Barbara meets her Academic Advisor

by rg376405
Storyline Just Ass League
Characters Batgirl Cat Grant
Category Bubble Butt Ass Fetish DC Corruption Female Dom Corruption
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The door to the office literally slammed into Barbara's ass when it shut behind her. The force of the door threw Barbara onto her hands and knees. Still out of breath she was thankful that years of being Batgirl prevented her knees from hurting whenever she fell on them. She was about to get off the floor when her whole body went rigid. She could feel the tell-tale a pulsing tap directly on her asshole. Her back arched like a kitten as her ass twerked in time with pulse. On autopilot her knees widened then felt glued to the floor. Her face and shoulders lowered to the floor, she felt her ass thrust out twerking in time to a beat. Except for her twerking ass, she froze that way. She knew a New Gotham woman was close, and the felt a hot burning gaze on her frozen body, locked on display. In her head the incredible rhythm wash over her.

Ba-donka.. ba-donka.. ba-donka..

"Miss Gordon! I have been told that you have been misbehaving-" rang out a voice of command. Barbara felt thr tapping on her asshole get stronger until she felt the New Gotham woman behind her. "The hall monitor tells me that she had to sit with you all last period so that you would pay attention..." 

Barbara realized her new Academic Advisor Professor Grant must be the New Gotham woman. She felt a cold sharp metal point being dragged across her right asscheek and come to a stop over the built-in rubber anal ring of her school uniform thong. The pressure of the metal point on her asshole blasted her with a hard anal-gasm as she felt the metal point and the tapping on her asshole combine into a continuous hum of pleasure. The metal point thrust in just a little bit deeper forcing Barbara's anal-gasm up another level.

"You are out of uniform Miss Gordon. All Gotham University students must wear their uniform in its entirety. Including the regulation buttplug." Professor Grant stated as though she were reading a guilty verdict.

"mmghgmd!" Barbara's mouth tried and failed to form words as her eyes snapped open for the first time since entering the room. Her eyes confirmed what she already knew. Her buttplug was sticking out of her mouth. She had forgotten to it back in her ass before entering. With her head still stuck to the floor she looked across the room to see Professor Grant in the full length mirror.

Professor Grant was covered from her neck down in a skin-tight red bodysuit, with red patent leather thigh high stilletto boots with metal heel tips. From her lush dark hair, to her juicy lips her face was a perfect mask of professional judgement. Like all New Gotham women, her bust, hips, and ass were plump beyond any regular woman. But where a regular woman would have diaper butt, cellulite, or overweight aspects. New Gotham woman all possessed that almost supernatural sultry and fertile mix of impossible curves mixed with tight firm bodies. All New Gotham women automatically become members of the Bubble Butt political party founded by Catwoman.

"Miss Gordon, I don't want to hear any excuses." Professor Grant removed her boot heel from Barbara's ass. Professor Grant moved to stand over Barbara. Her powerful thighs enclosed around Barbara's own. The heels of Professor Grant's boots were next to Barbara's knees, locking her in place.

As the tapping feeling in Barbara's asshole continued to scramble her mind, she watched Professor Grant crouch down until her massive ass was just above her own. Professor Grant's ass always seemed to be in motion. But now the whole room shook with tremors as the bubble ass that was the Professor's backside slammed down her own lesser ass. The floor around Barbara cracked and sunk slightly.

"Bad students get punished!" Professor Grant shouted. "Bad students don't get to have internships with Mayor Kyle's office!" 

Professor Grant's poweful ass slammed into Barbara's ass in time with the tapping pulse in her butthole. Pausing her ass assault on Barbara's ass, Professor Grant's hands reached down to palm her punished behind.

"Because it's the start of the new semester I'm going to be lenient." Professor Grant said as she steadily increased her grip on Barbara's buttcheeks. "But that does not mean you will not learn your lesson..."  Barbara felt burning pain on both her asscheeks. She coud smell bacon as she realized what had happened.

"mfdmdphyh-" she tried to speak again, but had forgotten the buttplug was still in her mouth.

"Miss Gordon that's enough! You will take your punishment and learn from it." Professor Grant suddenly slammed her ass down on Barbara knocking the wind out of her. When she regained her breath Professor Grant had pulled Barbara over to the wall next to the door. Wrenching the buttplug out of Barbara's mouth and slamming it home deep in her ass. Pulling Barbara's thong with a jerk the tops Professor Grant inspected the bright red tattoos on the coed's abused ass. Both were written clearly in big block letters "Property of GU Athletic Dept." on the left asscheek. "Property of GU Hall Monitors" on the right buttcheek.

"Now Miss Gordon, I'm very busy today. So for the rest of this class period you will give your 10 slaps to your pussy and ass every 10 minutes while balancing this glass of liquid on your ass. Professor Grant produced a glass beeker from seemingly nowhere and jammed it down on top of Barbara's ass. The beeker held some kind of purple liquid with gold specks floating in it."If you spill any of it on the floor, you will be in detention for a month. Now go!" Professor Grant told her with a shove out the door.

"Aaaahghghghhh!" Barbara cried out as the obeying the direct order from Professor Grant overloaded her with a blaze of pleasure that started at her asshole traveling to the ends of her short red hair's frosted tips. Falling flat on her face outside the door Barbara felt the warm liquid from the beeker spill all over her back. It was like hot massage oil that seem to relax her body where ever it touched. Looking around expecting a mess on the floor, all she saw was the empty beeker rolling away empty but quite clean. Looking at her backside she could have sworn she saw the last of the liquid disappear into her ass.  

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