Each Gem is somehow fused with a different person

by C.King
Storyline Infinity Gem Madness!
Characters Absolutely Everyone
Category Absolutely Everything
Previous Chapter The Gems.

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 In many worlds, the Infinity Gems are stable and whole... in others, the impossible has happened  and they were destroyed. Such is the case in this world as the six gems fracture and explode. Yet power can not be destroy or create it is said, and this is very true of ultimate power. The gems' power were cleansed of their mind and intelligence, of their physical form and so sought out new minds and physical forms from the lifeforms it had access to on the world known as Earth.

Beams of energy of different colours and infinite powers shot around the world. The green of Soul, the orange of Time, the purple of Space, the blue of Mind, the yellow of Reality, and the red of Power. These forces were going to fuse with six different individuals... permanently.

We select a colour which contains a power as it become one with a new body, that colour being...

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