lois lane

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline New U Salon
Characters Lois Lane
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Lois Lane walked into the lobby of the new upscale salon.  Visiting Los Angeles meant that she was far from home to use her local salon, and she needed a trim since last night’s “fun” resulted in some of her hair getting singed ends and she was pissed at her husband since he was responsible for the explosion in the first place.  She had asked the hotel to arrange for a salon trip and the blonde bimbo had handed her a card with the address, a small map, and time and referral number.  Another bimbo, a black girl with braids stood behind a desk and gave a bright if vacant smile.

“Welcome to Nu U Salon,” the bimbo said in a clear, happy voice, “How can we help you today?”

“Lane,” Lois pulled out the card from the hotel and handed it over to the bimbo, “The Hotel Concierce made an appointment for me.”

The bimbo took the card and entered the referral number.  The computer brought up the information and the notes.  The bimbo sent a message to the head of the shop.  There was a notation for Mrs. Lane-Kent, someone wanted her their own purposes.


Dee Dee walked into the lobby and spotted her victim.  Dee Dee smiled and walked up to Lois Lane.

“Hello Miss Lane,” Dee Dee smiled and extended her hand, “What can we do for you today?”

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