Ailments and treatments

by Gorel
Storyline Susan Storm; New Species
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It was four in the morning when Reed Richards finally became too tired to stay in his lab and continue his research. Having staggered his way back to his bedroom with guiding help from his wife Susan, only to collapse face first into bed and swiftly pass out. Tucking her husband in and giving a loving peck on the forehead to the man, Susan turned and headed her way back to the lab.


Finally getting her chance.


Stepping through the vault doors of the laboratory, Susan called out to the building’s A.I. “Herbie? Are you online?” Locking the door behind her, she took off the bathrobe and sighed, a sense of relaxation flowing through her now that she wasn’t trying to keep up her human form. Her skin turned olive green, the flesh underneath becoming murky and translucent. Her fingernails grew long and sharp along with her toes, her clawed feet clicking with each step as her ankles rose and grew heel spurs like stilettos. The same kind of spurs began to form up her ankles and fore arms, and a row of spines lined down her back all the way to her tail bone. As such a tail whipped and slithered out of her back, flicking idly like a cat’s tail; thin and prehensile with a razor-edged tip. Rolling her shoulders and stretching her arms over her head, a second pair of arms formed under her original limbs, stretching forward and cracking her knuckles in front of her. Making her way to the computer, her eyes had become yellow, slit and reptilian while her teeth grew razor sharp and serrated like a shark, her ears disappeared and were replaced with a pair of curved horns that framed her still beautiful but alien face. Shaking her hair, her mane of blonde locks snapped to life as a sea of waist length green tentacles that flowed behind her like seaweed, slithering and coiling around each of her fingers before she brought all four of her talons to the computer desk.


“GOOD MORNING SUSAN STORM” responded the rather chipper voice of the building’s artificial intelligence. “ARE WE TRYING A NEW LOOK FOR TODAY?”


“Uhm… Yes… Herbie could you do me a favour?” She asked just as she prepared a glass slide to be used under the nearby microscope. Pricking her thumb with her own clawed finger, a droplet of green blood dripped from the digit which she quickly smeared over the slide before it could heal back and placed it under the microscope. “I’m doing a personal project and I don’t want Reed to know about it, can you keep a secret?”




Smirking despite herself, Susan looked into the droplet of blood blown up for her eye to see under the microscope. She had a basic understanding of biology until last night, now, after absorbing over a dozen textbooks on cellular biology and genetics, she quickly became impressed by what she witnessed. “This blood sample is already dead? No… The cells haven’t collapsed or degraded… Dormant then?” With two of her free hands, Susan pulled a stopper of water and prepared a syringe to fill with a few droplets and carefully pointed it on the slide and expelled some moisture. The result was instantaneous when the cells came alive and soaked in the moisture before going still again.


“So, it does go dormant… Probably explains the rock that hit me in space.” Puzzle pieces of how she was infected began to come together in her mind. “How long was that stuff waiting dormant on that peddle? Years? Centuries? Eons?” Focusing on the cells again, she zoomed in to find what she was after. “There you are…” Hormones; complex chemical signals sent through the blood stream by the brain. Some controlled growth and development, some controlled organ functions, and others like the ones she was looking for control moods and reactions. With a smile comparable to a shark, Susan found the aphrodisiac hormone responsible for sex drive. “Jackpot! Herbie, can you isolate the hormone I have on my scope and display it next to me?” Never keeping her eyes off the microscope, one of Susan’s hair tentacles branched off from the mass and sprouted a reptilian eye at the tip, allowing her to do both tasks at once.


A holographic display of the arousal hormone was shown along with a chemical analysis. Making mental notes, Susan was already forming an idea of an anaphrodisiac to counter the hormone. With all four of her arms and sprouting additional eye stalks from her hair, she reached out to the array of chemicals Reed had on the ready for his research, elegantly measuring what she needed and poured the concoction into a vial and set it to a mixer. Raising one of her free arms to gesture to Herbie, Susan continued to make mental notes. “Herbie have you scanned the genetic code of the sample I have under the microscope?”




