Wonder Woman creates and opens her school to the world.

by Drake G. Reaper
Storyline Wonder Woman's School for Nobility and Royalty.
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Sitting in the extravagant garden behind her manor we find Diana Prince wearing a very expensive gown right out of either the 17th or 18th century. This gown is made from the finest silks and materials it is also made by the finest and best tailors in the world nothing but the best for Diana Princess of Themyscira. Pulling out a pocket mirror made of gold with her Wonder Woman logo she adjusts her makeup making sure it's perfect, very few would believe that this rich self-centered woman is the hero Wonder Woman.

"Diana are you here?" The voice of Emma Frost asks.

"Over here Emma I'll have the servants bring us some tea." Diana says gesturing to a nearby butler.

"It's wonderful to see you again you are always such a gracious host." Emma says complementing her friend.

"Of couse such a thing is expected from a woman such as myself it's nice to see you wearing actual clothes not that dreadful outfit that would be worn by a whore." Diana replies admonishing Emma's outfit.

"Oh like yours is any better when you are galavanting with the Justice Leaugue?" Emma fires at her friend.

"That is Amozanian armor crafted by the very gods of Olympus it is amongst the highest honor to wear what's your excuse." Diana fires back.

Both friends glare at each other with an intensity that would send lesser people which is everyone else running. A few intense minutes pass before they both laugh like the haughty noblewomen that they are. Taking there tea with barely acknowledging the help the pair settle back down.

"It's such a shame there aren't more ladies who enjoy the finer things in life like we do." Diana laments.

"I know what you mean my friend there are so few who appreciate the finer things like we do." Emma agrees with her.

"I know Emma for once I'm not sure what to do." Diana admits.

"Well it's not as if there's a school for these things at least not anymore." Emma laments.

"That's it we'll open a school we'll teach them just what they'll need to be." Diana says excited her mind abuzz with ideas.

"That is brilliant we will need teachers, we can't be the only ones who feel this way and I'm sure if they don't we can convince them." Emma adds.

With there project in mind they find an old school with an attached dormitory with there combined money and authority they are able to open the school. What was once a dilapatated building is now the Diana Prince Academy for Nobility and Royalty.

"Emma is the staff ready for there students?" Diana asks.

"They are as our are students so many are just waiting to take there places amongst our new class of nobility and influence." Emma replies.

"Good I can trust you to take care of any diciplinary issues if they arrive dear Emma?" Diana asks.

"Of course Headmistress Prince leave it to me." Emma replies.

The two enter there school prepared to change the world and change a bunch of young and eager minds.





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