Hydra kidnaps another hero

by Darking
Storyline Hydra rising
Characters Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)
Category Mind Control
Previous Chapter Re-educating an former agent.

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 Kamala was heading home by her self, she had plans to meet up with her friends later, for now, she had a lot of homework to catch up on. She sighed as it dawned on her just how far she had fallen behind. 


It wasn’t like it was all her fault being the one superhero in Jersey city keep her busy as that wasn’t enough she was also the leader of the Champions.  Still she took pride in how far the team had come since it was first formed, the champions roster had also grown a lot.

Though there were times when  Kamala wondered if she really was the right choice to be the leader, even with all the support her friends gave her she worried that she would screw up somehow and let everyone down. Even the support of her friends and teammates didn’t help remove the doubts she was having.

She looked around noticing for the first time how few people there were on the street. Weird their are usually more people around here this time of day. Kamala thought, in fact, it had been pretty quiet for the past few days, there hadn’t been any  incidents for the past few weeks. At least none that the polices couldn’t handle themselves.

While she didn’t mind a little peace Kamala knew that was likely the calm before the storm, any moment the next  big crises would hit.

“Someone Please Help Us!” Someone Screamed.

“So much for peace and quiet,” Kamala said as she ducked into an alley changing into her costume

Ms. Marvel arrived just in time to see a man and woman being accosted by a pair of thugs, one of the thugs roughly grabbed the woman's handbag, then shoved down the woman sobbed when she hit the ground. While his partner held a knife to her m companion throat.

“I’ve got the bitches stuff now, let's get out before the cops come.”

“You're not going anywhere except to jail, drop the handbag, and your friend can drop his knife and nobody gets hurt.” The thug looked for a moment  Ms. Marvel,  tafter dropping the handbag both thugs fled.

Wow, I wasn’t expecting them to do that. Ms. Marvel had expected the two thugs to put up a fight or at least threaten the hostage in an attempt to get her to back off, but instead they just ran off. Ms. Marvel  had thought she saw one of thugs smirk before he ran off. Why would he smirk at me before running?  She wondered. 


Ms. Marvel picked up the woman's handbag and brought it back to the sobbing woman, “ Are you alright?” she asked as she handed the woman her bag.

“Ye.. yes, thank you.”  The woman replied as she took her bag in one hand and wipe away her tears with her other hand.  Then she reached into her bag smiling as she did “Just a moment let give you something as a reward for saving me and my husband.”

“No, there really isn’t any need to give me an Mmmmpf.” Ms. Marvel words were cut off when the woman's husband had suddenly placed a soaked rag up over her mouth.  As Ms.marvel struggled she couldn’t help but breath in the ether like odder from cloth.. Her eyelids started to droop as the fought to keep them open, have to stay conscious, can’t.. let fall un... Her eyes closed as she fell unconscious her body going limp in the arms of her attack.


“It’s done did you send the signal?” The man asked.

“Of course I sent it when you used the chloroform on our little savior there.” She chuckled as held up the signaling device.  Soon a van arrived and several people wearing green and yellow uniforms got out.

“Good you have the target, you two need to get out of New Jersey we’ll be in touch if we need you again.”  The Hydra agent told them.

“Alright, we’ll leave tonight, Hail Hydra!” The couple left as Ms. Marvel was load into the van.



When Ms. Marvel woke she found herself restrained in a chair she was also wearing a helmet that had been placed on her head by her captures. Where am I?  She tried to free herself from her retrains but couldn’t get out of them. Before she could even think of a plan she heard a voice echo in her head.  Obey hydra, submit, serve hydra. The voice droned on.


“Not going to happen,” Ms. Mavel said as she struggles to get free. Suddenly she was hit with a pulse of pleasure. A moan escaped from Kamala lips.  Obey hydra, submit to hydra, serve hydra. The voice intoned again a pulse of pleasure fallowed each word. I have to fight…but it feels sooo good. While Ms. Marvel kept fighting the brainwashing, she couldn't  help notice how much she enjoyed the feeling pulses of pleasure were giving her. With each persistent pulse, her to resistance was slowly fading away.

 Twenty minutes later  Ms. Marvel was still in the chair she had been placed in her breast rising and falling with each breath she took. “I will serve, I want to obey, Hail Hydra,” the Brainwashed heroine said over and over.

In one of the control rooms to two Agents who had been overseeing Kamala’s brainwashing watched taking pride in their work.

“You know I just had an idea.”


“I know we just brainwashed the kid, but with this tech, we could do more.”  he took a sip of his coffee before continuing.  “Now that she in the right frame of mind we could implant a personality into her subconsciousness, then send her home and she wouldn’t even know what happen to her.  It would make her the perfect sleeper agent.”

His partner thought for a moment “Doing  so could be a little tricky but it could work, also we would need to come up with a trigger phrase to wake to the dormant personality but that shouldn’t  be too hard.” She looked at the still moaning in pleasure Ms. Marvel. “Ok let’s do it.


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