Heroine Corruption Inc - Introduction

by exidor455
Storyline Heroine Corruption Inc
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The Organisation was a dark secret known only to an elite few, and it had been created with one goal in mind. To abduct, seduce, corrupt and indoctrinate super-powered females, so that they became the ultimate sexual creatures, insatiable whores who craved sex and depravity. There was a vast untapped market for such creatures, and the Organisation planned to exploit it to the full.

It had begun slowly and carefully. First, the Facility was built in a top secret and isolated location. This secret base would be where the bulk of the work would be done, and it was fitted with all the high tech equipment, technology and resources needed.

Then the Organisation set about gathering the necessary individuals whose skills would make the goal a reality. Super-powered entities were not to be tackled lightly, and the Organisation was determined to make sure that their activities would be undetected, and unhindered by the meddling of troublesome ‘heroes’.

To that end, every eventuality had to be planned for, and specialists in many different fields were recruited – experts in espionage, infiltration, and subterfuge, to make sure that the Organisation’s subjects were abducted smoothly, quietly, and without trace. No clues would be left and no forensic evidence would be found.

Then there were the experts in seduction, corruption and indoctrination. Specialists in psychological profiling and manipulation. Experts in brainwashing and mental conditioning. Genius chemists who could craft powerful drugs that would be tailored specifically to the body chemistry of each subject, to cause specific effects. Experts in the carnal arts whose skills could take their subjects to previously unknown heights of sexual ecstasy. Scientific experts who could analyse each super-powered subject down the sub-atomic level and devise the perfect means to neutralize their powers, at least until the process of corruption was complete, then their powers could be returned to them if required.

Even those adept in the mystic arts were needed, to deal with those super-powered beings whose abilities reached into the magical or supernatural realms.

Finally, the ultimate secret weapon of the facility was carefully hunted down and acquired. A mutant psychic of incredible power, whose psionic abilities could rival any of the other prime psychics on the planet. The young teenage specimen was perfect – incredibly powerful but young enough to be impressionable and easily manipulated. Soon, after various medical treatments and procedures, the psychic was almost nothing but a brain in a tank, and that brain’s power was amplified and enhanced with advanced and forbidden technologies. Its psychic powers could be easily controlled and put to whatever use the Organisation needed.

The uses were many. Those who were recruited to work for the Organisation were psychically monitored at all times to watch for any signs of betrayal. Once their work was complete, their memories could be modified to supply legitimate and legal reasons for the large sums of money that had been deposited into their bank accounts. If questioned, they could never betray the Organisation because they genuinely had no idea they’d ever worked for it.

Aside from maintaining the Organisation’s secrecy, the main duty for the Mind, as the psychic was now called, was to probe the minds of potential subjects, build a complete psychic and psychological profile, so that the ultimate program of seduction, corruption and indoctrination could be designed for each victim.

Before the first super-powered females could be targeted, some test subjects were taken. These were normal human females, chosen at random from various locations around the world. They were used to trial and refine the Organisation’s processes, and there was a 100% success rate. The females were taken without fuss, and disappeared without trace. Their seductions were swift, using a broad range of different techniques. Each gave their own challenges, but each was overcome. Soon, the first set of subjects had been fully converted into wanton harlots who would gladly do the Organisation’s bidding. They were added to the staff within the top secret Facility where the main work of the Organisation would be carried out.

With the trial run complete, it was time for that work to begin.

It started with…

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