Susan's visions inside her mind become more and more depraved

by ESchorcho
Storyline A Mad, Mad, Mad Marvel Universe
Characters Invisible Woman Malice Doctor Doom
Category Marvel Mind Control Corruption M/F Transformation latex
Previous Chapter Malice shows Susan where she learned the skills of a perverted fuck-slut

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The vision that formed before Susan’s wide eyes took her breath away.  It was of a fetish fantasy on an epic scale. A sea of undulating bodies were fucking one another, each clad in skintight, shiny black latex.  All of their heads were sheathed in tight latex hoods that made their identities completely anonymous. That was, all except one.

A now all too familiar moan of wanton, debauched pleasure drew Susan’s eyes to the center of the orgy where she saw that one of the highly sexualized characters wasn’t wearing the same latex hood as the others.  Instead, this gorgeous whore that was a full participant in the kissing, licking, sucking, nibbling and fucking had an open-faced mask. Susan smiled wickedly in approval when she saw that it was her at the center of it all.  She was being passed from partner to partner with not a care in the world save for getting her own holes filled.

Malice looked on and her own latex-clad body tingled with arousal when she saw how Susan was transfixed by the sight of her perverted double.  Her double, the heroine-turned-fetish goddess, was gleefully participating in the fetishistic group sex taking place before them. The domme’s evil eyes shifted from Susan in the latex parody of the Fantastic Four uniform moaning softly to herself and rubbing her nubile body and over to Alice in the physical world.  Susan’s crazed double was also moaning softly to herself, but rather than rubbing her own body, she submissively allowed Jervis do that for her. She flashed a wicked grin when she saw Cheshi secure a latex bra to Alice’s chest. Malice’s gaze shifted back down to Susan and saw that she too was trembling in whorish desire.

“Now, this is more like it, wouldn’t you say?”  Malice smiled down at Susan, and drew the bound-heroine’s attention reluctantly away from her perverted twin, “More like you, to be exact.  This is the sort of thing you’ve always secretly yearned to indulge in. To be a completely uninhibited fetish slut. And now, with a little help from the Mad Hatter, it can all be yours for real.  You just have to give into hm.”

Susan’s dramatically made-up blue eyes fell for a moment, and Malice watched with approval as the bound-Invisible Woman couldn’t stop herself from running a gloved had up and down her latex-covered pussy.  Still, she falteringly stammered, “Mmmmm….. Can’t give in…. It be soooo wrong! But, fuuuuck it feels soooo good!”

“Yes it does, Susan,” Malice husked, and looked down at the slowly corrupted heroine with an approving, wicked smile, “It’s clear to me that you are nothing more than a perverted, narcissistic latex slut who wants desperately to cheat on her husband.  But there’s more to your depravity. Much, much more.”

Susan had a delicious look of uncertainty on her beautiful features.  She once more reluctantly tore her eyes away from the vision of latex lust once more, trying to ignore the siren-like debauched moans of her perverse double.  She turned and looked up at Malice, and the wicked dominatrix could see that there was now a hint of an excited smile on Susan’s shiny blood-red lips that looked delicious paired with the bound-Invisible’s Woman’s more wild, manic eyes.

“Show me,” Susan demanded, “I want more.  I need more!”

Malice smiled wickedly and waved her hand.  The latex orgy disappeared and a new scene formed before Susan and her evil twin.  This time it was the immaculate Susan from before, in her original Fantastic Four uniform.  Only this time there were now four of her. Each version of her surrounded the bound, latex-clad Susan and was engaged in some sort of gleeful sex act with the current roster of the villainous Frightful Four.

Susan watched with a keen fascination as she slid up and down the rockhard pole of group’s leader, The Wizard, with a quick and steady rhythm.  One of the other Susans was eagerly kneeling under Hydro Man, and was currently running her tongue up and down the length of his meaty shaft. Her head turned and saw another Susan was being fucked in the ass by The Trapster.  The final version of her was locked in a carnal 69-position by the muscular Titania.

Susan was shocked to see the frenzied, frantic fucking her multiple selves were engaging in with the villains and her moans of crazed desire could be heard echoing all around her.  She was also horrified to see the wild, unmistakably evil expression on her own beautiful face. It was so unlike the paragon of virtue she'd seen earlier. It was clear that these four Susans had fallen from the light and had embraced evil, and were enjoying every minute of being a slutty groupie for this b-level team of villains.  Each of the four Susans turned to look at her amidst their carnal debauchery and they each stared at her with a smoldering look of lust, as if to say, "join us!" Susan felt as if she should look away, but everywhere she looked, she saw herself. And then a giddy sensation overtook her when she realized she didn't want to look away. She wanted to see it, take it all in, and enjoy it.  Enjoy it as much as her villainous counterparts clearly did.