“Display it please.” Blinking, Susan whistled through her fanged teeth at the holographic display. “That’s my new DNA?!” From what she remembered, human DNA was a helix; a pair of strands linked together by proteins, but this was more like a rope. Forty gene helixes bundled together into a knotted cord of genetic material hovered and rotated in front of her on the holographic display next to her. Returning the tentacles back to normal and letting them join the sea of tentacles swaying behind her like seaweed. Susan stood up and crossed three of her arms under her prominent bust while the fourth tapped at her chin. Her serpentine tail swishing idly behind her like a bored cat.


“Herbie, what are the chances of the genome being reversed to return me to… To return the subject back to human?”


“GENETIC MATERIAL ON DISPLAY SHOWS SEVERAL REDUNTANT COUNTERMEASURES TO PREVENT GENETIC DAMAGE OR ALTERATION.” Answered Herbie, zooming into a porting of the gene bundle where a cut out was displayed. “ANY ATTEMPT TO MAKE CHANGES TO THE GENOME RESULTS IN GENETIC RECOMBINATION TO RECLAIM LOST GENES” to make its point, Herbie showed a simulation where a portion of the genetic strand fell apart, only for the remaining genes to cluster over the gap and recombine, almost as if the damage never occurred.


“So, there’s no cure then…Damn…” Breathing in sharply and turning on her heel, Susan scratched her talons through her tentacles in frustration. “Okay… Okay… Breath Susan, you can still fix this.”


“No, you can’t!” Whispered the lone voice in her head, making the Invisible Woman hiss. “Why would you want to go back? You are EVERYTHING now! Powerful, Immortal… Fertile…”


Her breathing hitched as she felt a warmth grow inside her, a familiar need she already recognized that slowly grew like a blaze inside her core. “S-ssshut up! I’m not some animal in heat! You don’t have control over me!”


“Who said I’m controlling you? I merely want you to embrace what you already are; a Queen, a progenitor to a new superior species!”


Already she could feel herself getting worked up, the drive to mate and breed reawakening despite having birthed so many so recently. “NO! I’m not some broodmare to a race of monsters, you can’t control me! I CONTROL ME!!!” Snapping her attention back to the chemical mixture just as the process finally completed itself. Frantically storming back to the desk, she pried one of the vials off the mixer and bit off the cork, spitting it across the lab to drink it straight.


Waiting patiently, Susan closed her eyes. Deep inside she felt the growing heat in her naval fade, her booming heart calming down, the sharp breathes became calm and slow. Looking down at the empty vial in her talon, the Invisible Woman sighed with relief. “One down… Over a hundred to go…” It worked! She didn’t know for how long, but for now it worked. The gnawing drive to breed had been beaten down to the depths of her psyche, and the voice in her head had finally gone quiet. Looking to the other vials, Susan set her plan in motion. “Herbie, can you continue to make the batch I made in large amounts? We’re going to need a lot more to deal with the problem.”




“I’ll let you know when they all hatch… When its all ready, let me know.”




Smiling happily for the first time in days, Susan moved to put the empty vial back on the lab table and pull the slide out of the microscope to be sterilized. Setting her sample in the incineration chamber nearby, she locked the door and set the machine, watching with mild fascination as the glass and material were reduced to carbon dust. It was when she turned to go back to the table that she spotted her reflection in the chrome finish of one of Reed’s projects, turning her head back and forth to look at herself, something seemed off. “A Queen huh?” Combing her claws through her tentacles, she thought on the matter before she willed the tentacles at the hair line of her scalp to rise and coil around each other. With her many hands she moulded the now hardening tentacles like they were clay, forming a ‘V’ shaped growth or crest that branched out like a pair of antlers. The new set of horns merged elegantly with her brow and the bridge to her nose, almost as if it were natural.


Turning her head back and forth to admire her new look and how her new horns framed her face, the she-creature shrugged with a smirk and turned back to her work.


“If I’m a Queen, might as well have a crown…”

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