Malice shows Susan where she learned the skills of a perverted fuck-slut

by ESchorcho
Storyline A Mad, Mad, Mad Marvel Universe
Characters Invisible Woman Malice Namor
Category Marvel Mind Control Corruption M/F
Previous Chapter Inside Alice's mind, Susan Storm fights to regain control of her body

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“Why would I do something so silly as telling you where all these whorishly debauched skills you have somehow learned through the years,” Malice hissed and raised her perfectly-sculpted eyebrows knowingly at Susan, before grinning a mad grin and declaring, “when I can show you!”

Susan looked on and saw as a scene began to form before her eyes.  She was in the undersea kingdom of Atlantis and was being led to the royal bed of Namor.  It was clear that this version of herself was nervous, and the captive Susan could certainly understand why.  While she had a deep affection and even an attraction for the half-Atlantean/half-mutant bad boy, she had never acted on these feelings.  Despite the ups and downs of her relationship with her husband, she had always remained faithful to the World’s Smartest Man.

However, what the bound-Invisible Woman saw caused her to doubt herself.  Was this a memory or some sort of fantasy cooked up by Malice to trick her?  She gnashed her teeth together and groaned out. It was becoming so hard to think clearly!  If only Cheshi would stop planting soft kisses up Alice’s physical body so she could think clearly.

Namor laid Susan down on the bed and for a moment, they gazed up at one another.  The attraction was too much, and Namor ripped open Susan’s double’s Fantastic Four suit.  He leaned down and began to ravage her tits with his hungry mouth, and the sensation of his warm tongue swirling around her nipples was driving Susan mad with desire.  Finally, the aquatic superhero spread Susan’s thighs wide and he thrust himself into her. The dream Susan and the captive Susan both moaned out in wanton delirium as they shared the sensation of the Atlantean pumping away at them.

The captive, latex-encased Susan doubled over and began to run her gloved hands all over her sleek, shiny body.  She was desperate to relieve her throbbing pussy. She tried to piston her own fingers in and out of herself, just as the mighty Namor was doing with his huge cock, but her latex-second skin prevented full penetration.  Still, she could still feel Namor fucking her double for all she was worth and she continued to run her hands over herself.

It wasn’t just Namor fucking her, though, that was getting her off.  It was the fact that she was finally cheating on her husband. The heroine had fantasized about it too many times to count, but now she had actually decided to act upon the adulterous temptations and it sent a wicked thrill up and down her beautiful body!

The dream Susan moaned in chorus with her captive double.  The Susan that was getting fucked whipped her head to the side and made eye contact with the whorishly made-up, bound Susan.  The pair smiled knowingly at one another, when they were interrupted.

“Mmmmmmm.  That’s right.  It feels so good to be naughty, doesn’t it, Susan?”  Malice moaned out, but then her haughty face fell in a look of disappointment, “But this sex is just soooo boring!  Now now, sweetie. Let’s delve a little deeper into that perverse, slutty subconscious of yours now, shall we?”

Susan moaned out in practical agony when Malice waved her hand and the dream Susan and Namor faded away into nothing.

The latex-wrapped Invisible Woman grew angry at being denied the little fantasy that was playing out before her eyes.  However, suddenly her breath caught in her throat and her eyes grew wide when she saw what formed next from the depths of her subconscious.  Her heart began to beat faster and faster and her pussy throbbed in time with feverish intensity when she saw…

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