Hope and Doom

by Gorel
Storyline Susan Storm; New Species
Previous Chapter Ailments and treatments

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Returning to the nest on the sublevels of the Baxtor Building, Susan Storm carried a change of cloths with her and a large bundle of vials of the drug she used on herself in the other hand, created with help from Herbie. When she got back, she was beyond disgusted. By now several of her children had hatched, crowding the large space with a dozen male creatures who went straight to work building the hive by pumping their shafts to douse the walls and floors with their resin, her older children tended to Alicia who was currently nursing the latest born of their hive and watching as one by one they became enveloped in cocoons and latched themselves to the ceiling. As soon as the formally blind woman caught sight of Susan exiting the elevator, the she creature stood to her feet and practically scampered towards the tall woman and pulled her into an embrace. Surprising Susan with a passionate kiss that had her tongue snake into her mouth and dance with her own tongue.


“Look at you Susan… You’re magnificent!” Purred Alicia, nuzzling into Susan’s cleavage and letting her hands roam over her back and down to her rear, Susan took this time to pull out a vial from the bag in one of her hands. “Come… Join us Susan, be our Queen.” The look in the woman’s reptilian eyes was a look of drunken arousal, if she still had the capacity her cheeks would have been blushed and her eyes fogged and unfocussed. Cupping the woman’s cheek in her hand, Alicia nuzzled into it when Susan presented the vial to her. “What’s that?”


“Drink it, it’ll clear your head.”


Doing as she was told; Alicia unstopped the vial and drank its contents. The moment she did, her eyes suddenly went sharp, shaking her head to clear the cobwebs, Alicia looked around in confusion as if she had just sobered up from a night of heavy drinking. “W-what happened? What have I been doing?” Looking up at Susan Storm, Alicia Masters was a little taken back to see that the she-creature had given herself a pair of antlers that gnarled and arched around her face and tentacles, like a headdress or crown. “Suzie? What’s with the new look?”


Sighing in relief, Susan hugged the confused woman and handed her several vials with her many hands. “I did some research… The bad news is I can’t fix us, but the good news is I think I can put the worse of our nature in its place, help be give this to our kids and HOPEFULLY we wont need to bring a mop down here to clean up.”


Nodding sheepishly, Alicia began distributing the drug along with Susan to the rest of the hive. One by one each of the creatures was medicated. Alicia started with Greg, Carl and Steve, finding that they openly accepted the vials and drank them, a sudden clarity going over them as the gnawing ache in their loins died out.


Susan distributes drug to her ‘younger’ children, the ones freshly hatched and completely feral. Prepping one vial, Susan was almost caught off guard when one stomped up to her and pulled her close, his barbed cock thumping against her inner thigh before she caught him by the neck and pushed him away. “No…” Using one of her free hands to administer the serum even as it hissed and growled at her. When the drug took root, the male creature stopped, standing listless as if it had absolutely no idea what to do. By the time she had completely administered the tonic to all her current children, Susan found herself surrounded by her hive who for the first time looked to her for guidance utterly.


She almost had to shake her head at the sight, did procreation take up the entirety of their being? Moving up to one of her children, she gently checked him over, tilting his head, checking his reptilian eyes, all the while there was no aggression in his hunched composure. It was seeing the before and after of turning a vicious timber wolf into a domesticated beagle; calm, docile, totally dependant. “Well… It’s a start, but at least this is something I can work with.”


Moving away, she bent down and pulled free a bundle of clothing she brought with her and tossed them to Alicia. “I brought you some spare cloths, I hope they fit, almost none of my old cloths fit me anymore.”


“Why’s that?” Alicia asked innocently, looking over the clothing before looking back at Susan in all her 6’3 stature getting dressed. “Oh…”


Breathing slowly and reverting to her human form, Susan began to get dressed, pulling on her Fantastic Four uniform which thankfully stretched to fit. Even so, it clung to her body and accentuated her long athletic legs, firm physique and healthy curves. Pulling free her long blonde hair to flow out behind her back, Susan patted herself down to remove any wrinkles. Breathing deeply again, the all too familiar voice in the back of her psyche that taunted and cajoled… Was now completely livid!


"You think you can just hold off your nature with drugs? it won't last!"


Smiling to herself, the Invisible Woman handed another bundle of clothing to her eldest sons, the trio looking over the garments before putting them on. For the others, Susan passed books to her younger children, watching intently as they absorbed and soaked up pages worth of information, force feeding an education in seconds what would take a human over a decade. Giving Alicia instructions on how to handle any newly hatched adults with the sack of vials she brought down with her, Susan returned to the elevator to head back to the top of the skyscraper. Leaning against the chrome wall, her smile widened as the inner voice fumed.


"You think you've put out the fire? All you've done is make a powder keg, and I can't wait to see your face when it goes off!"


Hugging herself gently, Susan’s smile never left her lips. “You’re angry… You’re angry because I finally hurt you.” Hearing silence, Susan continued. “I’m taking my life back, and now that I know I can, you can’t stop me.”


“You can NEVER go back to your old life, that woman is gone, there is only the swarm… And you know that!” Shrugging off the looming statement, Susan stepped out of the elevator and gasped at the sight.




“Ah… You’ve arrived Susan Storm, excellent.”


Victor Von Doom had invaded the Richard’s apartment, the living room had been smashed to shambles and her friends and family left unconscious on the floor. Victor, in his chrome polished armor and dark green cloak held an unconscious Reed Richards in his grip while several of his doom bots hovered outside the windows which had been blown out from his entrance and attack. Each one was different, each designed it seemed to deal with an ability the Fantastic Four had and could counter; with freezing weapons, impact gel armored carapaces and concussive sound cannons, and each of them were modelled after their creator either in likeness or silhouette.




The moment Susan stepped out of the elevator, several of Victor’s Doombots took aim at her before Dr. Doom raised a hand and they lowered their arms.


“I have lost all patience in this matter Susan; I have come to take you away from all this, you were better suited by my side than this human rubber band.” Hoisting Reed further away from himself, his Doombots changed their attention to the still and silent Reed, still hanging from the scruff of his uniform, where several targeting lasers aimed at his face. “Come with me, and I will spare them.”


Looking down at her brother and Ben Grimm unconscious on the floor and her two children Valaria and Franklin bound in steel cables and unconscious at the far corner in the room, a rage bloomed in Susan she never knew she could feel, her skin dimpling as she tried with all her might not to change right then and there. “If I go with you, do you promise not to harm them?”


“No! But I offer you this, now, before I change my mind.”


Her nostrils flaring, Susan slowly nodded and stepped forward to join him. Her eyes darting to her husband being dropped unceremoniously to the floor as Doom called his transport. The green and chrome metal flying machine lowered into view and lowered a platform for the two to walk and enter the vehicle while the Doombots kept their aim at the Richards family and entered the vessel also.


Looking out the gate of the ship as it closed, Susan’s last image was her unconscious family… And what she planned to do to Victor Von Doom.

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