despair and hopes...

by Gorel
Storyline Susan Storm; New Species
Characters Fantastic Four Susan storm Thing Human Torch Mister Fantastic Alicia Masters
Category Marvel M/F Breeding Savage
Previous Chapter Susan returns to the hive, furious!

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Stepping out of his lab and scratching a sore spot at the back of his neck, Reed Richards made his way down the hall to the kitchen to pour himself some coffee. The stone samples he and the others collected in the asteroid belt had taken up all his time for the last few days; studying new elements and ores discovered in the tiny fragments he brought back. Some he even decided to name so he could have them added to the periodic table. Heading back and scratching his chin to find some scruff forming, Reed looked over to the living room to find Johnny and Ben on the couch watching television. Blinking slowly, Reed walked up to the pair as they watched the news.


“Wow, so the walking rubber band finally comes out of the lab, do you know what day it is? Or do you need a calendar?”


“Oh, hey guys… What are you doing up so late?”


“Checking the news… Looks like my favorite bar got trashed. “Sulked the Human Torch, leaning back heavily on the couch with his arms crossed.


“Gots us a real freak too Reed, check what the police dash cam caught.” Mentioned Ben, pointing towards the television where the news anchor in front of the ruined bar informed the viewers that the scene would be graphic.


The dashboard camera of the police cruiser caught the image of a tall green skinned, she-creature stalking out of the door of the bar mentioned in the news feed. Her four talons glistened in the flood lamps from the cruiser, showing the blood stains that still caked her four arms and face.


Shaking in hesitation, the two officers barked out a command for the creature to stay where she was and not moved but only got a curious stare from the creature. Behind her, two more monsters stepped out of the bar entrance.


Finally deciding to act, the officers fired, round after round pierced through the creature’s chitinous flesh but just as quickly as she was wounded, her body rapidly healed, leaving no trace of an injury. Screeching in rage, she outstretched her four talons and contained the two officers and their cruiser in a bubble of solid light. Clenching her claws, the camera feed cut out.


“Now that a critter you don’t want to bump in a dark alley…” Replied Ben, shaking his head.


“Yeah…” Blinked Johnny with revulsion. “Kinda reminds me of my sister with THAT temper.”


Scratching his head, Reed looked around the living room, blinking with tired eyes. “Say… Have either if you seen Susan?”




Pinned against the resin caked wall with her legs wrapped around the brute thrusting hard into her, Susan moaned and hissed with a trickle of drool escaping the corner of her lip. Her four talons raked against the back of the large male trying everything in his power to spear into her womb with his barbed cock, his heavy testicles slapping against her thighs and rear. Rearing her head back with a moan, Susan felt like she was being split in half. With a guttural roar, her son reared back and went tense, firing off a flood of hot fluids into her pussy. Going rigid herself, Susan’s mind was awash with one orgasm after the other, crying out loud until she grew slack, her legs falling to stand shakily on the resin floor.


She never had a chance to regain her strength when her lover was pushed aside and Susan was spun around and pressed against the wall, her four claws keeping her balance when her other son hoisted up her hips and thrust deep into her from behind. It was like a frenzy, her three new sons had only one thing on their mind and that thing was her. Looking over her shoulder in between thrusts that made her breasts slap against the wall, she could make out Steve and Carl double teaming Alicia; where Carl was thrusting hard into her from behind and Steve’s cock was being sucked off by the wanton she-creature. Gasping as she found herself being turned around, Susan found her third son raising her legs up and joining his cock with his brother’s into her already stuffed pussy, sawing into their mother and queen with aggressive strokes.


Over stimulated and overwhelmed, Susan lolled her head back and forth, lost in the sensation of being taken so roughly. “Just let go already… THIS is what you were supposed to be from the very beginning.” Whispered the voice in Susan’s head. Even so, she was in no position to answer, her face pulled in for a rough kiss where the male drove his tongue down her throat and mingled with her own tongue. “So many mates to choose from, so potent and strong, your hive will grow rapidly with such mighty studs.”


Going rigid again, Susan moaned out loud, her two sons bellowing out their own orgasms as they flooded her to overflow and thick seed splattered between their feet to form a foaming puddle on the floor. Separating from her, Susan staggered and fell to her hands and knees. Gasping for air, she was caught off guard again when her previous lover had regained his stamina and speared into her from behind, just when Greg stomped up in front of her and offered his throbbing cock to her drooling mouth. She accepted, pulling him close and sucking him off to the hilt, her tongue swirling around his shaft while her free hands cradled and groped at his heavy balls. Then it happened. A swelling sensation filled her stomach and her once smooth abs began to bloat outwards. Gulping down Greg’s load and pushing him away, Susan cradled her heavy womb in her hand even while the brute behind her thrust hard and deep. “S-stop… Gonna burst…” Ignoring her please with a grunt and snarl, the male finally went stiff and growled out his release, the growth of her belly suddenly speeding up after the intrusion.


Feeling him pull out with a slick pop and rolling onto her back. Susan moaned as her belly grew larger and larger. Looking over to Alicia, she found her friend in the same situation, her own belly looking drum tight and as big as a beach ball. Yet Susan grew larger still, her legs were forced apart to make room for a belly the size of a beanbag chair, her translucent flesh revealing over a dozen kicking, squirming broodlings demanding to be born. They didn’t have long to wait when her water finally broke and the drive to push overtook her. For over 10 minutes, Susan wailed and screamed as one by one she gave birth to another litter of children, her previous dozen explored the nest after her concentration was broken and with it their hard-light bubbles which contained them.


