Susan's voyage in depravity continues. Can she be saved?

by ESchorcho
Storyline A Mad, Mad, Mad Marvel Universe
Characters Invisible Woman Malice
Category Marvel Mind Control Corruption F/F M/F
Previous Chapter Susan's visions inside her mind become more and more depraved

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“If more is what you want, sister, then more is what you will get,” Malice purred out, and for the first time since Susan had been locked inside her own mind by the Mad Hatter and his perfect Alice, the dominatrix smiled down at her one-time captive with actual warmth in her darkly made-up features, “You are finally giving into your evil, whorish nature and for that you will be rewarded!”

With that, the chain that Malice was holding attached to Susan’s collar vanished in her hand and the corrupted Invisible Woman rolled her head from side to side, stretching out her neck.  Her gloved hands slowly ran over her curvy form, making sure to gently brush over her arms and legs where the sharp spikes now lines her upper arms and thighs. Her blue lips curled into a wicked smile as she continued to run her hands up to her now-masked head where she savored the smooth surface of the latex and metal spikes.

Susan could feel her nipples getting harder and harder and her pussy grow more and more wet at the thought of how giving into this wickedness was changing the way she now saw herself in her mind’s eye, and she husked out in a hissing, sing-songy voice, “Mmmmm.  So spiky. Me likey!”

Malice looked down at her new, willing charge with lusty approval, “Susan, I must say I am impressed.  You are an even kinkier bitch than I am!”

Susan looked up at her with a look of smoldering lust and purred, “I know.  I’ve always known.”

As she spoke, her once healthy, slightly bronzed skin grew smoother and more pale, obliterating any and all blemishes that she may have picked up over the years.  In addition, her cheeks became dusted with a dramatic blue hue. Susan batted her eyelashes and they seemed to grow longer and more curled, taking on a more doll-like appearance.  Dramatic blue eyeshadow also lined her eyes. The corrupted heroine looked like sex on two legs, and Malice was becoming more and more lost in her double’s incredibly erotic appearance.

Susan gnashed her perfect white teeth together and moaned out wantonly as she cupped and massaged her painfully aroused tits through her latex second-skin.  She then hissed out, “It feels soooo gooood to stop pretending and embracing this shiny, perfect darkness!”

“Didn’t I tell you?” Malice husked, completely transfixed by the changing Susan Storm.  She rose off the throne and lowered herself onto all fours. She began to slowly crawl over to the kneeling Susan, her smooth ass high in the air and her latex-encased tits wobbling under her.  Malice smiled at Susan and continued, “Now, show me what you truly are.”

Susan paused for a moment and her big, manic eyes darted downward for a second before they returned to stare at Malice with a wild look of lust on her face.  Malice had crawled so close and Susan finally unleashed her dark, dark lust at her sexy double. She lunged towards her former captor and took her face in her hands, mashing their faces together.  The spikes on their tight latex masks clinked and clanked against one another, and Malice was taken aback by the ferocity of Susan’s passion now that it had been fully unleashed. Any resistant that she may have had had been seemingly cast aside, and Susan’s tongue probed deeper and deeper into the mad dominatrix’s mouth like a lashing, coiling cobra.  Malice moaned whorishly into the frenzied kiss, and Susan practically growled with her newly unhinged wildness of her desire as the two gorgeous fetish sluts lost themselves in their white-hot passions.

Malice suddenly gasped out as Susan pulled away.  A string of glistening saliva briefly stretched between their parting lips.  A wicked, knowing look adorned the former heroine’s beautiful face, and Malice, for the first time, looked actually intimidated by her one-time prisoner.  Susan cackled out a joyous, evil laugh and she reached down to tug away the latex slit that covered Malice’s shaved sex. She then flashed a wide, toothy grin as her evil eyes drank in how aroused poor Malice was.  In an instant, Susan dove her head down at her former tormentor’s crotch and began to greedily lap away at Malice’s moist pussy. Malice flung her head back and gripped the steel spikes that jutted out from Susan’s blue latex mask and shuddered with pleasure as she felt the probing tongue thrust between her smooth folds and lap away at her.

