The weapon has already been detonated

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline He-Man She-Ra epic cross over madness
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In orbit over Etheria.

Hordak stood on the command deck of the Horde Space Cruiser looking down at the planet, Catra and Shadow-Weaver stood behind him.  In front of them a young man in a Horde Space fleet uniform approached them.

“Ah Lord Hordak,” The man saluted and handed a message disk to Hordac, “Here are your orders from Horde Prime himself.  I have been ordered to deliver them to you and to deploy the Utopia Bomb…”

The officer was interrupted by an out burst from the three.

“Admiral Kutless is tasked with aiding in relief,” the officer said, “But he doesn’t have the launch codes for the Utopia bomb, I have the codes for the one designed for Etheria.”

“Just what is the Utopia Bomb?” Shadow-weaver asked.

“In short it a doomsday weapon that replaces a problem planet with a paradise perfect for horde colonization.  Here let me show you on the display.  These are from our test on Lodus,” the officer brought up a series of images, “The device launches a series of warheads in orbit around the planet, at zero mark the warheads explode and start releasing the nano-machines in orbit… After a day, the cocoon becomes an actual membrane by the third day the planet is cut off completely and the cocoon starts to make planet fall.  Inside the cocoon everything in the planet is destroyed and turned into raw material once that is done the nano-machines go about turning the planet into the desired paradise.  In the case of Etheria it will be a rural agro-world.”

The assembled leaders of the Horde started shouting questions and comments.

“Who would have thought it would come to this?” a booming voice called.

“Admiral Kutless,” Hordac turned to his old rival from the fleet.

“You keep picking traitors as lieutenants; first that ugly Gar stage magician and then the Princess of Eternia…” Kutless scowled, “Come with me to my ready room so you can read your orders and we can talk in private.”

Hordak followed the other cybernetic techno-demon out of the control room.  Catra and Shadow-Weaver began arguing with the officer.  A Horde trooper moved on to other duties and made its way to secondary communications room.


Hordak took the seat offered to him by Kutless. 

“You were going to be left down there,” Kutless said calmly, “Horde Prime was tired of your failures to deal with the rebellion… I managed to convince our leader that you should be given one last campaign before retirement.”

“What?” Hordak shouted.

“Read your orders…” Kutless said.

“Lets see…. Command of the fourth Expeditionary army group… Upon completion of your campaign or the work of the Uptoia Bomb you will retire and take the job of Governor of Etheria?  What?”

“Originally I was just supposed to pick what captains you thought might be useful and leave you down there with the cans when the Utopia bomb came crashing down.  At least this way you have a chance of earning a final bit of respect,” Kutless said, “Start evacuating the captains you need. The cans stay in place to keep the people there until it is too late.  A cruiser will stay in orbit to make sure no one sneaks off and brings the nano-machines with them.”

“When will the bomb be detonated?” Hordak asked.

“It was detonated thirty seconds before you were called to come for your orders,” Kutless reached for a cup.


The Horde trooper came into the secondary communications room and took a seat at an open desk.  It looked over and saw a display and started sending an encoded message.


Rebel Encampment, Bright Moon Forrest

“What is going on up there?  Has Sunder reported back in yet?” Madam Raz pestered Bow.

“Hold on,” Bow said, “I am getting the transmission… Horde using Utopia Bomb to destroy Etheria and replace it with prestine world… Weapon will be launched in…. Weapon has been used!  Find ways to evacuate everyone!  Save my daughter!  I will stay here and try to steal a ship to get people off world…”

“Oh deary!” Madam Raz panicked.

“We are getting a projection…” Bow said. 

“That isn’t enough time to get everyone off world!” Adora shouted looking at the numbers coming across the screen, “Even if we had the ships to evacuate people.”

“It’s too bad we can’t just whisk everyone out in a magic portal…” Kowl paniced.

“Maybe we can,” Adora said, “My brother uses a magical portal to travel between Eternia and Etheria maybe we can make portals to allow people to get out if we can’t stop the device… I must find a way to contact Adam…”

Adora dashed off.


Far below the sands of Eternia

“The time is right my King,” Korba Khan bowed, “Skeletor and his fools are week and other kingdoms look to King Randor’s champion He-Man rather than the King or his army…”

“And Once I kill He-Man, I shall take that which is rightfully mine, the crown of all Eternia!”


Snake Mountain

Skeletor looked at his lieutenant.  He knew Evilyn was up to something…

“Lord Skeletor,” Evil-lyn said as she entered with a bottle of wine, “I wish to disguss Kobra Khan...”

“He is a spy for the snake men,” Skeletor said, “The glasses on the counter will do.”

Evil-lyn poured two glasses of the green wine…


Castle Grey Skull

The Sorceress was summoned to the doorway to Etheria… Something was calling her to warn her… of tragedy and madness too come!

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