The Batgirls are wild!

by exidor455
Storyline The Kink that came to Gotham
Characters Nightwing Batgirl
Category latex Corruption
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**Original author - Gothamalleyviper on CHYOA**

Bruce held his head in his hand as Alfred screamed and shouted. Alfred pulled Tim and Carrie out of his pantry by the ears. Tim, as Bruce noted was waddling with his pants around his ankles. From Bruce gathered, Carrie had cornered Tim and was giving him head in the closet. Alfred of course was not happy that his personal space, are charged with the kitchen and pantry, being used as a hook up area. Bruce noted that rather than be angry at Tim and or Carrie, Stephanie and Cassie were looking at him like his dick was a chocolate Sunday.

Bruce went back to the information he had gotten on the changes of arrest patterns in the Prostitution hot spots of .

“Now pull up your pants!” Alfred shouted as a crescendo to his ranting.

“No, bring that hot dog over here!” Harper shouted as she walked in with Bette.

“Not helping,” Tim shouted.

“All of you get out of my kitchen and take your hormones to the Pink Bedroom!” Alfred screamed.


Dick sat in his apartment looking over the growing number of missing people reports. It seemed that a number of men and women were dropping off the face of the earth.

“Last contact was going out to check out one of the new clubs?” Dick asked himself, “Again, last contact was a phone call where she said she was checking out a new club. This guy told his wife he was meeting the guys at a new club…

Dick’s phone rang. It was his special phone but it rang like a normal phone instead of the commlink opening.

“Grayson’s flying Circus,” Dick said as he picked up.

“Hay hotwings,” Barbara’s voice was warm, “I was thinking, tonight I was thinking a little fun was in order.”

“What kind of fun?” Dick asked.“Well rather than the normal death traps I figured you might want to try a Cat-trap,” Barbara giggled, “I will send you the location of a new costumed crook, the Hellcat and you try to arrest her… Bring plenty of condoms.”

“Sounds like a kinky date,” Dick’s smile carried over into his voice.

“I promise it will be worth your while,” Barbara said seductively.

“Cool,” Dick said, “Send me a time and location and I will be there little red kitty.”

“Will do.”

“Cool,” Dick said, “Sadly I have to go talk to a real estate tycoon about some properties. I’m looking forward to our meeting.”


Kathrine “Kate” Kane’s money was in real-estate. She was the land lord for half of . Of course, she had inherited it all when her family died. But this being , a lot of the properties were constantly being rebuild after each supervillain attack. And with all of the corruption there was not that much in the way of reinvestment into the communities. So Kate was taking drastic measures.

“Thank you so much!” the woman jumped across the gap between the couches and hug and kissed Kate on the cheek, “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“Miss,” Kate took a deep breath, “Keep that up and my girlfriend will think I am cheating on her.”

“Oh,” the woman giggled.“I knew you would like the offer,” Kate said, “I just hope it helps your part of the city come back to life as well.”

“I will do my part Miss Kane,” the woman blushed.

“My assistant will go over the appointment for the signing with you,” Kate smiled, “I have another associate to speak with.”

“Of course,” the woman got up and went to the door, “Hello, goodbye.”

The black woman walked past Dick as he came into the open meeting area. He smiled at her and walked over to Kate.

“I am looking to open a school for trapeze performances,” Dick said as he walked up to Kate.

“Dick,” Kate crossed her arms, “I doubt that. What are you hear for?”

“I have a few questions about your programs to get the empty lots back up and running,” Dick said.

“Bruce could have called directly,” Kate huffed.Dick smiled as she blew a strand of red hair out of her eyes.

“I’m sure if I logged on Bruce’s computer, I would find everything already figured out,” Dick said, “But I want to keep up on my detective skills.”

“So what brings you to my work place,” Kate asked.

“You might recognize the addresses,” Dick pulled out a slip of paper and handed it to Kate before flopping down on the couch, “I seem to remember this being how the state shrink office was set up. Nice couch by the way.”

“And It will remain a nice couch once you get your feet off of it,” Kate said while reading the paper.

“Grouch,” Dick rolled his eyes.

“All of these places that opened after the Roxane Rocket debacle two weeks ago,” Kate said, “Of course you know I own them.”

“Yeah,” Dick said, “They are all part of your community reinvestment program. How did Forbes describe it? Rebuilding cities by giving women the spaces and tools to open up small businesses. Grants and Loans to help the ladies get started and then watch as they bring trade back into the local economy.”

“Yes,” Kate said, “I have these in other cities too.”

“Star, Steel, Settle, Metropolis, ,” Dick rattled off, “I know, but the string of missing people is only happening here in .”

“What do you think?” Kate asked.

“You meet personally with everyone don’t you?” Dick asked.“Yes,” Kate said.“Who else in you company does?” Dick asked.

“You think that the kidnapper is tied to my company?” Kate asked.

“Not sure,” Dick said, “But something is going on.”

Dick’s phone dinged.“Oh, got to go, I have another meeting to get to,” Dick smiled.

“Same here,” Kate said.


The safehouse was a penthouse apartment that Dick had bought as a safehouse for him and Barbara to be out from under Bruce or Kate should the need come up. They had never gotten around to moving in personally, but Batgirl had set up an alternate site there that was mostly unused. Dick had gotten notices that the apartment was being used this week but had figured that Barbara had just gone there to update the backup servers and terminals. Nightwing snuck in the skylight just after sunset. He stopped and smiled at the sight of the large inflatable mattress in the middle of the room with wrist and ankle cuffs hanging from the four corners.

“Meow,” a voice came from the door way to the bathroom.

Dick’s jaw just about dropped. It was clearly Barbara, but she was dressed up as a costumed villainess, a fetishistic one at that. She wore a yellow rubber catsuit with dark blue rubber cat-hood, elbow gloves and knee socks.

“Meow yourself,” Dick snickered.

“If you want to see your girlfriend again, you are going to have to force me to talk,” Barbara said, clearly getting into the character of the villainess, “Think you have what it takes big boy?”

“I think so,” Dick said.

“Let’s see,” Barbara shouted as she jumped at Dick and made a move to push him over on to the bed.Dick had been caught off guard, but as Barbara jumped on top of him, he realized the game. This was sexy co-ed wrestling. You won by pinning your partner and bringing them to orgasm while on top of them…

“Should I get changed?” Dick asked.

“Yeah, put on your slave collar!” Barbara snickered.

Barbara jumped on top of Dick and moved to put his wrist into one of the cuffs at the corner of the bed.Dick realized she really wanted to wrestle him. Dick tried to move to protect himself from her attempts to pin her, but she really wanted him pinned. Dick was hesitant to use any moves that would actually hurt Barbara. It was Barbara after all, and Dick wouldn’t do anything to hurt Barbara. Barbara managed to get Dick’s arm restrained and went on to work on the other arm. Dick tried to grab Barbara with his legs but she kneed him in the nuts.

“Ah poor baby,” Barbara mocked.Dick lost focus and Barbara quickly went about securing his other limbs.

“Want me to kiss it and make it all better?” Barbara purred.

Before Dick could say anything, Barbara had moved around and undid the hidden zip on his suit’s crotch. And Dick felt her lips on his cock. Dick’s eyes rolled back at the pleasure he felt.

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