Sue heads for a fetish club where she can indulge her newfound love of latex with like-minded people

by exidor455
Storyline Susan Storm- Cat-Burglar
Characters Invisible Woman
Category latex Corruption
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Sue was in the center of a large press of people, all of them moving their bodies in time with the hard techno-goth music that pumped, chugged and throbbed throughout the large room. All the young bodies were clad in a glorious assortment of fetish wear – latex, PVC and leather. But Sue knew that most eyes were on her. She was by no means the only nubile female here wearing skin-tight shiny fabric that showed off her curves to wondrous effect., but her combination of lithe, luscious curves, majestic poise, and the sheer energy she threw off, meant that few of the revelers could take their eyes off her.

The outfit certainly helped. The light of the club flashed off the shiny latex that sheathed her curves, and she enjoyed the glimpses she got of herself in the various mirrored surfaces that lined the room. The light also glinted off the steel spikes that jutted from the bands on her throat, arms and legs.

Thank goodness for the domino mask and cat ears. What would people say if they knew her identity and she was spotted dancing in a place like this. But then again, she was tempted to take the mask off and let them know who she was. Maybe a bit of scandal would get a reaction out of Reed.

Sue knew she was probably the oldest person in the room, but that only added to the thrill. Thanks to her lifestyle, her body was in perfect shape and she knew she could easily pass for at least a decade younger than  her true age, in terms of her physique.

She could move with the best of them too. Sue had never danced to music this fast or energetic, but she took to it like a duck to water, and was soon pumping her exquisite ass back and forth in time with the pulsing beat, her glorious latex-clad body writhing and flexing sensuously in time with the music. It was so exhilarating!

Within minutes of arriving at the club and moving out onto the dance floor, she had felt young, fit bodies press around her and soon she felt hands caressing her curves. She would normally reject such treatment, but now she welcomed it.

A gorgeous goth girl with raven-black hair and blood-red streaks was dancing in front of her, and suddenly reached up to cup Sue’s glorious breasts, her fingers and thumbs lightly caressing her nipples, which immediately stiffened and strained against the tight latex. Sue moaned with pleasure. At the same time, a body pressed against her from behind, and she felt the unmistakable prodding of a hard cock rubbing against the film flesh of her large, round ass. She looked over her shoulder and saw a handsome young man smiling down at her with lust. He had various facial piercings which glinted in the flashing light.

Sue smiled up at him, and ground her magnificent ass back against his stiff cock, bumping and grinding against him in time with the music.

The young woman in front of her tapped her shoulder, and Sue looked back round. The young beauty was pointing towards the doorway which led to the restrooms, and winked. The young man behind her took her hand, and the young couple began leading Sue towards the doorway. For a moment Sue wanted to resist, but then she remembered what had happened with Reed, and that she had come out to have some fun. Well, let the fun begin! She allowed herself to be led from the dancefloor and towards the restroom.


From a dark corner, outside of the pulsing glare of the lights, eyes were watching intently. From the minute the statuesque blonde in the blue and black latex had entered the room, something about the way she carried herself, her poise, her figure, even the smooth line of her strong jaw and her perfect nose, all these seemed strangely familiar to the watcher. Under the domino mask with the cat ears, it was hard to be 100% certain, but the more time passed, the more certain the watcher became that this was indeed Susan Storm-Richards, the respected heroine!

The watcher observed with growing interest as Sue and the young couple made their way off the dance-floor and towards the restroom. Her body language, her seductively swaying ass and the way she playful tossed her blonde hair and flashed a sexy smile to her companions, these made it pretty clear what she was planning to do with these young revellers. The watcher followed at a safe distance, so as not to be noticed…

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