Something is going on in Europa... even Americans heard of it

by colleem
Storyline The Long Life of Hauptmann Deutschland
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Anais stood on the roof and looked amused at the car that had just left the hospital. It had taken her about 10 seconds to realize that the woman who was now in bed was not Hauptmann Deutschland, let alone a living being. However, she had to admit that this Golem had really done very well. Breathing, appearance, body temperature. All these things were perfectly imitated but the blood in her smelled completely wrong. It was far too artificial and had this disgusting smell of chemicals. However, this woman's options were impressive. Recovering so quickly after an Assamite attack was a testament to her superior abilities. With a flick of her finger she ordered one of her servants to bring her car for her. She was already aware of where she would be taken.

Hauptmann Deutschland might have been the great heroine of this country, but her lord and master had ruled this place for hundreds of years. Her spies had long since announced where she would be taken to safety. It was a good choice. And one that would allow her to protect her much better than in this hospital. But she would have to be more careful. She had no idea who this woman had been and how she had seen through her camouflage so quickly. She pulled her cell phone and wrote a message to one of the council members. In it she asked for the complete file of this woman. Something about her seemed strange. And funny she didn't like at all at the moment.

"HEY! Blade! Old house! What are you doing here?" Vincent laughed in a good mood as the vampire hunter, wrapped in a leather coat, entered his shop.

"Infos. As always. What's new" asked Blade and by the way looked at the new silver stakes Vincent put on his table without being asked.

"It's been really quiet around here since your fight with Gulrig. You really kicked their ass. But one rumours that it is hot in Europe right now."

"Europe? ask Blade while he was pulling up the brow.

"Yes one rumours that something big is going on but I don't know more. I'm not exactly an expert on the things over there. Do you need anything else besides the pegs?"

"Yes. I need 20 liters of consecrated water from the Vatican spring, 12 of the new silver nitrate grenades and 2000 shots of phosphorus ammunition suitable for the MP7."

"Holy shit dog. That's a lot even for you. What's up, boy?"

"I'm going on a trip," Blade said and left the store. In the door he stopped briefly and grinned over his shoulder. "Destiny to Europe!

Hardly that he was outside he pulled his mobile phone and dialed a number known only to him.

"Hey Whistler. I need information about Europe. I heard rumours."

"Blade. That might not be a good idea. You know what happened last time you were over there. Dracula will probably still be mad at you."

"Hey. A victory him, one me. You could say we are even. Is it really Dracula?" Blade asked a little worried. He had fought against the king of the undead twice before. The first time he had been disgraced. Without the slightest hint of a chance, Dracula had wiped the floor with him. The second time he had prepared excellently and lured Dracula into a trap. Only thanks to the moment of surprise and the many traps Blade had managed to destroy him. At least that's what he thought. But barely a year later he had risen from the dead and proved that it was not so easy to kill him. However, Dracula was now in the picture that Blade was dangerous. He would hardly take another fight lightly.

"Does not seem so. According to my contacts Dracula hasn't left his fortress for months. It's said he's in trouble with a crackpot who calls himself Scientist Supreme. Some crazy guy who has no idea what's going on. But don't worry about Europe. Nina was sent there a few days ago by your buddy Fury."

"Fury? asked Blade now alarmed. "When one of us calls, something big is going on. Book me a flight!

"Blade! That's a different league over there. Not for nothing do the vampires call Europe the Old World."

"I know the old man. The vampires over there have something like a code of honour. But they are vampires. Get me everything you have. But I still need a few days until the new serum is ready. I'm hardly going to get that over there."

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