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by gothamalleyviper
Storyline The Long Life of Hauptmann Deutschland
Category F/F
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The woman walked slowly down the halls of the German President’s offices… She had done so countless times over the years… She smiled as she spied the various staff photos from the years and spotted herself. 

“Schmidt, Schmidt!” a young staffer called as she ran over, “The President needs to talk to you right away!”

“Thank you miss,” the woman smiled and kept walking.

The woman reached up and moved a stray bit of blonde hair from in front of her glasses.  She spotted the red head leaning against the door frame.  Close to one hundred and ninety centimeters tall in her heels.  She pushed herself off the door frame with her shoulder with she moved to accompany the blonde.

“Why do you keep dying your hair Sin?” the Blonde asked.

“I need to keep changing my appearance ever so often and unlike you I don’t like hiding behind a mask Mother,” the red head snipped. 

“How is make up and hair dye all that different from wearing a cloth mask?” the Blonde smiled.

“Well both have gotten better over the years,” the Red Head nodded at the old photos of the state superheroine.

“I miss the silk, but yes,” the blonde admitted, “the new stuff won’t stick to my face in a fire flash like the nylon…”

“We outfitted you will all the best German can make or buy…” the Red Head shrugged.

“All the best?” the Blonde chuckled as she looked at an old photo, “I would argue my old C96’s in 7.63 Mauser are better.”

“Mom,” the red head sighed, “that is just nostalgia…”

“Huaptmann Schmidt! Director Schmidt,” one of the President’s chief aids came running over.

“Oh dear,” The blonde gasped as the woman tripped in her heels. 

“She is just as clumsy in bed too,” Sin groaned.

The blonde shot a look at her daughter.  The Red Head smiled and then frowned looking at her mother.

“Don’t tell me you would take her to bed…” Sin whispered.

“She is young enough to be my great granddaughter…” the blonde shrugged, “But yes you are right.”

“Hauptmann, Director. The President’s husband is about to announce their divorce…” the Chief Aid kept from shouting.

“And?” The blonde asked.

“IT will divide our support base!  We will lose the confidence of the coalition!” the Aid shouted.

“How does a divorce mean the will be subject to a no confidence vote?” Sin asked.

“Go to the President’s office now!” the Aid shouted.

Both women kept walking down the hall as the aid ran off and almost fell over again in her heels.

“They don’t teach ladies to walk in heels any more do they?” The blonde signed.

“Nope,” Sin smiled.

The pair walked up to the mirrors next to the door to the president’s office and stopped for a second to prim themselves.  Sin fixed her black silk blouse, grey tweed knee skirt and checked her grey Mary-Jane heels.  Sin made sure just the right amount of her undershirt was visible at the wrists and from the open buttons of the neck line.  Her mother looked calm and cool in the black wool skirt suit with the white cotton blouse and under shirt showing, she moved the black horn rimmed glasses just a smidge for the right effect.  The entered the office, they were among the few that the security agents didn’t stall and open the door for them. 

“Oh thank God, Johana you are here!” the President got up and rushed over to the blonde, “Captain Schmidt, Johana, Captain Germany!  I need your help!”

“Madame President,” Johana said putting her hands up, “If this is about your divorce that is not a matter of national security that warrant’s my involvement…”

“Why don’t we all start from the beginning?” Sin asked.

“Yes Synthea,” the middle aged brunette took a breath, “You are right, let’s take a seat.”

The mother and daughter took seats on the couch and waited for the president to be seated and explain the panic.

“So,” the president started softly, “Herman came to me yesterday and informed me that he couldn’t ne oppressed anymore… He had found a boyfriend and would be filing for divorce.  I didn’t understand and asked him why.  He started on about having been gay his whole life and couldn’t lie any more.  I couldn’t understand and we started shouting… I said some hurtful things and he promised to mention them at his press conference announcing the divorce where he would appear with his fiancé.”

“Well Madame President,” Johana said, “He isn’t some foreign agent we can justify me intimdating or assassinating… and he hasn’t done anything close to the treason of Leviathan, the NSDAP or Hydra…  At most I would recommend you call a press conference to cut him off and get a head of the story…”

“This is perfect!” Sin clapped and smiled, “Just perfect, this solves all of our problems!”

Both the President and Johana glared at the red head.

“Hear me out…” Sin beamed, “Call the press conference and announce the divorce… he has already taken a lover so that means he was cheating on you… Informed people that you reacted as any person would at the betrayal and let them know that you continue your support for the homosexual community…”

“Well some of the things were directed at his homosexuality…” the president rolled her eyes.

“That’s where this solves multiple problems…” Sin clapped, “Announce that the reason you feel so betrayed is that you had resisted urges of your own out of respect for the pact of marriage… but now that he is abandoning that union you are now free to announce your bisexuality!”

