The five Avengers suddenly feel hungry, VERY hungry!

by Gorel
Storyline Behemoth Issues
Characters Black Widow Ms. Marvel She-Hulk Captain America Iron Man
Category Marvel Growth
Previous Chapter The ladies get closer as a warmth comes over them.

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About half an hour later the five giant Avengers met again in the living room, where Steve and Tony looked on as the three ladies were tugging on their dresses, almost as if they were too tight. There was also a smell in the air the two nine foot tall men couldn’t place. “So Stark what have you got for us? Because I’m pretty sure I can’t go the rest of my life wearing my bed sheets for underwear.” Groused Natasha tugging at the hemline around the sheet she had done up like a bath towel around her body.

“Well I had one idea where we could use some of Pym’s particles to shrink us back to our normal sizes… But from what I found out getting BIG isn’t the only thing we’re going through.”

“What do you-“caught silent everyone heard Carol’s stomach growl, the woman turning red as she place a hand at her solid abs. “Heh… Guess I’ve worked up an appetite.” Hearing the other’s stomachs growl one by one Steve chuckled before heading his way to the kitchen. “Guess being big enough to bump your head on the ceiling gets you hungry, let’s cook something up.”


Crouching as they were in the cramped place they started rummaging through cupboards and shelves to make something to eat, pulling out enough food to feed the whole team for the whole week. “Damn, I’m hungry enough to eat a horse!” Joked Carol, the strange thought of horse meat actually appealing the former pilot while she pulled out roasts and uncooked chicken from the freezer. “You’re telling me, feels like I haven’t eaten in a month!”

Lighting up all the burners to the oven every pot and pan they had available was filled up with something to cook up, filling the kitchen with smells that made the five giants nearly drool with anticipation. After a painful hour of waiting and hearing their stomachs growl more incessantly, about five dinners worth had been prepared and settled on the table and counter. Everything from a roast beef diner to fried chicken to broiled fish were served with salads, fruits, breads and mashed potatoes and vegetables. Their eyes lighting up at the images and their mouths watering with increasing anticipation.

“Alright folks, dig in.”

Looking down at the relatively small plates of food on the table the five crouched down onto the floor and started picking away at their meals. As they did a familiar sensation happened to come over them, a warmth filling up their chests and a haze filling their minds. What started out dignified with forks and knives slowly degenerated into eating with their hands, their hunger suddenly becoming more demanding the more they ate. In less than a few minutes the five started gorging on whatever they could reach, and shoving handfuls of food into their open mouths. Without speaking a word to each other the Avengers were almost animalistic, biting into freshly cooked meats or shoveling more potatoes and vegetables into their mouths even while still chewing on what they took seconds before.

As they ate the sheets they used to cover themselves started to draw tighter, their bodies expanding slowly with each bite. Small creaks and stitch pops went unheard as they ate and ate and ATE!


Blinking tired eyes and sitting up from the rubble She-Hulk groaned, rubbing her head. The memories of what happened at dinner came rushing back just as she sat up and looked herself over, shocked at what the dinner had done to her and the others.

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