Spilled Drinks

by Anarchy
Storyline Mighty Savage Primal Rangers
Characters Power Rangers
Previous Chapter Vertically Challenged

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Rita cackled in delight as the bolt of magic struck the fizzing potion, causing it to turn into purple energy that she redirected towards Earth. Hurrying to her telescope she watched as the spell rocketed forward and connect with Kimberly's drink, swapping the normal juice smoothie with Rita's diabolical concoction. She had just begun to cackle in triumph when the fat clod who was preparing the drinks knocked over the one that one he'd been making Jason, spilling it on the counter.


"Aw nuts!" Ernie said, looking at the mess. "And that was the last of the mix I had too." He looked about behind his bar but all he had left was the normal stuff that he knew Jason had tried a hundred times. He'd promised to give the kids something new and they were his best customers and he really didn't want to disappoint them. It took him a few minutes before inspiration struck; dumping half of Kim's drink into a new glass he began to add a few other ingredients to each, mixing up a customer Ernie Special. "Might not taste exactly like they were expecting but hey if they enjoy it I'll just add it to the menu! Name it after them."

Up on the moon though Rita was fuming. "That dolt! He's ruined everything!"

"Maybe, maybe not empress," Finister stated. "We don't know how splitting the potion will affect it. It might merely delay it taking hold or cause it to act slowly."

"But I wanted the Pink Ranger to become a hulking hairy brute right there! To attack the Red Ranger and take him out!"

Goldar though rushed to soothe his mistress. "but now you have two of them placed under the spell! Isn't that better?"

Rita considered this. "Hmmm... yes! Yes it is! They will both become my new monsters and the rangers will find their power reduced by a third! Perfect, perfect!"

Down on Earth Kim and Jason accepted their drinks and gave their compliments to Ernie, not noticing how their eyes flashed as the magic began to take hold...

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