everything he'd done he grimaced, "I got so involved in trying to figure out dimensional travel and helping Mr. Tetch that I've been ignoring you to much."
Alice nodded yes, "No, I'm really happy that you're taking the issue so seriously."
Reed sighed and set his journal down, and this time there was finally some hunger in the man's eyes when he looked at Alice, "I've been working so hard at this I guess I could use a break."
Alice let her hand drop down and play with the edge of her baby blue latex dress, "Absolutely, now do I have to come over there or are you going to come get me?"
"I already got you." Reed said as he pulled his arm at the board towards her and wrapped her up pulling her tight. Alice didn't put up any resistance as he pulled her over and held her right above him. He turned away from his desk and pulled the zipper on his unitard revealing one of the greatest cocks in the universe. She let out a girlish giggle, "Oh Mr. Fantastic, is that all just for me?"
Reed smiled, the question a familiar one, "Just as much as you can take." 
He squeezed her tighter which caused her to moan and Reed could already see and smell the wetness building up in the latex clad woman. He marveled, usually it required a little more foreplay till Susan was ready to go but she must have already been on the edge when she came in here. He wondered at what she had done but this was absolutely the worst time for him to get lost in his thoughts. His cock slid past the lips of her pussy and he enlarged it, molded it to fit every edge and crevice and then he pounded into her over and over again. 
Alice kept on crying out for more and more, trying to hold that impossibly perfect cock inside of her, panting and moaning like a wild animal as orgasm after orgasm rocked her body. Then finally even Reed had reached his breaking point and came in her. He looked a little spent but still raring to go so the two of them left Reed's lab and headed to their bedroom for a marathon round of sex.
Eventually they had fucked each other to the point of exhaustion and Alice let out a contented sigh, "This was nice Reed but I have an appointment this afternoon I have to make."
Reed nodded, "Really this is all your fault, for distracting me with that outfit and taking me from my work."
Alice chuckled, "You didn't resist nearly enough, still nice that I've got it."
Reed kissed her on the forehead, "Whatever it is, you have definitely got it. A woman as amazing as you, even if you didn't have it, it'd only be a matter of time till you got it."
Alice licked her lips, "I am amazing, this was nice but I'm not going to let you just go back to the lab for the rest of the day. You and I are going out tonight."
Reed frowned, "Out? To where?"
Alice grinned, "That's for me to know and you to inevitably find out."
Reed sighed, "I'll trust your judgement then."

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