It was not lost on the now-perverted Invisible Woman that she was essentially eating out herself, but at the same time, she found herself to be the most desirable fuck-slut on the face of the planet.  It didn’t feel unnatural. It felt like it was exactly where she needed to be, and exactly what she needed to be doing. In fact, in her now warped mindset she felt as if she and Malice could pleasure each other, and in essence, herself, for all of eternity.  Susan never wanted this to stop! All that was missing was the ability to enjoy this spectacle, to see herself eating dear, sweet Malice out.

Malice looked down and seemingly read Susan’s mind.  She waved her gloved hand and suddenly, they were surrounded by the same vision-windows as before but instead of Susan servicing the great Doctor Doom, they showed nothing but the two gorgeous fetish bitches going at it from multiple, glorious angles.  Susan was able to look from one side to the other and enjoy the delicious sight of her eating her own pussy!

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Susan babbled to herself.  Malice had her head flung back and was completely lost in the intense pleasure that clouded the dungeon of the corrupted heroine’s mind.  It was so thick that both women seemed to be swimming in it. Finally, Malice brought herself back and she gripped Susan’s head and both women stared for a moment into their identical, lust-crazed eyes.  It was then the evil domme helped Susan up so they were face to face, and without warning, brought her once-oh-so prissy double in for another passionate kiss. This time, Susan was able to deposit her mouthful of Malice’s juices from her counterpart’s sleek cunny directly into the dominatrix's mouth.  Malice broke the kiss and tilted her head back and made a grand showing of swallowing. Susan watched intently with a mad, evil grin on her face and she brought Malice’s head down to her heaving tits.

“Yessss!” Susan hissed out, her voice low and evil, and allowed Malice to make a feast of her heaving, latex-covered tits, “No wonder every villain wanted to fuck me!  Who could blame them? What a foolish cunt I was to deny them the pleasures of my incredible body!”

“Yessss, you were,” Malice hissed out, her voice too was becoming lower and breathier.  Like steam escaping a pipe. She gazed up in approval at the corrupted heroine and smiled sinisterly up at her dark sister, “But not anymore.”

“Fuck yessss, sisssster!” Susan exclaimed, and the two once more came together in a kiss.  This time, their heads seemed to merge together, just as it had done before when Susan had first set forth on this path of corruption.  Susan suddenly pulled back, her smokey, heavily made-up eyes were wide with crazed delight and she declared in awe, “We are becoming one!  How fucking hot!”

“And as we become one, so you will find that you will be able to share in my power to make this place into whatever you wish.  This is your domain, Susan Storm. Our Master has made it especially for you. Now, reach out with your mind and make it a reflection of your deepest, darkest desires,” Malice declared and she tapped Susan’s forehead with her finger.  When Malice made contact a bright white light flashed in the dungeon of Susan’s mind, and as that happened, for a brief moment, the corrupted Invisible Woman’s eyes became stark white as well.

Batting her extra-long lashes, Susan’s eyes returned to normal but the wicked gleam to them never left.  She glanced hotly at Malice and felt a rush of excitement flow through her at the knowledge that she now had the power to remake this space into anything she desired.  She flashed an evil grin and closed her eyes and allowed her new powers to flow out of her. Malie could see a small shockwave blast out of Susan, and for a moment, nothing happened.  Her brow furrowed and she wondered what her newly-warped double had done.

Suddenly, the entire dungeon began to reform itself.  Everything around the two became inky, shiny darkness, almost like living latex and soon, the space around them looked more like an ornate room inside a medieval castle out of some twisted fairy tale.  The living latex seemed to bubble beneath Malice and Susan, and they began to rise up as one. Malice looked down in wonder and saw that a great big black bed was forming under them, complete with black latex sheets.  When the bed finally formed it had metal spikes sticking out of the four-poster frame that reflected the two evil women’s masks on the bed.

