The first Days

by colleem
Storyline The Birth of Venom
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This world was much better than the one that it came from. It was full of life here and so many possible hosts. Here it would survive well and once it had found the right host it would quickly gain strength and power. But it was separated from the great consciousness and it felt weak and small. It was far too easy to destroy it in this state. Without a host, their race was helpless. But the 4 people who accidentally took it with them all seemed dangerous in a strange way. They all radiated cosmic energy. An energy for which it was still much too weak. And the building in which it was now was very threatening. Everywhere noise and light and things that frightened it. Here it could not stay. it was urgent to find a host or it would not survive in this world.


As it slipped through the narrow corridors that were probably far too small for these creatures, it considered how it should proceed. The most important thing would definitely be to find a host. But how? These beings possessed intelligence and were self-aware. This made it difficult to form a perfect symbiosis with them. First their mind had to be formed.


While it was hanging on the wall and watching the beings it realized that this world had to be populated by thousands or even more of these two-legged creatures. This place was huge and full of life and full of possible hosts. And as it watched them, an idea came to it.


It dropped and took the form of a metallic thing worn by part of the population. They carried It on their arms like a bracelet. it would only have to wait until one of the beings put it on. Then it

 would have time to plan what would happen now.


While it lay there in this contracted form it had time to explore this world a little. The dominant species of this world was a bipedal race which was guided by optical and acoustic stimuli and probably reacted to chemical stimuli. This would make things much easier for it . Apparently there were 2 sexes in this breed. The male specimens seemed to be stronger and larger while the female specimens were more agile.


It did not take long until a person showed interest in it . It felt the woman look up at him with curiosity. It was hard to pull itself together so as not to jump directly into the face of the person and attack her spirit and feed on her mental energy. But if it did, it would be discovered immediately and then it would have to fight not only against the host but also against everyone else.


But it was not necessary to manipulate her. Without further knowledge about the processes in this world it was clear that the woman would take the piece of jewellery with her. Then it became dark.


Mary Jane Watson was in a good mood. She had just signed a 2 year contract with Stark-Tech and would be the new covergirl for all Stark inventions. Yesterday she also got mail that she had been booked for Gucci's new collection. Also a one-year contract. Right now it was going just fine for her. Peter had finally told her that he was really Spider-Man and they had bought a nice apartment. Actually MJ had bought them but it didn't matter. After all, she earned as much in one day as he did in half a year. The redheaded whirlwind had decided to buy something to celebrate the new contract. While strolling at the stalls near the Baxter Building she had finally found a nice black leather bracelet. Not too big and not too conspicuous, but beautiful. She had never seen such a beautiful leather before. There was a small black, almost organic, cord attached to it, which gave the whole thing something Indian. She liked such trash. And for 10 dollars she could only hit it.


When she arrived at home she tried the piece. It fitted perfectly to her wrist even if it had looked bigger before. When she wore it she felt a slight prick in her arm, it was almost a tingling sensation.


"Mhm. You must be a little rough! Well, a round one in the washing machine and then you're perfect." She laughed and turned her wrist a little to look at it. It was perfect for her and so she decided to leave it on for now.



Finally! Physical contact to the potential host. Carefully, IT had made contact with the skin and found that these life forms had a multi-sighted organic protective shell. To his delight, however, this protective sheath was directly connected to the nerve tracts which were probably all bundled in a central organ. A rather stupid protective cover. Without penetrating deeper into their consciousness, IT first tried to understand only this new life form and of course to replenish its own reserves. IT absorbed part of the body's own electrical and chemical energy and felt much better. Amazingly, IT did not feel any rejection in the host. Should IT be lucky enough to have found a potentially suitable host? Or were all the hosts here in the world the same?


No. It found out that these creatures were based on a genetic code and that there was a two-part reproduction. This meant that the genetic code would be mixed. That in turn could only mean that these life forms had to be different in all the genetic material. For now it would have to make sure that his host would wear IT on his body as often as possible. For this it would have to explore the body a little more closely, but IT had already found out that these life forms worked on chemical stimuli. If it would trigger the right reactions in the brain then a desired reaction would occur in behavior.


However, when the central star sank, it felt that its host was removing it from the skin and putting it in a box. Was it blown? No. It felt similar objects around it to what it had just assumed. Probably a kind of security storage for precious things. That could mean that his plan had worked out. This woman was easy to influence. Now he only had to make sure that she would wear it much more often and for much longer. Then it would be much easier to change her body chemistry.

The imprisonment in the small box was a hell of a torture for IT, but it had been able to strengthen itself and so IT could survive the time. After an eternity the prison was reopened and IT was lifted out of the box. It was yesterday's woman who immediately put the bracelet back around her arm. It was a good sign that the woman did not even react to the fact that his stitches were tied to her nerves.


IT was not yet clear on how best to proceed. In the first hours it learnt very much about the body and the biology of these beings. Around noon IT tried for the first time to establish a connection with her consciousness. It was primarily about gaining knowledge about this world. Not to connect with the new host. Getting the knowledge out of her mind without her noticing it was not very difficult. In the evening IT had all the information that was important. Besides, IT had absorbed all day of her energy that IT didn't have to worry about the box. IT now had a very good understanding of this world and the woman. Every being here in this world was a unique being. No two were alike. They called it DNA and soul. Each being here thought for itself all alone and had no HIVE Mind like in its world. That meant however also that this woman could not trust in the help of others if he would manipulate her spirit.


The next morning it was completely normal for MJ to grab her new piece of jewellery and after she had given Peter another kiss she was already out of the house again. She felt full of energy today and intended to use that energy. Today she had a tight schedule 5 which would decide about some very important events. She expected that she would be so Ko during the last 2 conversations that it would be nothing anyway. But today it was completely different. Even with the last two dates she was so full of strength and good mood that she could pull all 5 orders on land. Even when she came home in the evening with a full basket and Peter prepared his favourite meal she was still full of energy.


Little did she know that the Symbiont had pushed her System and made sure she would feel much better. As soon as he would leave her body this Boost would vanish and so she would get addicted to him quit fast

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