Birthday wish upon a star

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Rogue Reliving without Regrets
Characters Rogue
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She had many names attached to her, most of them she didn’t want nor would she want to call anyone who she liked…  She was curled up on her bed unable to sleep.  So many memories came back to haunt her in the deep of the night.  She looked around the shared room and despised how she and the Brotherhood were floating from flop house to flop house while her former so-called friends had rebuilt the mansion and were living in luxury. 

She looked out the cracked window as spotted a shooting star… A shooting star.

It would be childish of her to make a wish.  But in the dark of pain and despair, she did.  She voiced the wish in her head, closed her eyes and blow out a long breath…


As Rogue finished her breath, she was shook by the choirs of cheers.  As her eyes flew open, she was blinded by the flash of a camera.

“Happy Eighteenth Birthday Rogue,” the thoughtful and fatherly voice of Charles Xavier announced, “I hope your wishes come true.”

“I know ours did,” She heard Kurt snicker from in back.

Rogue wanted to turn and ask what he meant by that but as she moved, she realized what he meant…  This was not the body she had had when she had turned 18, hell this wasn’t even the body she had when she was about to turn thirty!  She was stacked, at least D cups with a narrow washboard set of abs and a good booty from what she could tell trying to turn in the chair.

“Don’t mind Kurt,” Jeans smiled as she handed over a pink box, “We don’t just love you for your body.”

“Here you go kid,” Logan said handing Rogue a box as well, “Sorry I am late, but it hurt a bit more than I thought to get this for you.”

Rogue looked up at Logan and gasped.  There was still a patch of burned bone exposed on the side of his head.

“Ok,” Orro said grabbing some napkins, “Some of us would like to enjoy the birthday cake.”

She put the napkins on the closing wound and shooed Logan aside.

Rogue over heard Scott whisper something to Jean and frowned.  She looked back at the cake and saw the smiling faces around the table…

“Should I cut it first or open the presents?” Rogue wondered.

“Make the first cut of the cake and then open your presents,” Orro smiled, “I will serve the cake, don’t worry about that.”

Rogue cut the cake with the cartoonishly large kitchen knife then went to the boxes she had been handed.  Rogue wondered what Logan had gotten her, especially since she had remembered he had been absent from her 18th birthday the last time.  She opened the box and found a heavy plastic case.  Arching an Eyebrow, Rogue pulled out the plastic case and opened it.  Inside was a leather choker and a key fob.  She picked it up and looked at it.  It was stiff with a liner and there was a finger print reader on the locking tab at the back.  Rogue picked up the key fob and spotted a small instruction manual under it.

“Self-Control Power inhibition collar, fashion model…” Rogue read as her eyes widened.

“It’s so you and you alone are in control of your powers,” Logan said.

“I know this is a source of great anxiety for you Rogue,” Xavier spoke up, “But please, we just want you to have a chance to connect with people and still have self-control.”

“You mean…” Rogue gasped, “But what about someone trying to operate it by remote?”

“Yeah, that’s the only unit and the records of what they use for the remote, the collar, and how it was made were a lot less durable then I was,” Logan said putting a hand to the napkin on his head.

Rogue’s eyes teared.  This might be her chance to really connect with people!

“Go on, set it up,” Jean encouraged.

Rogue read the small instructions and pressed her thumb to the buckle at the back.  She did it again as the instructions told her then she put the collar on.  She had to admit, it felt nice on her neck actually.  She put her thumb to the buckle again and took a deep breath.

“Well is it working?” Scott asked.

“We need to test it I guess,” Rogue said softly, “Anyone want to kiss?”

Scott, Kirk and Spike all had looks of indecision on their faces.  Xavier was maneuvering his wheel chair when Rogue hear Jean and Kitty huff.

“We will,” the girls announced before they kissed Rogue from both sides on her cheeks.

Rogue had an instant of panic before she realized she just felt… kisses and nothing else.  But that changed, she felt something inside of her but not her powers syphoning off Kitty or Rogue’s powers.

“I, I,” Rogue stammered.

“She is blushing,” Kirk said.

“Logan?” Xavier prompted.

“Hit the switch kid,” Logan took a deep breath before leaning over to give.

Rogue pressed the buckle again and took a breath herself.  She expected Logan to brush her cheeks with a finger, but he also leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.

“OK!” Rogue said as she pushed Logan off, “Now I want a cigar and beer!” 

“You’re bleeding again Logan,” Xavier said calmly.

“So it works?” Kirk asked.

“When I want it too,” Rogue smiled.

She pressed the buckle again and took off her gloves. 

“Who wants a kiss?” Rogue asked.

She blushed again as Jean leaned in a kissed her on the lips.

“Don’t forget your other present,” Jean said.

Rogue smiled as she opened the other box and looked inside.  There were gift cards, lots of them, some from stores, some from special stores, one was for a Swedish massage, and there were handmade ones too.  For foot massages, and other more sexual activities…

“Here you go birthday girl,” Orro said handing Rogue a plate of cake.

“Thank you all!” Rogue said.

Rogue looked down at herself and couldn’t wait to test out her new body with her classmate’s offered services…

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