Diana meets with her teachers before the students arrive

by Drake G. Reaper
Storyline Wonder Woman's School for Nobility and Royalty.
Characters Wonder Woman Wasp Madame Rouge Emma Frost
Previous Chapter Wonder Woman creates and opens her school to the world.

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Walking down the halls of her school Diana goes to meet with her teachers the first is Madame Rouge. She was a challenge but Diana and Emma where able to get her remolding both the body and mind of the rubber woman. She is wearing a lovely black and red gown that seems to have trouble containing her massive tits. Next is Madelyn Pryor though it wasn't difficult to get her on there side Diana doesn't fully trust the woman. Madelyn is wearing a black gown that makes her appear very dominant.

After her is Janet van Dyne like with Madame Rouge she was quite a challenge but after some time with the lasso and Emma she has been fully convinced of there goals. Wearing a black and yellow gown patterned after a bee, Diana sees her mind at work with new designs for there clothes. Last but not least is Emma Frost her partner and friend she is wearing a white and icy blue gown fitting her perfectly.

"Now ladies our students shall be arriving soon we have eager young minds to enlighten, Madame Rouge." Diana tells them.

"Oui madame." Madame Rouge answers.

"You shall be in charge of Posture and Elocution and Posture our students are relying on you to teach them how to sit, speak and act are you up for the challenge?" Diana asks.

"Of Madame it will be done." Madame Rouge says accepting her task.

"Now then Miss Pryor, you will be teaching our students the Ego of Nobility it is greatly important do not make me regret trusting you." Diana informs Madelyn.

"Of course Headmistress I wouldn't dream of it." Madelyn replies.

"Now Miss Van Dyne you will be teaching Fashion of the Rich and Noble our students will not be dressed like the poor." Diana tells Janet.

"Yes Headmistress it will be done." Janet accepts her task.

"Lastly Emma not only are you in charge of discipline but you will teach our students how to aquire wealth and keep." Diana tells her friend.

"Thank you for trusting me with these responsibilities I won't let you down." Emma responds.

"Good everyone to there positions we have eager minds to teach." Diana instructs.

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