Dress just like Emma

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline New U Salon
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“Well, don’t tell Emma,” DeeDee said, “But one of our other customers had us order a white queen outfit. When it came in it turned out to be too big for her.  But I think it would fit you perfectly…”Sue didn’t say anything.

“You know with just a little bit of work you could have a nice platinum blonde like Emma’s and you might even be her doppelganger.  I bet you would love to be just as sexy as your mistress…”

Sue mind processed the words, “just as sexy as your mistress,” yes, of course Emma would be the dominant lover in their relationship.  Rich, pretty, psychic, Emma was always a natural leader so of course Sue let Emma dominate her.

“I’m sure that since you convinced her to strip away all those silly prudish feelings that were holding you back, you must feel so wonderful as an exhibitionist, a fetishist, and lipstick lesbian.  I hear you got a very passionate tongue.  It must feel so good to let your mistress tie you up and torment you, then reward you for pleasing her.  To be honest you were begging her so much I got a little tire of Emma complaining about how desperate you were to let go and be a kinky dyke.”

Sue’s mind was getting flooded with images of Sue crawling between Emma’s perfect legs and eating her pussy while Emma smacked her bottom with a whip.  Sue imagined herself in that Malice outfit tied to the bed while Emma played with her, pinching her, kissing her, biting her, and fingering her. 

“Of course Jenny said you are quite a dominatrix too,” DeeDee whispered to Emma, “She enjoyed the threesome Emma invited her to, and can’t get over how you two dominated her.”

The vision of her in her Malice get up next to Emma with a little slut between them popped in Sue’s head and it was a pleasant thought indeed.


Two hours later Emma walked into the New U Salon and was met at the door by DeeDee.

“She is almost ready,” DeeDee said, “Jenny is helping her polish her outfit so she looks her best for you.”

“What is her state of mind?” Emma asked.

“Completely yours.  She is a proud lipstick fetish lesbian and your eager love pet.  She is eager to please you in any way and has a low grade nymphomania going.”

Emma handed DeeDee the black credit card.

“Is she here?” Sue called from behind a door.

“Come out my love,” Emma purred.

Emma caught herself almost gasping as Sue Frost-Storm strutted out.  Sue was clad in a white rubber corset, hotpants, armpit gloves, crotch boots with stiletto heels, holding a white fur cape in her hand and had a white leather collar on her neck with two small diamond rings.  Her hair, make up and outfit did everything to let the world know that she was the sexy understudy to the infamous White Queen, and the rings let them know she was the proud wife to the powerful mutant.  Sue curtsied as best she was able without any sort of skirt or dress.

Emma reached out with her mind and ordered her loving bride to spin and strut for her.  Sue complied as soon as she heard the orders in her head.  Emma was very please.

“Here is your purse,” DeeDee handed Sue the white bag with all her new identity. She also handed

Emma the credit card back as well.

Emma cupped Sue’s chin and pulled her in for a kiss and was pleased with the passion behind Sue’s end of the kiss.  

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