Wonder Woman exits the cell and goes on her left

by reader77
Storyline All Hail Empress...
Previous Chapter Circe presses a buton on her throne which opens a trap under Wonder Woman's feet

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"This is not over yet. Hera, please give me strenght!" Wonder Woman thought to herself and left 
the cell.
She stopped for a moment to find the right direction. Upon reflection, she turned left and headed towards long corridor.
On her way she passed many other cells. To her great relief, most of them were empty, but in one cell she found amazon. 
The prisoner amazon was kneeling in her cell while holding a pair of pantyhose, which probably belonged to Circe. She pressed it against her face and started sniffing. 
"Amazon! What are you doing?! Stop this nonsense!" Wonder Woman screamed at her with disgust.
"Hail Mistress Circle!" The prisoner had totally lost control and started touching herself.
"I don't know what is going on in here, but I will find a solution and save you!" Diana declared, "I will save everyone!"
The proud amazon kept walking through the corridor for a while to find the magic orb. At the end she noticed a small hole, a weird looking potion and a letter.
Diana picked up a letter and started reading. 
"If you want to pass and save your island, you must drink my shrinking potion."
Wonder Woman was very sceptical about that, it could be another trap planned by the evil sorceress. On the other hand she felt a mix of curiosity and excitation. What if the magic orb is hidden behind this wall?
This situation was carefully observed by Circe, the evil mistress was sitting comfortably as the fallen queen and Artemis were religiously rubbing her tired feet. She was still amused by the fact that her proud enemies, who defeated her many times before, now were completely devoted and served her with passion as lowly slaves.
"Soon, Wonder Woman will join you in serving me! Circe laughed maniacally.

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