Superman goes to the Fortress of Solitude to study the Kryptonite

by Alicyn
Storyline Slut Kryptonite
Characters Superman Supergirl
Category DC Bimboization Transformation Gender Switch
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Less than a minute later, Superman entered the Fortress of Solitude. He felt a bit odd, but nothing he could put his finger on. He decided it was just his imagination, brought on by the stress of the pain he'd recently felt. He brushed his long, black hair out of his eyes, not noticing that it had grown six inches longer during the flight. He might have noticed other small changes in his body if he hadn't been so distracted, and if his clothes didn't still fit as snugly as normal. It was, after all, the same costume he'd worn as Superboy, it just happened to be almost infinitely stretchable, so even though his frame had shrunk in a tad, it was just as tight as ever.

He made his way to the research room and set the box inside the large, leaded-glass structure he used for experimenting on Kryptonite. The structure included a pair of robot arms that he could manipulate from outside, letting him do what he needed to the kryptonite. He sealed the structure so that he wouldn't be hit by the rays again, then used the arms to open the box again.

There were two things in the box. The first was a piece of Pink Kryptonite. Superman had encountered several kinds of Kryptonite in his time--green, red, gold, blue, white, and others--but this was the first time he'd seen pink, and he had no idea what it could do.

The second was a tape recorder. He pressed play, then shivered at the maniacal laughter that filled the room. There was only one madman that could laugh like that.

"Hey, Super Cocksucker, it's your old pal's old pal, the Joker. How're they hanging, hemmm? Hee hee... if they're even still hanging... Oh, this is just too rich. You have no idea what you're in store for, and what's more, neither do I! Mwah hah hah hah! Only that's not true. I have some idea. I saw what happened to Batman and Robin when they were exposed, but they were affected differently. Similarly but differently. Hee hee hah... oh yes, the Slut Kryptonite affects people too, not just kryptonian bitches like you... you should check on your old chums. They could use a hand... or a tongue... or a long, hard cock... Giggle..."

The tape ran out at that point, but Superman wasn't there to notice. He'd left the cave when the giggling started, flying off to the Batcave, disturbed.

Disturbed, and more than a little horny, his cock rock hard.

Linda Lee opened her eyes, some ten minutes after she opened the box. The pain had stopped sometime during that, leaving her so sensitive. Every movement, every touch, even the feel of her clothing was pure pleasure. It made it so hard to think about anything other than sex. And her clothes were so tight... she looked down and instantly realized why.

Her tits had grown to titanic proportions. She couldn't see past them at all. They were so big they strained her shirt, and in a few places had torn holes in the threads. In particular, her nipples had torn right through the fabric and were diamond hard. Just seeing them made her moan with lust and take a deep breath... which was enough to rip the shirt entirely, leaving it in rags. Between her mountainous mammaries, she could see that her hips had grown as well, if not quite as epically.

Fortunately, thanks to her superstrength, she was able to sit up with ease. What had happened to her tits? And why was she thinking of her bosoms as tits? She discarded the remains of her shirt and tore off her pants as well, then stood and examined herself in the mirror, looking for other changes.

She saw that she had very little body hair left, and that only between her legs. Over her pussy she had blonde hairs seemingly trimmed in the shape of the family crest, the triangle surrounding an S. Closer examination showed that it was not trimmed, but had grown that way. Closer examination also made her feel hornier, and she started rubbing her cunt for the first time in her life. Rao, that felt so good, but she wanted more. She needed more. She glanced around and noticed the glow of the kryptonite. She picked it up, seeing that it was shaped like a cylinder of some kind, about eight inches long. Before she even thought about it, she jammed the cylinder up her cunt and started fucking herself with it, falling back on her bed. Some small part of her wondered how she'd become this way and if it was really a good idea to stick Pink Krytponite inside herself, and what further changes that might cause. The rest of her drowned out that rational, goody-two-shoes voice with her moans and screams.

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