Barbara gets a message from someone

by rg376405
Storyline Just Ass League
Characters Batgirl
Category Ass Fetish Bubble Butt Corruption Special Buttplug dc bondage Programming
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Barbara’s still sore clit ached when she received a text on her special Batgirl phone. She always kept it with her. Hiding it down the front of her Gotham University school uniform. A dark purple, and black zebra print push-up bra & fur lined velvet low-rider volleyball thong with built-in rubber anal ring. (Even without the anal ring she would always have a permanent wedgie up her canyon sized butt crack.) The phone vibrated on a staccato rhythm to notify her when other superheroines needed her. Feeling the the rhythm on her clit always made her dazed and horney, even after a long fuck.

The special buttplug was part of her school uniform, so she was mostly used to the constant stretching of her tight rosebud. It’s long thin plunger stuck out of her plump ass while she moved around, so she had to be careful not to accidentally bump it. If the plunger got pushed all the way in, it stimulated the nerve cluster a woman’s bowels which would force an anal-gasm so powerful she would fall unconscious. (Something Catwoman discovered...)

Barbara knew some of her classmates at Gotham University liked to use the plunger on themselves even when they weren’t at school. But she wasn’t like those bimbo sluts just doing it for fun. Barbara only used the plunger to help her focus. She would just clear her head, then she could respond to the message. Giving her own ass a sharp spank and pushing the taper almost all the way in. Barbara shuddered with the throbbing pleasure and fell to her knees in the hallway. (It was a good thing her knees never hurt when she fell on them.)

Carefully standing up again, it almost felt like her uniform thong was tighter. But that couldn’t be. With a quick look back at it, her ass looked the same as it always had. Her exposed buttcheeks a little bigger than basketballs, with a slight purple glow with gold specks framed by the tight fur and velvet thong. Ignoring it she finally looked at her phone.


Grabbing the water fountain for support, she swooned for a moment. Spikes of arousal radiated from the center of each buttock. The heat spreading from the center of her her ass cheeks to the whole surface area of her derriere. She turned to to face the wall. Putting both hands up for support, she leaned forward arching her back into the presenting pose she knew was expected of her.

She turned up the volume of her earbuds to drown out all other noise, and listening carefully to the music as she was trained to. Lost to the music, Barbara’s young coed bubble butt twerked to the beats without any thoughts from her. Still twerking like a dance hall fuckslut, her hands moved to palm each butt cheek. Pinching hard a silent grunt escaped her mouth. Holding the uncomfortable pleasurable pinches for a full ten count her hands released her abused rear. Still on autopilot, Barbara’s hands went back to her phone and sent a reply.


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