“Hmmmm,” Malice purred, and leaned forward on the bed, “It’s so us!  So you!”

“I’m not finished,” Susan hissed, giving Malice a knowing glare.

She closed her eyes again and allowed her new powers to flow out once more.  As the castle room lost its inky blackness and became more and more real looking, the darkness inside the room began to slide across the floor towards the bed.  Out of the blackness rose multiple figures, and as they grew they began to take shape. Half appeared to be male in latex gimp suits, while the curvaceous female figures wore full-bodied latex catsuits that hid their faces.  They quickly descended upon the bed and began to worship both Malice and Susan’s own latex-clad bodies. Soon, the room was filled with the erotic moans of the two women.

Malice had her legs spread wide as one of the latex slaves was eating her out, while others were licking and running their hands over her body.  By her wild, wanton moans, the corrupted Invisible Woman could tell that she was in complete euphoria. Susan, meanwhile, had her back arched and her heaving tits were being ravaged by the faceless slaves.  She wore a smile of sexual superiority on her darkly-painted face. She leaned her head to the side and allowed another of her slaves to kiss and lick her neck. Both women were gyrated in complete sexual delirium, and their twin moaning only grew louder and louder.

This new sense of power excited the changed Susan Storm-Richards in ways that her powers as the Invisible Woman never had.  Her old powers had been used to defend the Earth and combat evil. Her new powers would be used to bring her pleasure and to embrace evil, and this knowledge caused a rush of dark delight to flood through her very soul.  She knew she could now alter this world to suit the twisted lusts of the luscious harlot she had become. She glanced over at Malice and could feel herself becoming more and more like her evil twin, and that sent another debauched thrill through her.  All of this exquisitely wicked pleasure made her wanton moans turn into evil, joyous cackles of mad laughter as she continued to hump away in time to the constant sexual stimuli being assaulted upon herself and Malice.

Her mad, evil cackles were all of a sudden joined by a string of overjoyed, echoing giggles, and the corrupted Susan looked around for the source of the noise.  A wicked scowl filled her beautiful face when she thought for a moment that it sounded like the giggles of a little girl. How dare anyone, let alone a little girl ruin her and her evil sister’s fun, Susan thought as she continued to search for the source.

“No!” Malice called out and sprung forward.  To her horror, the black, latex slaves that had been pleasuring them abruptly burst out into inky puddles and quickly disappear.  She took Susan’s head in her hands and tried to plant soft kisses on her glossy lips, but it was clear that the Invisible Woman was too preoccupied looking for the source of the damned giggles.

“Where are you, you little brat?” Susan called out, her voice low and filled with vile hatred.  It was then her darkly-painted eyes grew wide and she gasped out in abrupt realization. She then turned to Malice and her face shifted from the nasty scowl to a pleased smile.  She finally declared in amazement, “It’s Alice!”

Susan waved her hand out and saw that Alice now wore one of her old, frumpy business suits and she was turning this way and that in front of a full-length mirror as Cheshi and the Mad Hatter looked on in approval.  Little did Susan realize, though, Malice looked on nervously at this latest development.


“Look how silly I look, Mr. Hatter, sir!” Alice cooed out, “Just think.  Me without my shiny little Alice dress! How absurd!”

“That it is, my dear,” Jervis Tetch spoke, while Cheshi softly giggled to herself, “Now, be a good girl and listen very carefully.  You are to try your best to act like Susan Storm. You have to be all serious and professional. I know it’s going to be hard, my sweet, but I know you can do it.”

“I will certainly try my best, sir,” Alice said and stared at herself in the mirror and made an ultra-serious face, despite her big, manic eyes.  She then burst out into a fit of girlish giggles. The Hatter cleared his throat once more and she looked down at her stylish shoes, “Sorry, sir.”

