He is not amused about the Attack. Time to cut of some heads

by colleem
Storyline The Long Life of Hauptmann Deutschland
Previous Chapter memories and recovery

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"Sir. We've just learned there's been an attack on Hauptmann Deutschland." Said one of the subordinates at Jason's residence.


"I am all ears. How many did she defeat?" Jason laughed in a good mood.


"She was almost killed. At the moment she is in a coma. Her wounds would be life-threatening for anybody else, but with her constitution it is assumed that she will survive Sir."


"What?" asked Jason and pulled up a brow. He hadn't expected this news. "Who committed the attack? One of those... super villains?"


"No sir." Said the employee and seemed insecure at the angry look of his master, yet he continued. "So far everything points to the attack of an Assamit."


"Did you just say Assamit?" Jason asked and slowly got up.


"Yes, sir. Apparently someone sent an Assamit against her."




Anais only flinched briefly during his tantrum and nodded immediately. Without losing another word she went off and came back after a few minutes with Vanessa.


"You have me call sir? asked Vanessa and bowed.


"Vanessa. I ask the question only once now. Did you ask for an Assamit?" he asked in a frightening calm voice. The tone seemed to be calm and calm but Vanessa knew she was on the brink of death.


"No, sir. I did nothing of the sort. May I ask..."


"WHO THEN COMMANDS BEHIND YOUR BACK AN ATTACK ON..." Jason literally exploded before he screamed angrily. "That miserable Ventrue! I'll tear him apart in the air!"


All those present in the room now moved back from him. In this state the elders were unpredictable. They could do a bloodbath just as quickly as they could calm down. None of the attendees had ever experienced any of the elders in such a bloodlust and none of them ever cared to experience it.


Fortunately for them, however, Jason calmed down quickly and breathed deeply.


"Vanessa. I apologize for the question. I wish a flight to Munich. Immediately" he said with his back to the women.

"As you command Sir!" Vanessa said and bowed deeply. Then she hurried out of the room to set everything in motion. Only Anais stayed in the room with her master and waited.

"Do you wish I would finally destroy this traitor?"

"I'm still thinking" Jason growled angrily and clearly struggling for his control. "I decide that on the flight to Munich. In any case, I must make clear what happens if my words are disregarded."

A few hours later in Munich.

"Prince Jason! What brings you to my house," the host asked in surprise as he walked Jason through the gate with Vanessa and Anais. For a moment he was afraid that he had been caught and that Jason had found out.

"I'm here because I have bad news for you. However, I would prefer it if we didn't have this conversation here in the lobby. Lead me to your workrooms." He said sternly and followed him into the magnificent study. Just arrived there, Jason took a seat behind the huge desk and told Vanessa and the traitor to sit down.

"Tell me Rasputin. Vanessa chose you to be her deputy, is that correct?" he asked calmly and objectively.

"Yes sir. I hope I didn't arouse your displeasure in this position?"

"Tell me Rasputin. Do you think Vanessa had much to do with my unexpected arrival?

"Yes sir. But in my eyes she has done her job extraordinarily well!

"There is no doubt about that either. But while she was busy taking care of my affairs, she certainly ceded many of her daily tasks to you, huh?

"That's true, sir. But I didn't think it was a burden, though."

"Good. That means that I have the right person in front of me. Someone requested an Assamit and entrusted him with a mission."

Rasputin became as white as chalk. He was blown. Even with all his servants in the estate he would not be able to win this fight.

"On top of that, I must mention that Assamit failed in his task."

"Failed? An Assamit? stammered Rasputin completely disturbed.

"Yes. Failed. Pitifully even. Unusual for them but not impossible. Never mind. I wish a clarification about who has requested this Assamite!

"That means you do not know it yet" asked Rasputin with a touch of hope. Maybe he could still save himself.

"If I knew that, my old friend, what do you think would happen to this miserable traitor mh?" Jason smiled and almost casually the massive table in front of him broke into two pieces. With his thumb he had torn the plate into 2 pieces and looked at the table confusedly. "I'm sorry about that old friend. Of course I'll pay you for the table."

"That... is not necessary my prince! What do you want?

"I expect the old traditions to be honoured. Vanessa has already paid her price for this offence and as her deputy you will now prove that you honour the old paths. You will kill your first-born as the ancient laws require. And then you will be the one to find out who requested this Assamite and betrayed me. Anais will stay here to check that you really paid your blood debt."

With these words Jason stood up and went to the exit. Only Vanessa followed him and Anais smiled at Rasputin.

"Sir, if my information is correct, your firstborn is in the house right now. If you don't mind? I wouldn't recommend to keep him waiting too long."

Body pallor sat Rasputin on his chair and stared into space. No one loved him more than his first child and yet he was forced to kill him or seek open confrontation with an elder. He was so close to the goal he had been heading for for centuries and yet it would be much harder without his firstborn. With the weight of centuries on his shoulders he rose and nodded dazed.

"Yes, of course. Let's go".

He could not afford it. He had no doubt that he could take on Anais if it mattered, but it was impossible to get out of this situation as a winner.

Back in the plane on the way to Frankfurt.

"Did he kill him?" asked Jason.

"Yes sir. His firstborn is death. He burned the remains before my eyes to rule out any doubt. I guarantee with my honour for his death."

"Very good. Then I got what I wanted. Vanessa. I want you to do publicly what happened to your protégé. Everyone should know that it was me who destroyed him. And it would be dear to me if you would describe it in detail."

" As... you wish master. " She said with a slight uneasiness.

"Anais. I wish you would go to the hospital where she is. I don't trust the mortal security forces. Protect her."

"Lord! It is my duty to serve you not her!"

"I know that Anais. But she could be an important link in a very long research. And maybe it will be tried again."

"If not even an Assamit manages to kill her...?"

"The Assamites have only one weakness known to me you look down on mortals. You will have underestimated them. However, she is now safe from the Assamites.

"Why is that?" Anais asked confusedly but this time Vanessa answered in his place.

"Because the Assamites honor strength above all else. Should one be able to overcome one of their assassins, then one is safe from their order."

"Enough now. I wish to talk about other things. We still have much to do."

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