The Toy Maker makes Harley into his first toy

by Drake G. Reaper
Storyline Welcome to the Happy Chubby Plush Toy Company
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"Oh my aching head where am I?" Harley asks waking up in a strange place.

Looking around she finds herself in what looks like a toy factory though not the weirdest place she could end up. Trying to get up she finds she's tied to a chair with two other people though she can't turn around to check. Struggling against the ropes Harley is stopped when she hears a voice speak to her.

"You won't be getting out of that without injuring yourself so I suggest you stop." A man dressed in a labcoat holding a syringe says to her and approaches Harley.

"Or what you're going to put me back to sleep?" Harley asks.

"Oh this." He gestures to the syringe. "No it's nothing so simple as a sleeping drug this should quite litaraly change your life my dear."

Trying to put as much distance between them as possible but because she's tied to a chair which isn't much. Harley is injected with whatever was in the syringe. Placing the syringe down the man takes out a clipboard to take notes of what's going to happen.

"What did you inject me with you bastard." Harley yells enraged.

"Just a series of nanobots that will make you much more friendly and loveable Miss Quinn." The man explains.

As Harley is about to yell at the man her face pulls into a massive smile, spotted fur starts to spread all over her body as it starts to swell not with fat but with cotton as her skin becomes felt. Panicking Harley watches as her hands become the paws of a stuffed animal. Still smilling widely her face pushes out into the muzzle of a hyena. Her breasts become a massive pair of funbags resting on top of her now big plush tummy.

Smiling as the process finishes up where once was the chaotic clown Harley Quinn is now a chubby life-size plush of a Hyena Harley with a pair of red and black buttons for eyes. "Wonderful as you can now see Miss Quinn you are now a life-sized plush toy that can be sold and mass produced fairly easily though it seems you've lost over a foot in height no matter come over here."

Hearing the command the Harley Plush gets off the chair and unsteadedly on its plush limbs walks over to it's creator. Inspecting the Harley plush he finds three zippers over her nipples and vagina unzipping them he finds her naughty bits writing down a note on his clipboard he zips up Harley.

"Alright one last test." He squeezes Harley.

Harley feels like she's going to cum from being squeezed like that out of a voice box in her plush body comes. "I'm Hyena Harley have fun playing with me."

"Excellent know let's move on to your two friends shall we soon the world will thank me for saving them from these so called heroes and villains they will thank the Toy Maker." Toy Maker says preparing to turn his two current remaining victims into plush toys like Harley.

With another syringe filled with nanobots he approaches the unconsious forms of Poison Ivy and Catwoman.


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