Re-educating an former agent.

by Darking
Storyline Hydra rising
Characters Jessica Drew
Category Mind Control
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Jessica Drew groaned as her eyes slowly opened,  looking around she found herself in a strange room sitting in a chair her arms restrained. Where am I and how long have I been out? Jess tried to recall how she had gotten into this situation, but there was a haziness that made it hard to think straight.

Jess shook her head trying to clear the fog from her mind trying to remember some of what had happened. While the brain fog hadn’t cleared she could recall a few details of what happened.  She had gotten a texted form, someone, to say it was urgent that they need to meet somewhere in private.  Jessica vaguely recalled going to the meeting place then being ambushed. She fought back kicking there asses until she felt some pick the back of her neck then waking up here wherever here was.

I got a text… from… from.  Her head had cleared a little but whatever drug her kidnappers use to subdue her was must have been still affecting her making harder to piece together what happened. Was it Carol who sent me that text? Or maybe it was Natasha?

Jessica frowned wishing she could remember who it was that sent her that text if she could it would give her some clue as to who was behind this. Then she heard the door open she immediately her eyes looked toward the doorway. As a man wearing a familiar green and yellow uniform carrying some equipment entered the room.

Hydra, can’t say that surprises me too much. Jessica began pulling at the bonds even harder trying to break free she didn’t know what Hydra had planned but she wasn’t’ going to stick around to find.

The Hydra agent stopped in front of her “Don’t’ bother to struggle, we temporarily disabled your power” he told Jessica as he placed a helmet over her head.  Jessica continued the struggle trying desperately to get free she didn’t’ need ask what was about to happen she had a pretty good idea what Hydra’s plan for her was.

“I see your wake, Jessica, let me be the first to welcome you back to hydra.” A voice came from the speakers mounted on the wall facing. The voice was distorted Jess couldn’t tell if it was man or woman speaking but there was something familiar about the voice.

there was something familiar about the voice.

“I’m going to take a hard pass on that” Jessica replied trying not to let on how worried she was,  Jess didn’t need to ask what they were planning to do her it was pretty obvious.

“Oh but I insist, it’s time you went back to your roots  besides, when your re-education is complete  you will spy on , kill or even fuck whoever Hydra commands you to and you’ll do it  gladly because you're going to  belong to hydra mind body and soul just like I… There was a brief pause as the worlds hung in the air for a moment. “Well, t no need to spoil the  surprise.”

The Hydra agent finished setting attaching the devices to Jessica left without saying word.

In her mind her another voice tell her she was a loyal member of Hydra, loyal obedient. Obey Hydra, compelling her to submit.

Jessica tried to ignore the persistent voice  “NNgn I..will not submit, I’ll never  submit to hydra.” 

In the next room, two agents of  Hydra  watched  spider woman  on the monitor as she fought against the attempts to brainwash her “She putting up more resistance then we thought,” said the Agent  “However the devices can also cause pain or pleasure  perhaps one of those will help break her faster?” He said looking toward his companion who remained in the shadows.

“Jessica can very stubborn, so alternate between pain and pleasure that should do it.” The figure in the shadows said.

The man at the control console nod ed and did as instructed.

Jessica Drew screamed in agony it felt like every nerve in the body had been set on fire.  The had pain only last few moments but for Jessica, it felt more like it lasted for hours. “If hydra thinks they can break with a little pain then ohhhh” a moan escaped Jess lips as he was hit a wave of pleasure.  After a few moments, the pleasure stopped and the pain began again. The cycle of pleasure and pain repeated over and over again as the voice continued it’s the mantra of loyalty and obedience to Hydra.

I won’t listen… won’t give in. Jess told herself, then she screamed as the  pain started again. All she need to do was to resist long enough someone would notice she was missing help would come. I..I just need to hold out a little longer I..  She moans as the pleasure began again,  feels too good, yes I want to obey to submit to be NO dammit fight it, you can beat them. Despite her best efforts to resist Jessica Drew was beginning to wonder just how much longer she would be able to.




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