She closed her eyes and allowed what the four Susans were experiencing flow over her.  To flow through her. She whipped her head back and moaned out desperately with the other Susans.  Their cries of pleasure sounded like a perverted chorus.

“I can’t say I blame you for fantasizing about fucking villains,” Malice cut in, and Susan suddenly looked back at the dominatrix seated on her throne with a wild, unhinged look of mad excitement in her smokey eyes, “Reed was always soooo boring and vanilla.”

“Reed is my husband.  He’s a good man, and I love him!” Susan gasped.  She closed her eyes and doubled over in pleasure.  A loud, wanton moan escaped her lips and it echoed throughout the unknown space that was Malice’s domain.  Susan opened her eyes and Malice could see a wicked change in the beautiful blue orbs. The Invisible Woman smiled a debauched grin of sexual perversion and she murmured, “But...fuck yes.  I crave hot, hard villain cock!”

“But surely you didn’t just fantasize about fucking these four losers.  Come now. You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.”

Susan looked on and was completely captivated.  She licked her glossy lips as she gazed at the screen, but suddenly, what Malice had said began to sink into her fragile mind.  She shuddered to herself as one of the Susans finally scream out in sweet release, and all the captive blonde could do was mutter to herself, “Oooooh, fuck yes.  Bigger, harder, badder, better. Show me more, you nasty fucking bitch!”

Malice looked down and her own shiny lips curled in approval as Susan’s outfit began to change.  She still wore the latex version of her Fantastic Four outfit but her neckline began to sink lower and lower until the corrupted heroine had a deep cavern on cleavage on full display.  Her sleeves retreated up her arms, while what was left formed long opera gloves. Her bodysuit began to separate at the legs. It crept up her thighs until they covered her horny pussy like a one-piece swimming suit, the back portion thinning out until it was nestled snuggly between her round asscheeks forming a thong.  As that happened, the other part of the latex Fantastic Four suit lowered itself slightly and formed thigh-high boots. In an instant, a daring and pointed seven-inch heel lowered itself from the normal sensible heel of the boots that had been so practical mere seconds before. As this happened, Susan gasped out in shock as her toes were forced down into an almost ballerina-like position.

Susan finally gasped out in pleasure as metallic spikes formed at the tops of the boots and around the tops of her shiny latex opera gloves.

Malice smiled with wicked delight at Susan’s transformation.  She waved her hand and a floor-length mirror appeared before them.  Susan gasped out once more with dark delight as she saw the hyper-sexualized version of her Fantastic Four suit uniform she now wore.  She rose up on her knees and posed provocatively in front of the mirror, running her hands over the shiny surface of the latex fabric. She noted that the 4-insignia was missing from her chest where only the bare skin of her heaving tits were now on full display.  She concentrated for a moment and a spiked black choker formed around her neck with a small round 4-logo centered at her throat. She smiled seductively at her reflection, and then looked up at Malice.

“More!  Show me fucking more!” Susan hissed out venomously like a snake.  Her body was now rocking against her rubbing fingers as she felt her juices flow out of her and stain her lovely latex.  It drove the debauched heroine wild!

“Your wish is my command, sister,” Malice cackled in approval.

The image before her shifted once more and the visions of her various selves debasing themselves by the lower tier villains faded away, only to be replaced by one large vision that seemed to dominate the space before Susan.

The scene was of some grand room in a medieval castle, and she noted the insignia of Latvaria hanging on the grand walls.  Then she saw herself once again. She was kneeling on the floor with her head hung low in defeat. Her double was still wearing her Fantastic Four uniform, although it had tears and blemishes in the advanced fabric that told the story of a great battle that resulted in Susan’s capture and current predicament.  There was a metal chain clasped tightly around her neck, and in the back of her lust-filled mind it she thought that it was reminiscent of the one Malice was holding.

The kneeling figure suddenly looked up in alarm as large oak doors were hurled open and a powerful, armored figure wearing a green cloak strode into the room.  Susan instantly knew the identity of the man as the Fantastic Four’s greatest nemesis, Dr. Doom!

