Sue heads back to the Baxter Building

by exidor455
Storyline A Mad, Mad, Mad Marvel Universe
Characters Invisible Woman
Category Corruption
Previous Chapter That night, the Black Cat goes looking for the things on her Master Hatter's list

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Sue was tingling with glee on her way back to the Baxter Building. Jervis had given her something she thought she’d lost – a future full of infinite possibilities. Her life with the FF was anything but dull, and there was always some new threat to humanity poised to strike, but their responses to these situations were always the same. Predictable. Boring. Now, the Hatter presented new and exciting possibilities, that were anything but predictable! Jervis was mad, and what was madness but the ultimate freedom?

Of course, the door to a Wonderland of infinite possibilities wasn’t the only thing Jervis had unlocked for Sue. Whether it had been part of his plan or not, the Mad Hatter had also unlocked the door to an almost limitless reserve of sexual desires, fantasies and perversions that had been kept locked deep within her. Sue had been so good at repressing this side of herself that she’d barely known of its existence.

It seemed that by weakening Sue’s grip on sanity and turning her into Alice, the Mad Hatter had also weakened the barrier that kept her sexual side in check. After only a few days of exposure to the strange man’s influence, she was a bisexual latex fetishist! And she loved it. She’d never really felt a sexual attraction to other women before, but seeing Felicia Hardy’s luscious body wrapped in her delightfully tight and shiny latex suit had been a turning point.

And oh, how she loved that latex! If only she’d discovered her fetish years ago, how much more fun she could have had. It would have livened up her sex-life with Reed immensely. And if Reed wasn’t interested, perhaps she could have found other, more willing playmates? Staying faithful to Reed didn’t seem as important as it once did. Her own pleasure was more important, and she had the Hatter to thank for revealing that truth to her.

And Sue could sense this was only the tip of the iceberg. The thought of unlocking even more of her secret sexual nature was incredibly exciting to her, and Jervis was the key. The Alice persona he'd created was tied up with Sue's unleashed passions, and the more she surrendered herself to Alice, the more pleasure she felt.

It now seemed clear that Malice represented one facet of Sue’s repressed sexual side, but Malice had been formed by Psycho-Man to suit his own evil purposes, and had been a reflection of Sue’s emotional state at the time – anger, resentment, hate. Malice was a cruel, nasty bitch, but at least she knew what she wanted, and she had the strength to get it. In that, she had a lot in common with Alice. After all, what was Malice but Alice with an ‘M’ stuck in front?

Thinking these pleasant thoughts, humming happily to herself and smiling widely, she tripped into the Baxter Building and went looking for Reed. She had several jobs to do. She had to contact her good friend Jennifer Walters, so she could show her the pleasures of Wonderland and enlist her help in freeing a certain madwoman known as White Rabbit. And she also had to talk Reed into accompanying her to a hookah bar so she could slip him some of the Hatter’s special concoction. The powerful drugs would soon have him in their thrall and he would be easier to manipulate into aiding Jervis in his schemes.

Some niggling part of Sue’s mind seemed to have a problem with the morality of these plans, and almost screamed at her that it was impossible for the Invisible Woman to be part of these evil plots!  Alice paused to look in a mirror, and loved the look of her manically wide eyes and flashing smile. “Oh, hush up, you old bore! I am not the Invisible Woman any more. I am Alice, and I like to believe six impossible things before breakfast!”

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