All of the above.

by Gorel
Storyline Behemoth Issues
Characters Black Widow Captain America Iron Man Ms. Marvel She-Hulk
Category Marvel Muscle Growth Growth Transformation
Previous Chapter The five Avengers suddenly feel hungry, VERY hungry!

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At first they were huge, now? They were gigantic!

Leaning up against the wall of the kitchen Jen winced as she found that even sitting on the floor her head nearly bumped the ceiling. All of her muscles were huge even for her, her arms and legs solid with corded strength and power. Apart from that she was a little shocked when she discovered her ‘dress’ had burst off of her larger frame, her breasts fully exposed and just as large as ripe watermelons. Feeling around she found her abs had disappeared, giving way to a slight paunch that softened her muscular appearance along with wider hips and a fuller rear acting as a cushion to sit on. But something didn’t feel right, apart from nearly doubling in height and mass Jen noticed something odd when she combed her fingers through her hair and found her ears had become pointy. Looking down at her arms and legs she also found a strange layer of fur growing over them, along with a patch of fur just above her cleavage.

Sitting up and watching the ceiling again or else she’d bump her head She-Hulk looked around and noticed her friends had gone through the same growth and change. Carol yawned and stretched, finding her hands bump the ceiling before she snapped awake and found that her skin was covered in blue hair over her arms and legs, even her blonde locks had become an odd shade of sky blue that came down to her lower back. Between her large pillow sized breasts was a tuft of blue fur that seemed to crawl up her neck to join with the rest of her hair.

Natasha was just as large as the other two, almost 12 feet tall and taking up a corner in the kitchen, her arms and legs covered in black fur along with a strange red marking over her soft belly. Steve and Tony had slowly come back awake as well, just as large and muscular but sporting guts just like the three ladies, not only that but the trio of enlarged women couldn’t help but stare at the bulbous masses between their legs. “Ugh… What the hell… Did we black out?” Catching himself burping Steve was shocked not by his larger naked self but the fork he belched up after waking.

Covering themselves the best they could the five heroes looked at each other in anxiety of what was happening, just as Stark finally piped in. “Looks like we may need an expert for this one.”

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