At this point, it feels like Devil Dinosaur would notice Sue more than Reed

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Susan Storm- Cat-Burglar
Characters Sue Storm
Previous Chapter 'Date Night'

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As Sue stormed off into the New York City night she noticed right away, everyone was paying attention to her.  Hell some of the girlfriends pointed her out to their boyfriends! 

“Hell,” Sue muttered to herself, “Even Devil Dinosaur would notice me more than Reed!”

“Hello Hot stuff!” a woman called at her.

That brought a smile to Sue’s face. 

“Sorry babe,” Sue heard another woman say, “I’d take her to bed instead of you in a heartbeat!”

“Think she would tie us up?” Sue heard from another couple, “God I would want her too!”

That brought a smile to her Sue’s face.  As she continued walking the comments kept coming.  Everyone was lusting after her in her fetish form as an avatar of Latex Lust.  One comment she heard again and again was “Where do you think she keeps her whip?”  That was all she was missing, a whip…  Sue was going to go grab one from the first sex shop she found but stopped.  She didn’t have her wallet, purse, money, cards or even her ID. 

“Should I go home and get them?” Sue asked herself allowed, “Maybe someone would buy one for me…Or I could just keep walking around and see what I find.”

As Sue made it to the street corner a street advertiser looked her up and down.  He held up a flyer joking that he was keeping it from her.

“Better not share this with you,” the man chuckled, “Cops would make me an accessory to the crime…”

Sue smiled and grabbed the flyer.

“Officer she hypnotized me, I swear,” the man acted like he was being questioned.

Sue gave him a light swat on the butt with the back of her hand.

“She tortured me officer,” the man smiled as he moved along when the light changed.

Sue looked at the flyer…

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