“Already So many… Imagine it Susan, you could be the mother of a hundred children by now, does it not please you?” Her inner voice taunted, pushing out her eighth child, Susan was forced to admit that a primal part of her was proud of that thought, that she had given birth to dozens of children felt… Empowering. When her last born was finally pushed out and filled the nest with its cries, Susan panted and rolled onto her side, her body rapidly healing from the experience. She waited for the five males to start the act all over again… To stuff her to the gills with cum and grind out another dozen children to add to the hive. Instead, she regained enough of her strength to look up and find her adult sons tending to their newborn siblings, bringing them to her for them to be fed her mother’s milk. Confused, she sat up and brought her latest born to her stiff nipple and bit her lip at the pleasing sensation of nursing her child.


They weren’t doing anything, instead they were helping Alicia to sit up and brought her own children to her where she smiled sleepily and fed her latest brood. “Why?” It didn’t make sense to her, was it fatigue? Did they have a limit? But even while she fed her child and picked up another to feed, she felt different inside, calm, sated. Then it hit her.


She WAS sated.


Sniffing the air, Susan felt a different scent in the air, something she swore she and Alicia were giving off, a pheromone telling her males she was healing and could not breed until she was done. That was the key! If she could find a way to utilize that, CONTROL that, she might be able to control the hive before it did any damage.  Feeding each of her children, she watched on as they waddled off and sprouted tentacles to reach up to the ceiling to cocoon themselves, joining their siblings in the hive to reach maturity. When she went to pick up another green, tentacled toddler, Susan gasped when she noticed something different. She had a daughter! Listening as her newborn baby girl suckled from her breast, a swell of pride and love filled her, which was quickly filled with dread. Looking around the hive, she found she had five males tending to her and several dozen more on the way. If she didn’t do something quick, their numbers would only grow more.




Stepping out of the elevator, Susan looked around to make sure she wasn’t spotted by her family. Hearing her brother and Ben in the living room chatting, Susan used her powers to bend the light around her and become invisible. Stalking her walk down the hallway, her clawed toes clicked on the tiled floor, making her wince at the idea of losing her cover. Looking up ahead she heard a door open and watched as her daughter Valaria exited her room scratching her hair and shambling her way to the washroom. Instinctively, Susan leapt into the air and clung to the ceiling like an insect or reptile, barely making a sound while she watched her human daughter make her way to the washroom and close the door behind her. Once out of sight, Susan scurried and dropped to the floor without a sound, silence and predatory she ran to her and Reed’s bedroom and closed the door behind her.


Closing her eyes and concentrating on her old form, the Invisible woman sighed as her tail and extra arms receded into her body, her green translucent flesh turning to a healthy pink and the writhing tentacles on her scalp became luxurious blonde hair that flowed down to her lower back. Looking herself over in her dressing mirror, Susan could only shake her head at what stared back at her. Tall, statuesque, curvaceous and half her original age, Susan Storm had to turn her face back and forth just to make sure the reflection was her own. She was gorgeous! Wrinkles, moles and childhood scars were all gone, her complexion healthier than she had ever remembered, crystal blue eyes stared back and blinked with fluttering eye lashes and plump lips that begged to be kissed. Her body was toned and firm, looking as if she worked out heavily her entire youth and rewarded with strong limbs and abs, and yet contrasted by her full H cup breasts and apple bottom rear. Turning away she looked through her wardrobe and quickly wrapped herself in a bath robe, tying it around her waspish waist and tying her hair behind her with a pin.


Breathing sharply, Susan left her bedroom and made her way to her husband’s lab. She didn’t like how her robe barely fit now, showing off too much of her toned long legs and despite how tightly she had it tied it showed off far too much cleavage she never had a week ago. Stepping into the lab, she wasn’t surprised to find her husband there, his attention occupied on the samples they gathered from their trip to space a week ago.


“Hi honey, having trouble sleeping?” She called out, tugging on her robe more tightly with a blush.


“Oh, hello sweetheart, when did you get back?”


“J-just a few minutes ago, just came out of the shower…” Making her way towards the rack of books on the wall, Susan traced her finger against the spines of each book, her eyes fluttering from the stores of information she absorbed on contact. Years worth of research from her husband and his colleagues flooded her mind. “I-I’ve been curious… Can I use your lab for a personal project?”


“Oh? What did you have in mind Suzie?”


Reaching the main computer, Susan gasped, her breathing going sharp as the information she soaked up previously was but a drop in the bucket. Closing her eyes and breathing through her nose, Susan nearly lost her balance before answering. “I’ve been thinking of dabbling in some hormone therapy, specifically mood and neuro chemistry research.”


“I didn’t know you had an interest in neuro chemistry.”


“I didn’t… I guess you can say I gained an interest recently.” Her breathing calming down, Susan quickly walked over to her husband and wrapped her arms around him from behind, kissing him on the cheek and surprising the man when he was forced to look up a couple inches to make eye contact. “So, what are you working on honey?”


Turning his head to the microscope, Reed stepped aside to give her a look. Peering down into the microscope, Susan didn’t need to focus the lenses to see what Reed was looking at. “Checking the mineral composition of the rocks we brought back?”


“Yes… How did you know?”


“I can see several elements shown here that don’t exist on the periodic table… Three of them specifically, did you spot them too?”


“Y-yes, I even panned on naming them; Grimmicite, Stormium and Valarium.”


“Why you…” Tilting her shoulder with a coy smile, Susan playfully scuffed up her husband’s hair before kissing him on the forehead and making her way out of the lab. “Uhm, Susan? When did you become an expert on chemistry?”


“Five minutes ago…”

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