Susan gasped with a mixture of emotions as she watched the impressive man take up a position in front of her double.  He took her chain in his hands and yanked it mercilessly, drawing her defeated gaze up at his metal masked-face.

“For years I have wanted to make you mine, Susan Storm.  Today I will finally succeed in this task,” Doom declared, his deep voice obscured slightly by the mask he wore, but Susan could tell he was smiling down in triumph at her, “This will be sweet indeed!”

Susan shuddered at the thought, and saw him reach down and open his robe to produce his rigid cock.  Doom’s cock. The cock of Doom!

The captive Susan watched on deliriously.  She had secretly fantasized about it often over the years, and finally here it was.  In the vision, her defeated self looked up with fear and apprehension at her conqueror, but the Susan who was watching in the dungeon looked on with a look of pure lust and excitement.

The imperious Doom shouted down at his captive and his deep, powerful voice echoed throughout Malice’s domain, “Suck!”

The Susan who was watching in the dungeon of her mind opened her mouth submissively in unison with her alter-ego in the vision and leaned forward.  With agonizing slowness, Susan’s supple lips parted and engulfed the bulbous head of Doom’s member until they were tightly locked around his veiny shaft.  Then Doom reached down with a metal armored hand and placed it on the back of his captive’s head and bellowed, “I said suck!” He proceeded to ram the full length of his rampant cock to the back of her throat with one mighty thrust.

Susan would have expected Doom’s cock to be hideously scarred like the rest of his body, but the massive cock that was now lodged deep in her alter-ego’s throat was perfect and unblemished.  In fact, it pretty much fit the bill as Sue’s idea of the perfect cock. Just the right length and just the right thickness. Somehow she knew that under the armor, the rest of the supervillain’s body would be just as perfect.  This wasn’t reality, the blonde realized. It was a fantasy, and everything, every detail, was perfectly designed for her pleasure.

The latex-clad Susan that was watching on yearned to have Doom’s mighty member in her own throat and she bit her glossy bottom lip as she continued to rub her crotch through her latex second-skin.  Her piercing blue eyes drank in the erotic spectacle before her, and Malice looked down and observed that the heroine’s thick, whorish eyemakup had begun to run down her face. It excited the villainess so to see the once-prissy do-gooder looking so wild and sexy.

In the vision, Susan was making soft retching sounds around the thick member in her throat.  The humping, delirious Susan on the floor before Malice scowled and muttered out to herself, “Weak bitch.”

Malice smiled a dark, triumphant grin, knowing full well that the Invisible Woman beneath her was so close to succumbing to the corruptive influences being bombarded upon her fragile psyche.  Both women gazed upon the vision-Susan who had begun to suck the monarch’s cock with more and more enthusiasm. Her lips glided back and forth along the perfect shaft and, soon, saliva began to drip down the corners of her mouth as she increased her tempo.  Susan and Malice watched on as the vision-Susan grew more and more comfortable sucking Doom’s great cock.

Finally, he arched his back and roared out his release.  Susan’s pouty lips popped off Doom’s cock and allowed her gorgeous face and hair to be flooded by the villain’s white-hot cum.  The latex-clad Susan’s moans were rising higher and higher as she watched her double in the vision begin to run her hands over her face and hair, rubbing the gooey substance in and even scooping some into her mouth.  Susan, meanwhile, was doing the same to her own shapely form and sweat-soaked hair.

It was then the latex-clad Susan saw a large white glob of Doom’s cum drop from her chin and it landed directly onto the Fantastic Four symbol of her uniform.  The sight of the evil supervillain’s cum splattering over the symbol of everything good and virtuous in her life, everything she once stood for, was too much for Susan and she finally doubled over in her own mind-shattering orgasm.  Little did Susan realize as she screamed out her own release, inky blackness began to drip down the Fantastic Four symbol at the center of her spiked collar. Soon, the circle was consumed by shiny darkness that had also taken root inside Susan’s very soul.

When Susan raised her head, Malice saw to her utter amazement that the one-time prissy heroine wore a blue latex mask that was decorated with silver spikes, much like her own.  Additional latex straps lined with smaller spikes decorated her more sexualized appearance and her tits had even grown bigger. The corrupted Invisible Woman beneath Malice slowly turned her head and Malice could see that Susan’s lips were now painted in a dark blue to match her corrupted Fantastic Four uniform that now far more resembles latex lingerie than a practical superheroine suit.  Susan gazed up wickedly at Malice and smiled up at her evil double. She then hissed out a simple request.


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