“My Bisexuality?” the president said.

“Yes,” Sin pointed at her blonde mother, “and that gives us the perfect way to re-integrate you with the president’s office.  As a possible future first lady!”

“You are still my daughter and not too old for me to take you over my knee for a spanking!” Johana waved a finger in Sin’s face.

“No, it’s brilliant,” the President said, “She is right… It allows me to get ahead of this and cut off the bastard.  And to keep the Gay Rights block needed for the ruling collation…  I just don’t know if I could pretend like that…”

Johana looked from the president to her daughter and back to the president.

“I know how you have been looking at me Madame!” Johana snapped, “Don’t think I don’t know what you have been asking yourself.  I get that from so many young girls at the clubs on weekend!” 

Johana got up and went over and kissed the president on lips.  She was not surprised at the passionate response the President started giving back to her.

“My mother the lesbian heroine,” Sin smiled, “How did she ever come up with me?”

Johana thought back to another time in the President’s office a long time ago…


Johana was just a young woman back then, in the spring of 1926 when she was bringing tea and coffee to the meeting of Professor Abraham Erskine and President Hindenburg.  She almost fell over when the door bumped into her.  She some how managed to keep from falling and dumping the tray.  Instead the spoons rattled on the tray as she swung to prevent them all from falling.

“Ah… Mister President,” the professor said looking back at the young blonde, “Can she be trusted?”

“If you are wondering if she will betray us to the NSDAP,” Hindenburg said in his heavy Prussian accent, “Rest assured, even if she wanted to, she knows they would kill her for her choice in girl friends… Come in dear.  Tell me who did you ask out for a date last night?”

“No one of importance Mister President,” Johana blushed, “Just a local brunette… she rejected me in favor of a boy in a brown shirt…”

Johana could feel the old Prussian General looking at the make up she had put over the blacked eye.  He waited for a second before speaking and she was thankful that he chose to ignore it when he did speak again.

“Ah… I am an old man married to an old woman,” Hindenburg slapped the arm of his chair, “How can I live via the stories of my young staff if they refuse to share their stories?  At any rate Professor, I trust her just as she trusts me… She might not be my daughter, but I like to think of her as my daughter.”

Johana blushed under the excessive makeup, as she thought back to the fateful meeting with her president…  She had misjudged the daughter of the hotel owner… and the Hotel Owner was ready to kill her for daring to defile his daughter… As much as the President was a traditionalist he was one to recognize talents and loyalties, maybe that was what made such a good officer, and as soon as he spotted the hotel owner chasing her he intervened and offered the young outcast a job.  She had missed much of the conversation with her musing but she knew that the brown shirts on the side of the mad Austrian had stolen work from the Professor and he needed the help of the government to complete it and wanted to make sure the NSDAP didn’t get their hands on it. 

“But how can we be sure those fanatics don’t get the results?” Erskine asked.

“I will be glad to volunteer…” Johana heard herself say.

She was instantly glad when she saw that both men ignored her. 

“Are you sure you want to be a candidate?” Hindenburg asked sending shivers down her spine, “It has to be your choice…”

Color faded from her face.

“Mister President,” Johana stammered for a second, “I owe you my life… Would it not proper for me to watch any others to make sure that they are loyal to the State and not to one rogue party?”

Hindenburg didn’t smile so much as twitch his lip in a fashion that suggested the still Prussian General was happy without actually smiling.  Professor Eriskine looked at Johana for a long deep movement and she felt as if he was looking into her very soul.

“Yes…” the professor smiled, “I want her to be one of the subjects…”


Both Mother and Daughter posed in front of the mirror in their semiformal outfits for the “Meeting” they were staging…  Johana stood at one hundred and eighty-six centimeters before the heels of her thigh boots and she was a bombshell with her hourglass figure.  The black corset over the short red dress enhanced her figure even more and put her 65E cup bosom on display for all.  Johana fixed her black opera gloves and smiled, she still as pretty as the day she had emerged from Professor Eriskine’s rebirth chamber…

“You know,” Sin said as she walked up to the mirror in her own little black dress and heel pumps, “We could finance the country selling nudes of ourselves…”

“There are a great many things I did for the war effort against the Soviets that I never told you about,” Johana smiled at her daughter.

“Nudes?” Sin asked, “More?”

“A few of us Allied girls posed for some motivational posters for the soldiers…” Johana said vaguely, “Last I checked I was in the museum of pornography in the United States with Britain’s Peggy Carter and the American Golden Girl together.”

“Well, if you aren’t shy,” Sin smiled, “Let make the tabloid’s minds explode.”

Johana swung her left foot out as she started strutting towards the door in her own sexy march.  The Madam President wasn’t the first woman she had seduced in the service to the country and office of the president and she wouldn’t be the last…

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