Green Arrow finds himself naked along with the three women, and huge!

by Anarchy
Storyline The Flash: Big Time
Characters Green Arrow
Category Growth Muscle Growth
Previous Chapter Oliver's resistance is worn down as Thea rides him and he soon snaps, going full savage like her

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“What… the… fuck.”


Oliver slowly tried to sit up, only to find himself forced back down to the cool floor. He was lying naked in the middle of his base of operations, his body coated with a mixture of dry salvia, sweat, and cum. The computers had been smashed, glass covered sections of the floor along with the scattered pieces of the various costumes, and even one of the overhead lights was hanging by a few wires. He was on the bottom of a pile of human bodies in the middle of the madness, unable to move due to the slumbering females that were clinging to his frame.


Taking a breath, Oliver turned away from the ruins of the Cave and onto himself and the three lovely that were cuddling up against him. His time on the island had taught him to understand his own body very well. One had to know how each limb was working every day if they hoped to survive. Oliver knew his limits and what he could and couldn’t do at any point of the day. And what he was finding right now is that he’d undergone a dramatic transformation.


His time on the island had replaced his soft body, born out of a life or privilege, into a pillar of muscle and strength. But compared to the frame he currently had he might as well have been a toothpick when he’d gotten off the island. His shoulders and chest were massively broad, altering his entire sillohoute. His abs looked like he’d been shooting steroids for years. His forearms and biceps were massive and his legs were the definition of power and strength. Even his genitals had enlarged, his balls having tripled in size and his cock looking to be over a foot long.


Look being the key word, as it was clearly Oliver had also grown taller as well as wider and stronger. Based on the rest of the room Oliver wagered he was two feet taller than he’d been just that morning, now easily pushing 8 feet.


He glanced down at the three forms that were pressed against his massive frame and found that the were just as radically built as him. Their breasts and asses looked like anime girls’ assests: big, perky, and begging to be touched. But these ladies weren’t soft. No, they had muscles as well and Oliver knew that they could easily take out almost anything the world threw at them. If he had to guess he’d say that they were maybe a few inches smaller than him and clearly not as wide. Still, they were bigger than a normal woman or even an athelete; in fact he’d say they looked like three cavewomen brought to the present day.


Brushing the hair from one woman’s face Oliver was startled to realize he was looking at Laurel. Always thin and tall, Laurel had swelled up to amazon proportions with muscles that could not only crack walnuts but steel balls. On his other side was Helena, he quickly  realized, and her compact form and also been altered. He found it odd as he looked at her to see that the sharp, harsh features of her face seemed to have softened, making her look both tougher and more lovely.


The final female was curled around his waist, her hands wrapped around his semi-flaccid cock, and she would even in her sleep mumble to herself and occasionally stroke him, as if even rest could not keep her from needing another hard fuck. Built just like the other two women, her powerful body held him in place.


Oliver frowned. For some reason in the back of his head he was thinking about how good it was to have three strong women, as it would mean better survival and strong children.


The woman on his chest shifted and Oliver’s eyes went wide as he realized that the lovely amazon that was jerking him off in her sleep was Thea… his own SISTER


“Get up!” he roared. “All of you, now!”

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