“That’s quite alright.  If you do your job and do it well, you will be able to revel in madness once more very, very soon,” the Hatter explained.  He then produced a small speaker from his trouser pocket and held it up for Alice and Cheshi to see, “You shall give these little speakers to each and every employee at Fantastic Four Inc.  You can say that they are a gift from the Fantastic Four to their hard working employees. Once everyone has them at their desk you will then turn them on with this device from the safety of Susan’s office.  All you have to do is press this button. Is that clear?”

“Yes, sir,” Alice nodded and accepted a rectangular device that looked like a smartphone, “And then what will happen?  Pretty please, tell me!”

“Why, it will send a sonic pulse through the offices and send every member of Fantastic Four Inc on their merry way to complete madness.  Not only that, but they will be completely loyal to me. All happy and content in my power, and your happy playmates in Wonderland,” Jervis exclaimed.

“Oh, sir, that is soooo, soooo WONDERful!” Alice cooed out lovingly.  If large, throbbing cartoon hearts could have formed over her eyes they would have, “You have made me soooo, soooo very happy!”


Susan heard all of this and for the first time in a while, her whorishly-painted, wicked eyes softened.  The harsh, haughty, pleasure-filled look on her face also fell, and her blue-painted lips parted. She gasped out softly as the sheer gravity of what she was doing came crashing down on her.

Her hissing, evil voice returned to normal and stammered out quietly, “...those...people!”

Malice glared at Susan and asked with growing contempt in her voice, “What did you say?”

A sickened grimace overtook her pretty features, and she finally gasped, “All of those people!”

“Yes, sisssster!” Malice spat with pure, vile hatred punctuating every syllable, “Fuck those people!  Those pitiful worms should mean nothing to you! Except as playthings for our Master, the Mad Hatter!”

“No!  Those are my employees.  I must warn them!” Susan shouted defiantly.  She looked on and saw the utter rage in the latex-clad Malice and then she looked down at her own gloved-hands.  Her hands then slowly rose to her masked face and felt the cold metal of the spikes jutting out of her wicked cowl.  Her pussy grew wet almost involuntarily at the feel of the spikes and it reminded her of the erotic thrill she felt from the power she wieled inside this space, as well as the sweet, sweet allure of evil.

Susan closed her eyes and shook her head, trying to fight of the tempestuous thoughts.  She needed to be strong and somehow regain control over her physical body to warn her staff, as well as the outside world of the Mad Hatter’s plans.  Malice’s low, wicked laugh shook her from her plans and she crawled over to her on the large bed.

“You have come so far, sisssster.  You gave in willingly to the perverse evils and fetishes that dwell deep, deep in your subconscious.  Even now it turns you on,” Malice hissed, and she closed her eyes as a low, animalistic growl escaped her glossy lips, “I can smell it on you.”

The domme reached out and attempted to rub Susan’s latex-covered sex in the hopes of seducing Susan back to the dark side.  She could still see how sleek with her own juices the Invisible Woman’s latex-covered pussy, as well as her thighs looked.

Susan, meanwhile, tried her best to retreat from her approaching double, but something inside of her told her to hold still and allow her beloved evil sister to guide back into the hellish debauchery from before.  “No…” Susan gasped out.

Malice’s evil grin stretched wider and wider and she saw that Susan had stopped her retreat.  Her fingers were so close to the damp strip of latex covering the fallen heroine’s twat. What the evil villainess didn’t see what the cracks forming all around them inside the ornate castle bedroom.

Finally, some pure white spark of goodness rose up inside Susan as she thought once more of her staff falling into madness.  How they all had families, that if that dastardly Hatter had his way would all fall into madness and perversion. She thought of her young protege at Fantastic Four Inc, Andrea, her office manager.  This time she shouted out “No!” and thrust out her arms and sent Malice hurdling backwards. As the evil dominatrix hit the wall, the entire castle bedroom shattered into a million pieces and everything was consumed in a blinding white light.


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