A New Plan

by Anarchy
Storyline Mighty Savage Primal Rangers
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Rita Repulsa was one unhappy mistress of evil.


She had wanted one simple task done. Just one. Get a gem of great power that, once in her hands, would amplify her dark magic and make her all the stronger. She'd sent a monster down to distract those pesky good-doers known as the Power Rangers before sending Goldar down to retrieve the gem. It had all been going so well... until the big gold dumby had taken a wrong turn and ended up in the middle of a farmer's market. Screams, cries of terror, and the whole thing was undone. The Rangers arrived, defeated Goldar, took her gem, and went off to have more happy sweet adventures being goodie-goodies.


Rita screeched in frustration, her headache all the worse.


"I tried, my mistress, I tried!" Goldar said, trying to find a way to calm her down. "If it weren't for those pesky humans and their comerce-"


Squatt chuckled in delight. "You would have still found a way to mess it up! You stick out like an infected toe!"


Goldar snarled and wheeled around to yell at the fat little blue monster. "Like you are one to talk? No human would mistake you for one of their own!"


Rita opened her mouth to yell at them to shut up before they really made her head begin to pound but stopped short. They were right... of all her minions only Scorpina and the Green Ranger had been able to blend in with the people of earth. Tommy because he had been born there and Scorpina because she had once been a humanoid from KO-35 before Rita had managed to transform her-


"Say that to my face!" Goldar yelled.


"I would but I can never tell if that is your face or your butt!" Squatt laughed, Baboo joining in at pointing and laughing at the enraged golden warrior. Their mocking turned to squeals of fear as Goldar unsheathed his sword.




"QUIET!" Rita roared, pointing her staff at the three and sending a blast of magic their way that sent all three flying. "Now then," she said as they rose back up, "while you imbeciles were yammering I came up with a plan to finally defeat the rangers!"


"And what is that, your highness?" Baboo asked.


Rita set her staff aside and began to go through her various potions and elixirs. "The closest I've ever come to defeating the rangers was with my Green Ranger and with Scorpina. They were able to do what no simple monster could and nearly brought an end to Zordon's twerps!"


"So you're going to make another Green Ranger?" Squatt asked.


Rita shook her head in annoyance. "no you dumby! Even if I wanted to I don't have a power coin!" She selected a glowing purple jar and grinned in wicked delight. "But why not kill two birds with one stone? I want to eliminate the rangers and build up my army... why not do both?" She turned and held up the potion. "Why not make the rangers INTO my evil army?"


Goldar though worked his jaw before speaking. "But my queen, we've attempted that before! When we turned the blue and pink ranger into punks!"

"Yeah!" Squatt said. "And they still fought us and beat us even when punks!"


Rita smirked. She had thought of that and saw the error in her ways. "Yes but when that happened I left them with their ranger powers and merely altered a small bit of their personalities. This time I will make it that they can never use their ranger powers again. Finister!"


"Yes my queen?" the aged monster maker asked, shuffling over.  "What can I do for you, oh empress?"


"I need some of your finest monster clay. Just a few pinches will do."


Finister nodded and walked over to his sculpting table. "oh, I have several choices, my queen. Would you like one for a cunning monster? Or fleet of foot?"


Rita though shook her head. "Give me clay that would make a strong monster but one not that bright."


Finister frowned but did as he was told, murmuring to himself before finding a good clump. "This will create a monster stronger than 10 of my normal monsters and far larger too! But..."


"But?" Rita asked threateningly.


"I have never used it because this clay is said to create monsters ruled by their base urges. To eat and sleep and... engage in pleasurable activities. There are other rumored side effects-"


"Gimme!" Rita said, grabbing to clay. "That is perfect, just perfect! Better than I could ever hope." She popped open the potion jar and began to sprinkle the clay into the glowing purple liquid, the clay rapidly dissolving inside. "Now, bring me the box we obtained a few weeks ago from the Angel Grove Museum!"


Goldar, wanting to get back on Rita's good side, ran over and got the ornate box and brought it over, opening it to reveal a piece of bone. originally Rita had hoped it would be the bone of a dinosaur so that, when combined with her magic and Finister's clay, she would be able to create a monster dinozord of her own. But the bone had turned out to belong to a neandrathal and Rita had set that plan aside along with the fragment.


Until now.


"This potion, when drunk by one of those pesky rangers, will cause their minds to begin to alter. Not force a change upon it but bring forth their own natural impulses... their darker desires and needs!  Thanks to the clay mixed inside they will change from being a human into a monster, meaning they won't be able to morph as Zordon's Power Coins will not work on monster flesh! And the clay's other properties, along with this bone-" she dropped the fragment inside, "-will turn the rangers into monsterous cavemen and cavewomen, filled with greed and desire. Wishing only to take whatever they want! And their minds will shrink and shrivel, making them easiy to lead into following me! They will become dumb brutes I will manipulate into my new foot soldiers! They'll be so concerned with their own desires and wants they won't even realize they are destroying their own planet!" She laughed before rushing to her telescope. "now... who to give it to first..."

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