Oliver gets mauled by three amazon cave women!

by Anarchy
Storyline The Flash: Big Time
Characters Green Arrow Speedy (Thea Queen) Huntress Black Canary
Category Corruption Growth Harem Incest
Previous Chapter The ladies get back to the cave to find Oliver is also suffering from some clothing issues

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Oliver took a step back, his hands falling away from his body as the ladies began to approach him. He glared his friends and sister, not liking at all the way they were sizing him up. Steeling his voice he squared his shoulders and stared down the three even as they began to slowly stroll towards him. “That is enough! I don’t know what is going on but you three need to back off.”


“And why is that, Oliver?” Laurel asked as she slowly padded towards him, Thea and Helena separating from her as she began to make a slow circle towards Oliver’s right side. Helena did the same from the left while Thea went straight dead ahead. “We’re a team, aren’t we? We need to work together, figure this out.”


“You’re right, we do… but I don’t think you three are thinking clearly!” Oliver said, trying to keep an eye on each of them.


“I don’t know…” Helena said, slowly reaching up and tearing away the remains of her shirt, leaving her topless, her swollen heavy breasts bobbing up and down as she walked. “I personally feel like I’m thinking clearer than I have in ages.” She reached out, her fingers brushing against Oliver’s bare shoulder, and the archer shifted away.


“Why so shy?” Laurel asked. “You act like…mmmmm.” Laurel flexed and the seams of her dress pants burst, the fabric falling away to reveal her little pink panties… that looked VERY little on her massive hips and ass. The fabric utterly failed at hiding her pussy, the soft honey-blonde hair visible to Oliver as Laurel purred. The fact that said panties were dripping wet didn’t help things either. “Mmm… you act like you’ve never seen us naked before.”


“I know you’ve seen me,” Helena said with a saucy grin; when Oliver turned towards her he saw that her pants had also shredded, revealing a lacy pair of panties just as damp as Laurel’s. “And I know you liked it.”


“Well, he only saw me when I was little,” Thea purred. Oliver turned towards his sister and his eyes went wide in shock. She was also topless, her massive DD breasts capped with thick pink nipples that begged to be sucked. Her pants were long gone and the red thong she’d been wearing had been swallowed by her puffy pussy and juicy ass. Reaching down Thea caught the panties between her fingers and tugged, tearing them off her body and leaving her gloriously naked. “But I’m not little anymore, am I Ollie? Little Thea’s grown up… she’s…” she paused, her eyes flickering as a predatory smile formed on her lips. “Me BIG Thea now.”


Like raptors the attack came not from the front but from the sides. Laurel and Helena launched themselves at Oliver, grabbing his arms and roughly restraining him. The man known as Green Arrow fought back, managing to free his right arm and punch Laurel in the stomach but the Black Canary merely laughed, her muscles so dense and strong that she was able to take the hit with ease. The two ladies forced Oliver to the ground after a few moments, Laurel moving to grab both his wrists while Helena went and snagged his ankles. Oliver bucked hard against them, cursing and shouting but the two merely laughed as he tried to break free.


“As much as I’d like to have you right now, I think Thea needs you the most,” Helena said, playfully pressing his left foot against her red-hot pussy.


Laurel nodded in agreement. “We’ve already tasted you… I think it fair she go first.” She leaned in close and whispered. “But when Big Thea’s done…” Just like Thea Laurel shuddered as the word fell off her tongue, “Big Laurel next.”


Thea slowly stood over her brother, mauling her breasts as she slowly sank down. Oliver stared at his little sister and pleaded, “Thea, stop… this isn’t you! You don’t want this!”


She merely stared at him and Oliver saw, to his horror, that she honestly didn’t comprehend what he was saying. While Helena and Laurel were at least somewhat rational Thea had completely changed.


“Big Thea… WANT COCK!”


With that she violently slammed herself down on her brother’s dick, throwing her had back and screaming in pleasure as she began to ride him like a cowgirl, Laurel and Helena rubbing their pussies against his hands and feet as they waited their turns.




“Come on… stop,” Barry begged as the three women took turns slowly and torturously rubbing their fingers along his cock. “I’ll… I’ll go wild again…”


“No you won’t,” Felicity purred, licked her pouty lips. “Caitlin figured it out.”


The former scientist turned sexed up giantess nodded. “We go wild when we try to fight the urges and let them build up. But…” she leaned down and gave Barry’s shaft a lick, “…if we embrace what is happening we can control ourselves more.”


“But…” Barry began before Iris pressed a finger to his lips.


“Barry, we’re never going to change back.” She didn’t say it with any sadness, any remorse. In fact, she sounded almost giddy. “I’ll never be a reporter, Felicity will never touch another computer, Caitlin won’t see the inside of a lab again. This is our lives now and we accept it… and you need to too. We are together… you are ours and we are yours. We’re lovers, mates… giantess brides to our giant husband.” She began to stroke his face even as Felicity worked his shaft and Caitlin moved around to massage his shoulders. “You can fit this and be unhappy or you can join us and accept that you are fated to spend the rest of your life making love to three giant women who love you.”


“And we do love you,” Caitlin said, leaning down and nibbling on his ear. “Our protector.”


“Our lover,” Felicity said as she gently teased the head of his cock. “Now… say it Barry… please.”


Barry shuddered, his eyes half closed. “We’re… we’re never changing back.” The ladies murmured in agreement and Barry continued, his voice growing stronger as he admitted the truth. “This is our new lives. We are together… you are my mates… and this…. This is out tribe.” With those last words he reached over and grabbed Felicity. But rather than be rough and violent, as their last few couplings had been, Barry eased her onto his cock, lifting her up in slow, sensual strokes. Iris and Caitlin curled up against him, rubbing his chest and muscles as Felicity rode him. “Welcome to the tribe girls.”

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