Oliver's resistance is worn down as Thea rides him and he soon snaps, going full savage like her

by Gorel
Storyline The Flash: Big Time
Characters Green Arrow Speedy (Thea Queen) Huntress Black Canary
Category DC Savage Muscle Growth Growth M/F
Previous Chapter Oliver gets mauled by three amazon cave women!

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Pinned down by his friends and being ridden like a prize bull by his own SISTER, Oliver tried with every fiber of his being to reason with the wild women. But every time he did they simply held tighter and moaned back, their mindsets only on the prey they had on the floor and keeping it from escaping.


“T-thea! You’ve… Hng… You’ve got t-to listen to me…”


His only response was the sweating amazon woman to rear back and roar out a moan, tightening her grip that her pussy had on his throbbing erecting and bucking her hips harder, her DD breasts swelling to E cups before his eyes. “Oli talk too much, you fuck Big Thea, NOW!


Struggling against the two women that had his arms and legs pinned down Oliver could only lay there while Thea ground against his crotch, already balls deep in his own sister and being used to please her. Struggling harder something began to build in Green Arrow’s mind, blanking out his thoughts more and more the harder he tried to struggle. It wasn’t until Thea moaned again driving down on him that he opened his eyes and his mind went totally blank. “YOU WANT FUCK? BIG OLI GIVE FUCK!” With strength he never knew he had Oliver freed himself of Laurel and Helena and sat up, gripping at his sister’s hips possessively and thrusting hard into the savage woman. He and the others had gone completely wild, without a thought in their heads they ground against each other, instincts and repressed urges driving them on.


“Aaargh! Take it! Take ALL OF IT!” Driving himself to the hilt of his sister’s pussy Oliver grunted out his release, firing off inside of her like a revolver and making the cavewoman scream from her own orgasm, arching her back she presented her huge breasts to her lover, who clamped his mouth over roughly and licked, tugging on her nipples before they popped out of his mouth. Feeling two pairs of hands reach around and caress at his solid abs and shoulders, Big Oli let Thea slid off his throbbing erection and turned to spin Helena around and bend her over the table he was working on earlier, his lap top falling to the floor with a crash when he sunk himself into her drooling folds. “Big Oli fuck Big Helena.” Tensing up his muscles throbbed larger, a sheen of hair sprouting from his chest that bloomed on his arms and legs.


“Me good fuck, you see.”


Thrusting hard into the vigilante turned amazon savage Oliver could feel Laurel and Thea creep up behind him, nuzzling and licking his shoulders while he took Huntress like a wild bull. Looking down the savage man’s mind couldn’t process a single thought but he did notice the woman’s body change just like his. He could feel her hips getting wider, her ass ballooning into a bubble butt that made his thrusts more of a challenge to reach her insides, her breasts grew round and full despite being mashed on the table’s surface, and he could feel her legs get hairier while a black mash of hair sprouted from her arm pits and lower back. Letting out a coarse moan of release Big Oli cam hard in Helena, making her cry out and grip down tightly with her pussy when he unleashed a torrent into her. When he pulled away with a slick pop he turned to Laurel and pinned her against the wall, her stout legs wrapping around his waist while he positioned himself to enter her. The two kissed roughly, grunting in each other’s mouths when he finally thrust into her and began bucking his hips.


Throughout the day the four went at it, driven by hormones and instinct they screwed each other’s brains out, breaking everything they collided against. When night finally settled in the Arrow cave grew silent and they finally became too tired to do more.


Slowly opening his eyes Oliver Queen groused, rubbing his head and feeling that his hair had practically doubled in length, he hadn’t remembered his hair being that long since he was trapped on that damn island. Slowly sitting up he heard a soft feminine moan protest when he sat up from the floor. Clearing his vision the man looked down and gasped!

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