The next morning

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline The Kink that came to Gotham
Characters Alfred Pennyworth Batgirl Batgirl II (Casandra Cain) Batgirl III (Stephanie Brown) Batwoman (Kate Kane)
Category Dom/sub
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Arkham, Maximum Security Ward

Joker was laying in his bed thinking… He was conflicted, as much as he was trying to think of new pranks to pull on the police and populous and Bats in particular.  He was getting distracted.  The fact that he was using alliterations in his inner monologue somehow stood out to him this morning.  But more than that, he kept thinking of Harley, Pam and their idea about a three-way relationship.  The idea of being caught and sexually abused by Batwoman seemed rather appealing as well.  Something was clearly affecting him, his Harley and Pam-a-lamb-chops.

“Alright, on your feet,” a woman’s voice barked.

Joker arched and eyebrow and looked at the two dozen women in riot gear.

“Ladies if you want to try out for the parts of Joker Victims, auditions are on Thursday,” Joker said with a sinister sly tone.

“Get up, you are being moved to a new cell,” the woman repeated, “Trust me, I think you will like the ‘alternate treatment’ program we came up with.”

Joker made another face and looked at the women again.  He shrugged and got up.  He stepped into the fuzzy slippers and smiled. 

“I am willing to see what you have in mind,” Joker grinned, “As long as it’s a hoot.”

The women opened the cell and escorted him down the hall.  They were leading him to the old lobotomy theater.  That made Joker arch an eyebrow.  He did notice a lot of cables being piped in to the old room.  As the women opened the doors Joker noticed over sized version of Pamela’s containment cell.  There were cameras all over the place.

“In you go,” The woman in charge smiled, “Enjoy your new job as a money maker for the Asylum.”

Joker was about to say something when he was pushed in and the door behind him was closed. 

“The other clown is incoming,” a woman said.

Joker turned around and saw a group of women walking in Harley.  She was skipping.

“Hi-yah Mista Jay!” Harley shouted, “Are you ready to be a porn star?  I know I am!”

“Porn?” Joker arched an eyebrow.

He turned and looked around.  There was a giant bed and a rack of lingerie…  A pump was next to the bed with a label that read “Lube”. 

“Uhm…” Joker said and looked around, “Oh boy…”

He fixed his eyes on the rack of strap-ons and other sex toys.

“You ready for the Love?” Pamala shouted as her mobile containment unit was being moved to the porn studio, “I know Harley and I can’t wait to share the love!”


Alfred raised an eyebrow as Tim didn’t so much walk into the kitchen as he waddled.  Alfred also noticed the noises and bulk from the pajama pants.  Alfred handed him a protein shake.  Shortly after he gingerly took a seat on a stool, he was fallowed by the young ladies of the Bat-family.  Harper and Stephanie were talking with their arms around each other.  Bette and Helena were talking around Cassie in the middle.  Carrie followed the others while cleaning her glasses.  Alfred looked at them as they giggled and chatted as they took their places at the table.  Alfred tried not to listen as they talked about their night in the Pink Room having an orgy.  He didn’t know if it was harder to not listen to their conversations or notice their “pajamas” they were wearing to the table.  Each of the young ladies were wearing a black shiny tank top with a different colored bats on their chest and matching shiny black hotpants. 

“You took those strap-ons like a champ,” Carrie kissed Tim on the forehead.

“Sorry we went overboard,” Cassie said kissing Tim as well.

“The lube should stop leaking out shortly…” Helena smirked, “In the mean time you can be our baby.”

That caused Alfred to drop the platter of waffles.


Barbara had to admit that dominating Nightwing last night was a blast.  She didn’t think that she would use the strapon, but once she got into it with him, but she had, and she had him moaning like a whore in heat when she found his prostate with it.  As much fun as she had as Hellcat dominating Nightwing, at the end of the night, it was still Dick and Barbara and Dick had been too afraid to hurt her and she knew she held herself back too.

“Hotwings is still a great fuck for Batgirl,” Barbara snickered, “I am thinking Hellcat needs something harder…” 

Barbara finished making her coffee and the second cup before going back to the bed where her lover was still restrained.  She wasn’t ready to release her stud just yet… She needed cream for her coffee.


Kate Kane smiled at the lover she had shared last night with Maggie.  Maggie was in the bathroom right now.

“Hay sexy,” the woman said from the pillows, “I didn’t think that you would be as good as my boyfriend… but you two were even better!”

Kate licked her lips.

“What about round seventeen?” Maggie asked as she came out of the bathroom.

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