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by gothamalleyviper
Storyline New U Salon
Characters Lois Lane
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“Yeah,” Lois started, “So I this is my one day off during this trip so I asked for a full spa treatment.”

“Ah,” Dee Dee smiled as she pulled up the information from a small tablet, “So this is a business trip?  Right this way and we will get you started with a nice sauna to loosen you up.”

Dee Dee lead Lois to a one person changing and locker room, she pulled out a small key on a rubber wrist band and handed it to Lois.  Lois took the key and stepped in finding a bathrobe and flip flop sandals.

“Most of your treatments require nudity so I will be right here while you get undressed,” Dee Dee said as she closed the door.

Dee Dee went to her tablet and looked at the program for Lois Lane that she did not sign up for.  She smiled at the changes and transformations required.  Dee Dee opened a menu and tapped the On/Off icon, and waited.


Lois started pulling off her jacket and put it on a hanger on a peg in the locker.  A pleasant smell hit her as she leaned in.  It was floral and rich and almost calming, like chamomile.  Lois took another sniff of the sent and felt nice.  She would have to ask about what products this place used.  If this was their sanitizer she would toss out hers back in Metropolis in a heartbeat.  Lois didn’t hesitate to remove all her clothing.  When she was naked as the day she was born she picked up the bathrobe and pulled it one tying the belt around her waist.  The robe also smelled of flowers.  Lois pulled the collar of the robe up to her face and sniffed it, taking in a deep breath.  A pleasant buzz was floating around in her mind drowning any concerns or the ability to question what was going on.  Slipping on the sandals, Lois stepped out with a dopey smile on her face.

“Right this way for a ten-minute steam Miss Lane,” Dee Dee smiled at the already drugged reporter.

“OK,” Lois smiled, “Lead the way.”

Lois followed the pretty blonde to an set of doors in the spa area of the shop.  Dee Dee opened the door and handed Lois some towels.

“You’ll need to leave the towel out here,” Dee Dee said with a slight tone of authority.

“Ok,” Lois took the larger towel and started shrugging off the bathrobe.

Lois wrapped herself in a towel and walked in the steam room.


Dee Dee went to the digital control panel and hit a few icons, smiling to herself Dee Dee walked off while the “Steam” melted Lois’ minds and will power.  She then went back to her tablet and looked at the planned alterations.


Lois leaned back and relaxed, what was ten minutes of steam before getting a full body scrub, massage and a wash ‘n cut?  She heard a vague hum from the heater as the automated ladle machine, when the ladle tipped over it poured water on to the heater and steam filled the sauna.  A thought popped into Lois’ addled mind, ‘Dee Dee is so nice to me, I trust her, she only tells me the truth.’


Dee Dee went to the special room and opened the secure locker with the name Lois Lane.  It contained everything needed for the alterations that the client specified.

“Well good bye star reporter Lois Lane-Kent,” Dee Dee muttered to herself, “Welcome to your new life as …”

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