Doom checks on the Beast's progress.

by Gorel
Storyline X-Men; Blue Flu
Characters X-Men Avengers
Category Marvel Monsters M/F Transformation
Previous Chapter Hope and Xavier meet at the energy barrier.

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Meanwhile in the kingdom of Latveria…


Victor Von Doom entered the personal quarters of his assistant, Lucia Von Bardas, intent on checking on the progress of his plans. He had tasked the cyborg woman to observe and study the beasts at the Xavier institute, to document their growth for when they would be ready for the next phase of his plans. Entering the room, he found the woman sitting on the floor with a bucket of popcorn and a soda, wearing shorts and a hand-made t-shirt that read ‘Summer + Frost 4 EVER!’


“Bardas… Give me an update to their progress.”


“Ah, my Lord Doom…” Closing her journals and scraps of paper scribbled with fanfictions, the woman pulled out her clip board and straightened herself for her report.


“Well, first off GOOD NEWS! Hank and Janet are back together and are expecting a new bundle of joy, Storm has been having fun with Iron Man and Captain America, the She-Hulk just had a bundle of joy herself and is a mother of four!” Lucia beamed, speaking a mile a minute as she went over all the drama between each member of the exposed heroes. “OH! And it looks like Natasha has been sneaking visits into Hank and Hope’s room for midnight rendezvous, that won’t go over well…”


“I mean their physical progress…”


“Ah, yes…” Pointing towards the screens present on the wall of her research station, the video feed showed the heroes had become massive. Now well over 10 feet tall at the shortest and nearing a metric tonne, the Beasts were gathered in the living room where they witnessed an argument between the Blue Widow and a surprisingly furious Hope Summers.




After the sudden growth at the energy fence, the rest of the afflicted heroes followed suite. By now the group of blue furred beast people had grown to well over 10 feet tall and more than likely a metric tonne of muscle and bulk. Each of them looked anxious, the sudden growth and change leaving them in a state of irritation, hunger and arousal that had crept up on all of them. What was worse was each time they grew it was harder to keep themselves under control and right now everyone in the living room felt like a group of starving Grizzly bears in the heat of Spring. Something had to give… Sooner or later.


“YOU!... Did you really think you’d keep this a secret from me?!” Growled Hope, her fanged teeth bared in a sneer as she glared and pointed accusingly at the smug six-armed beast woman tending to her triplets.


“Well, you didn’t smell me on your boy-toy since I started, either you lost interest, or you didn’t care.”


Growling like a grizzly bear, Hope brandished her claws, looking like she was ready to fight.


“Please Hope, don’t fight, she black mailed me into it.” McCoy stood back when Hope turned to glare back at him, suddenly feeling sheepish as did his three kids who hid behind their father. Then she turned her attention back on Natasha.


“Honestly I was expecting this kind of behaviour from the big blue slut over there than you!” Barked Hope, pointing at She-Hulk as she cuddled her four children.


“Hey! I resent that, I ASK before I screw a guy, I’m an equal opportunity slut thank-you-very-much!”


“Then how do you explain two nights ago?” Asked the still sore Hawkeye, slouched as he was now well over ten feet tall and sporting a muscle gut.


“Pff!... I didn’t hear you complain.”


“You broke my back and sprained my hip!”


“They all say that!” Waved the Blue furred Giantess, sitting cross legged at the far wall while her four cubs either bit at her tits or dangled from her arm like a play swing. “I’m a She-Hulk, MOST men would brag nearly dying of snu snu!” In truth, she was probably the biggest in the room at 12 feet tall and more than half that wide.


“She’s right, bragging rights, right here.” Called out Stark, his furry arm raised over his head. Like the others he too was now massive built and massively large with a singular blue light blinking at the center of his barrel chest.


“Oh, shut up you drunk, you’re worse than she is!”


“Please Hope, is there anything I can do to make it up to you?” Turning to look Hank in the eyes with her hands at her wide hips, Hope gave the sheepish Beast a stern look before making a crooked smirk. “Well… Since SHE got a free pass on you, I think its time I had MY pick!”


Giving everyone a look over, Hope’s smirk turned almost predatory when she sauntered over to a confused Captain America and pulled him close for a fierce kiss with one hand and his rapidly hardening length in the other. Blinking in surprise, the group didn’t have that much time to comment when Natasha moved up to pin Beast to the wall. “Guess she’s over it…”


Ant-Man and Wasp began making out while their kids buzzed around their heads and Tigra pounced on Hawkeye, her tail swishing back and force as she lunged down for a kiss. By this point all the cubs had scampered out of the living room, finding someplace to play and have fun while their parents blew off steam, their grows becoming more and more aggressive and hoarse as they writhed and ground against each other.




“Ooh, she’s mad!”


“Excellent.” Chuckled Doom as he approached the screen, watching intently as the horde of blue furred beasts’ ground against each other. “Their minds have softened, and their aggression has reached its peak, they are ready for stage two of my plan. Pressing a control on the panel of his gauntlet, a ‘ping’ sound echoed from his gauntlet to each of the Beasts rutting in the living room. Their eyes glowing as a side effect of the nanite addition to the weaponized Blue Flu they were all exposed to activated.


“Hear me my Beasts, the time has come, when you have finished your amusement, free yourselves of the paltry prison Xavier has kept you and go forth, ravage the lands in the name of Doom!”


Braying and roaring out from the command, the Beasts continued their orgy, but now there was a savage aggression in their eyes. Nodding to himself and leaving the room, Doom crossed his arms behind him.


“All according to plan….”

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