Susan awakens and finds herself back in the dungeon

by ESchorcho
Storyline A Mad, Mad, Mad Marvel Universe
Characters Invisible Woman Malice
Category Marvel Corruption Bondage
Previous Chapter Susan's voyage in depravity continues. Can she be saved?

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Susan Storm-Richards blinked a few times to clear her blurred vision.  When things returned to focus, she found herself once more inside Malice’s dungeon with her arms and legs stretched out and attached to a perverse bondage device.  She immediately felt a cool breeze flow through her hair and she was relieved to find she no longer wore the skintight spiked mask as before. She looked down and expected to see herself naked or wearing her classic Fantastic Four uniform since she had somehow saved herself from the evil temptations of this place.  Instead, she was startled to find that she still wore the skintight, shiny latex version of the Fantastic Four uniform that she had been wearing when she had first given into the evil influence of Malice and the Mad Hatter.

The heroine immediately began to test her bonds to see if she could free herself but nasty metal cuffs adorned with small metal spikes cut into her wrists.  The pain eventually became too great and she stopped.

Just then, a low cackle could be heard from the shadows and out stepped Malice gingerly.,  It was clear she had been changed. Rather than having her body be on full display, save for a brief latex bodysuit that showed plenty of skin and long flowing cape, she now wore more of a shiny latex catsuit.  She still wore the spiked mask, but now it completely covered the left side of her face.

“Foolish slut,” the villainess hissed out in a weak voice, “Look at what you have done to me.  You’ve ruined my wicked beauty!”

Susan gasped when Malice waved her hand over her face and for a second, the mask disintegrated into nothing and revealed nasty burn-marks on the left side of the villainess’ face.  Susan glared at her defiantly and Malice waved her hand back over her face, reforming the mask. The domme once more laughed out a low, evil cackle, but it eventually turned to harsh coughs.

The villainess soldiered on, “You may think you have won this round, but it’s only a temporary setback.  You allowed evil in. We were the evilest of sisters. We were becoming one, and it felt so fucking good.  You know it and I know it! That seed of evil that is now inside of you will germinate more and more, and when you eventually have no choice but to give into its delicious power you will be more than willing to return me to past glory and beauty.  You will be happy to embrace your own power that you so stupidly cast aside. This pathetic Susan Storm will finally be no more and in her place will rise the evil whore you were born to be! It shall be glorious!”

“No!” Susan shouted, but Malice just chuckled ominously.

“It has already begun,” Malice said, and the heroine could see the side of the dominatrix’s face that wasn’t covered by the mask grin a vile, wicked grin, “See for yourself, heroine.”

Malice waved her hand and Susan could see a mirror appear before her, and that her face was still painted whorishly.  The Invisible Woman gasped out and recalled the power Malice had bestowed upon her earlier. She closed her eyes and tried to restore herself to her old, purest form.  That of Susan Storm-Richards, the Invisible Woman. She thought back to her original Fantastic Four costume and her pretty, wholesome appearance. Susan felt her body tense up for a split second as this power flowed through her once more.

When she opened her eyes, she expected to see this original, perfect version of herself.  Susan gasped out when she looked in the mirror and saw that she now wore a spiked collar around her neck.  Her heart fell when she saw this. Malice, meanwhile, smiled a wicked grin at this latest development, and before long, began to cackle out joyously.  Tears began to stream down Susan’s face and she hung her head in shame. She had foolishly thought she was strong enough to resist the dark, perverse pleasure of sweet evil.

She was wrong.

At that moment she vowed to fight harder than ever to return to who she once was, and to resist the dark allure of what she may become if she ever gave into the evil of this place.

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