'Date Night'

by exidor455
Storyline Susan Storm- Cat-Burglar
Characters Mister Fantastic Invisible Woman
Category Corruption latex Cheating
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Sue Storm-Richards was feeling unappreciated, and this was nothing new. She was prepared to accept the challenges of her life as the Invisible Woman, member of the Fantastic Four, CEO of a major corporation, mother, and wife. But at least as a wife, she thought she had the right to expect some special attention from her loving husband from time to time.

Unfortunately, her husband was Reed Richards, Mister Fantastic. Leader of the Fantastic Four and one of the most intelligent men on the planet, the genius could apply his powerful intellect to several scientific problems at once, making breakthroughs and discoveries that far outstripped the leading minds in most fields.

If only he could use some small part of that intellect to see what was right in front of him, and figure out how to make her truly happy. But there was no equation for that.

Reed truly loved her, she knew that. But only with his heart, and it couldn’t compete with his mind. She was a passionate woman who had always enjoyed sex, but over the years, the couple’s love-life had tailed off to a depressing degree. Now, she was lucky if they were intimate once a month, and even then, it was all too brief and she got the feeling he was doing her a favour by taking time out from more important pursuits.

HIM doing HER a favour? It should be the other way around! She was no longer the young woman he’d married, but she was still gorgeous, and in perfect physical shape. She knew many men lusted after her, men in the street, heroes and villains alike, and she caught many of them furtively eyeing her breasts and ass when they thought she wasn’t looking.

In an attempt to revive their stagnant love-life, she had talked Reed into agreeing to regular ‘date nights’. These involved a romantic meal for just the two of them, with a bottle of wine, soft music, moody lighting. She had tried various outfits, starting out classy and sophisticated – stunning evening gowns, little black dresses, which got tighter, shorter and more flattering as she mini-dresses designed to show off her luscious figure to best effect.

None of these seemed to have much effect on her husband, so she’d decided to stop being classy and sophisticated, and try to be outright slutty. She switched to a range of tight, skimpy costumes that a stripper or porn-star might wear, under which she wore the most daring and enticing lingerie.

She needn’t have bothered.

At best, these scandalous outfits had resulted in a polite compliment from her husband, whose mind was always on some scientific theory or new invention he was working on. She doubted he took more than passing notice of her evolution from classy to slutty clothing, all for his benefit. They made love after each meal, but it was always tame, gentle, lacking in passion. It always left her unfulfilled.

But Sue was a determined woman, and her passions would not be denied. She craved fulfillment, and she kept hoping that if she just found the right outfit, created the right mood, he’d finally see her for the gorgeous, powerful woman she was, and give her the kind of passionate attention she deserved.

Inspiration came from an unlikely source. One night she walked into the common lounge and found the rest of the team watch some news footage, showing the Black Cat. She didn’t catch the details of the report, but she noticed the admiring reactions the sultry silver-blonde bombshell got from Johnny and Ben. Even Reed seemed to be interested!

There was no denying that the woman looked hot as hell in her skin-tight black latex and with her beautiful face hidden behind the domino mask. She seemed to be all tits and ass, which the shiny latex suit showed off to perfection.

Sue had to admit that the woman turned her on a bit too. She couldn’t decide if it was the voluptuous form or the latex, but the sight of her definitely made Sue a bit hot under the collar. Mostly she burned with jealousy. Well, she could look even hotter as a sexy cat-burglar, and she was going to prove it!

She made her mind up that Reed would get a special treat for their next date night.

She had gone looking in various clothing stores downtown, until she’d found the perfect apparel. It amused her to buy the components for a sort of fetishized parody of her FF costume – a dark blue latex cat-suit, spike-heeled black latex thigh-boots and opera gloves, a black PVC corset with straps across the front and sliver buckles. Sue understood the value of accessorizing properly, and couldn’t resist adding a studded black collar, studded black bands for her upper arms wrists, thighs and ankles. It gave the outfit an extra S&M twist that reminded her of the time she spent as Malice.

That had been a dark time for her in many ways, but it had also been an exciting voyage of self discovery, and no-one was more surprised by her to find that she had such a kinky side that she kept hidden. Whatever foul deeds she’d committed as Malice, no-one could deny that she was hotter than hell, and she was sure Reed would remember that too.

The final touch to the costume was a black domino mask that had two cat ears that would protrude up over her head, completing the catlike look she’d need to be the perfect sexy cat-burglar that the boys seemed to find so entrancing. But she’d be a hell of a lot sexier than that slut, the Black Cat!

When date night came, she laid out their dinner and ate meekly, wearing a modest black dress. When they’d finished, she told Reed to wait there. She had a surprise for him. Then she walked sexily from the room.

In the bedroom, she took her time dressing in the glorious fetish outfit, then stood in front of the floor length mirror. If seeing her in this new outfit didn’t make Reed’s cock harder than steel, nothing ever would. She gazed with lust at her reflection, admiring the way the shiny blue latex clung to her body like a second rubber skin. She had lovingly applied the polish spray and smeared it all over the surface, so it gleamed like marble in the light.

She admired the way her breasts jutted forth, straining against the tight, shiny material. The smooth rubbery surface was interrupted by the points of her nipples, which stood out hard and proud, thanks to her intense arousal.

Turning round, she bent over, running her hands over the broad curves of her shiny ass. She had always known her rump was something special but never truly appreciated it until she’d seen it in latex. The tightly laced PVC corset only made it more exquisite, giving her the perfect hourglass figure.

She was a fetish queen, a walking wet dream. Any straight man should count himself damn lucky to get the chance to fuck her, and Reed was that lucky man tonight!

Reed was standing at the window with his back to her, looking out at the New York skyline when she came back into the room. He turned at the sound of her clicking heels in the floor and the creaking of her latex suit. She posed provocatively in the doorway with a sexy smile, then her smile froze when she saw he didn’t have a wine glass in his hand, but a handheld device which he was gazing at intently.

He tore his attention away from it momentarily and gazed at her.

“Sue…oh! Darling, that’s…that’s quite an outfit. You look.... But, well…is there any chance we could postpone date night? I’m tracking some fascinating quantum fluctuations in the…”

The rest of the techno-babble washed over her as she stood there, looking completely irresistible to any normal man, except to this wittering fool. She stared at him, through him, as he made his excuses and made to leave the room.

Stopping in the doorway, he paused and turned back to her. “You should hang onto that outfit for the next time we go to a fancy dress party.” And with that, he was gone.

Sue could only stand there, staring into space, her lips tightly shut, her hands on her shapely hips, her body trembling with anger and unfulfilled passion.

“Oh, you can bet your ass I’ll be hanging onto it! You limp-dicked worm! Any REAL man would give his soul to get close to this action! You get it offered to you on a plate, and you don’t even see the plate!”

She prowled over to the window and looked out over the city, which lay spread before her. The city that never sleeps had several million opportunities for fun. There were none for her here in the Baxter Building. She would go out and find some fun. The right kind of fun. The kind she’d been denying herself for years.

Smiling wickedly at her reflection in the window, she made herself fade to invisibility, and made her way from the Baxter Building. The sound of her clicking heels and the rhythmic squeaking and creaking of her latex-clad body went out into the hot city night…

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