Beast's sick day.

by Gorel
Storyline X-Men; Blue Flu
Characters X-Men Beast Shadowcat Emma Frost Wolverine Cyclops
Category Marvel Transformation Muscle Growth
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Morning broke on the Xavier estate, its students just getting woken up for the morning classes as the staff prepared to teach them. The kitchen was busy as Emma brewed a pot of vanilla coffee while Logan read from the newspaper in his hands, the plum of cigar smoke trailing up as Kitty and Scott walked in, a muffin in Shadowcat's mouth as she nearly dropped her report papers for her class.

"Mmuuuuugh..." Staggering in with pink eyes and a runny nose Hank sneezed into his arm before sniffling out a cough. Still in his pink striped pajamas Beast looked as sick as a blue furred human could look as he coughed and haggard his way inside.  "Could I get some of that coffee Emma?"

"Jeez Hank you look like crap, pick up a bug or something?" Asked Wolverine as he dashed a bit of his cigar off the table. Beast just shrugged his shoulders as he sipped at his hot drink and blinked slowly. "Just a bit of a cold 'cough' nothing that won't go away in a few days."

"Well guess you should cancel your classes and hit the pillows until its gone, I can fill in for you while you're getting better." Smiling at Kitty's offer the blue furred mutant was about to protest until he coughed and hacked like he was losing a lung, with Emma giving him a light pat on the back to get his breathing back. "Maybe... Maybe I will go back to bed... Goodnight everybody."

Finishing his drink Hank wobbled out of the kitchen and headed back to his room, sneezing along the way as the rest of the X-Men heard him and winced. "Poor guy."


"OK class get to your seats let's start off on chapter 11 shall we? I'll be filling in for Dr. Hank McCoy today, he's feeling sick."

Making it to Hank's class in time Kitty smiled as the students sat and became quite, listening in on their substitute teacher as she started up Math class. "Now everyone since we're on... Multiplication tables who can tell me what 12 x 9 is?" Just as she asked the question Kitty felt a sneeze coming, wiping her hand at her nose to stem it as she waited for an answer.


"Yes correct 'sniff' but here's a trickier one, who can tell me what... ACHOO!" Just as Shadowcat made a window rattling sneeze the class went dead quiet as their teacher's skin turned blue. "Excuse me, who can tell me what 12 x 6 x 3 is?" Looking to each other in uneasiness one student raised his hand slowly to answer.

"Blue? I MEAN... 216?"

"That's correct 'sniff', now turn to the next page and go over the 10 questions there 'sniff' we'll go over the answers in... ACHOO!" Looking at each other in confusion the class watched on as Kitty Pride suddenly became covered in blue fur, her nose looking black like a real cat's as she rubbed her face with her sleeve. "Heh... Maybe I caught what Dr. McCoy got hey class?"

The students shifted a foot away from the front after hearing that. "Uhm... Miss Pride?"

"Yes Hisako? What is it?" Sneezing again Kitty's ears flickered as they grew to angled points like a cat's over her head. "Might I be excused from class?" Seeing Shadowcat sneeze again the class watched as the women sprouted a blue tail out of her skirt, and some extra muscle on her arms and legs. "Hopefully all day? I'm a bit of a hypochondriac and... I just don't want to get sick like you are."

Crossing her arms with a raised blue eyebrow Kitty looked to the students and sniffed back another sneeze, feeling strangely itchy all over. "Well do the rest of you feel the same way? Do you all want to leave?"

Everyone inside nodded their heads rapidly as they eyed the door and back at their teacher. "Well too bad, we're strapped for teachers already and you need to know your maths if you want to pass... ACHOO!!!!" Hearing a rip the students worried as their teacher grew an extra foot in height, now looking like some big blue muscular cat girl as she wiped her nose. "Now let's get back to..."

As soon as Kitty raised her arm to write on the chalk board she gawked at the blue clawed hand holding the piece of chalk, looking down at herself she was now covered in blue fur, a blue tail flicking behind her and a barely fitting business suit that had blue fur poking out of the torn seams from her growth. Looking to the students as they looked at her nervously she giggled a bit before. "You know what? Yeah... Class dismissed."

Running out the door in a mad panic the only one left in the room was Kitty tugging her dress down to keep her dignity as she felt another sneeze coming.

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