Wonder Woman changes the rest of the Justice LEague into Sergals.

by Grimmer
Storyline Wonder Woman: What's a Sergal?!
Previous Chapter The fatter Mari waddles her way up to Diana, Zatanna, and Circe a few hours later. The League has arrived.

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Diana sighed as more and more items, equipment, and more were reported stolen. She didn't need Athena's wisdom to know that her Amazon Sergals, fierce as they were, were no match for everything Cheetah was gathering to herself. Zatanna's magic, Batman's mind, Mari's powers, and Ollie, Dinah, and Carter's skills would all be useful, but she feared it wasn't enough. Looking at her friends, Diana knew what she had to do.

"It will take all of us, working together, to stop her. My gift can transform your bodies, true, enhance the powers and skills you possess, but will not strip you of your sense of self. True you might feel more lustful, more peaceful when you are in my presence, but you will still be yourselves. So I am asking you, my dear friends and colleagues, to become Sergals, accept my gift, and once Cheetah has been defeated I can change you back."

"Have you ever done that though?" The question didn't come from Superman, or any of the other heroes and heroines that made up the League. Instead it came from the last person Diana expected to be here: Lois Lane herself.

Diana showed the reporter her lasso, gripping it tightly as she answered. "To Zatanna. I tested both my ability to do it and her own through her magic. It can work and since Dr. Fate is among our number, he should easily be able to do so as well. I swear to you that should you choose to return to your regular forms, I will do so."

Lois whispered something to Superman, Diana not focusing on the conversation, giving them their privacy. Shaeyra came up in the meantime, along with Flash, Huntress, Dr. Fate, J'onn, Hal, Powergirl, and Mr. Terrific. Finally, Lois and Superman approached, hand in hand.

"We're ready," Lois said, though I don't know what good I can do."

"You can help tell our story to the world, Lois," Diana said, scratching both her and Clark at the same time before doing the same to the others with one swift turn of her tail. "Welcome to the family, I love you all so much."


Amanda Waller cursed as another of her agents was killed in the blink of an eye, the corpse rising only to join the growing numbers of undead under the command of the last meta Amanda would ever consider doing this kind of thing. Cheetah wasn't exactly the magic using type but even the countermeasures Amanda had in place for magic were blown away by the strength, speed, and overwhelming power the villainess now had at her command. Amanda's thoughts were cut off as Cheetah suddenly had her in a powerful grip, motioning towards the hordes that had been her well-trained ARGUS agents.

"Give up?"

"Never," Amanda replied, lips opening to give the command to blow the facility to the computer, but Cheetah smirked, kissing Amanda deeply on the lips. Once the kiss was done, Amanda could no longer move under her own power, a prisoner in her body as Cheetah ran a hand along one of her flabby thighs.

"Such determination will do wonders for my revenge against that Amazonian pig. I hope you enjoyed being human, Amanda, because now you're mine!" A light nip drew blood and Amanda opened her mouth to scream, but only a tiny mewl came out, sounding exactly like a newborn kitten. "My Kitten will get so very big and strong, enough to hold off some of her stupid friends anyway, won't you kitten?" Amanda could only stare down at her changing body as muscle replaced the fat she had, her height growing and growing, fur coating every bit of her as she became a mirror of Cheetah's form, only growing taller and taller by the moment, her strength increasing as well as the lust she felt for her mistress. She opened her mouth to tell her mistress how amazing she was and how she would love to crush Wonder Woman too, but all that came out was another mewl. "I thought so kitten, now enjoy yourself with the toys I created for you. Once you're done playing, you'll show me all the goodies you've got locked away, right?"

Kitten mewled and lunged at the zombies all around, her mind filled with enjoying the playtime and wondering just what she'd show mistress first.

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